Gears of War - X06 hands-on

Microsoft's most anticipated fall release makes an impressive showing in Barcelona

The control remains mostly the same across all modes with the A button having multiple functions depending on the context in which it is used. Use it against a wall and the character will stand with his/its back against a wall to take cover; use it in an open field and the character will crouch; keep it pressed and you can run in crouched position.

The B button is used for melee attacks; if you wield the chainsaw rifle, hit B to slice into your splattery foe. The directional pad selects weapons while the left trigger button is used for aiming and the right trigger button for fire. When a fellow team made has been shot down by the opponents he/she can attempt to stay alive by pressing the A button to keep his/its heart pounding long enough for a teammate to come along and revive them.

Smart opponents will approach a dying enemy and kill them off with heavy weaponry or even a brutal curb stomp to the head. In fact, in all modes, the game is quite gory, with the extremely gritty, detailed graphics of nasty, violent acts. Gamers should love it.

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