Gaming's Most Evil Pranks

MMOs have always been criticized for featuring too much grinding. We usually hate repetitive tasks, but we’ll make an exception for Age of Conan’s horse kick prank. Just park your mounted character along any path that overlooks a cliff or valley in a low level area. Patiently wait for a poor traveler to pass you, kick them over the edge with your mount, and watch them fall to their doom. Edit and loop your footage to the Benny Hill song, and you’ll have one of the funniest MMO pranks on the web.

Above: As with most pranks, it’s a lot funnier if it’s not happening to you

What’s funny about a woman who died of a stroke? Nothing. Nothing at all. That is, until you start involving the shenanigans of a rogue guild in World of Warcraft. According to the lore on forums, an avid WoW player - who was an officer in a Horde guild on the Illidan server - suffered a fatal stroke. Her friends decided to organize a virtual funeral to say farewell. The meeting place was set in Winterspring and posts advertising the event explicitly requested that attendees be left alone.

Above: The opening image from the infamous video of Serenity Now’s raid sets the tone for what comes next

This is where things got out of hand. It seems that the funeral’s organizers forgot that this “in-game” funeral for their “in-game” friend with her “in-game” avatar was set “in a game” – a game where players kill other players for fun. That’s how things work on a PvP server, so when the Alliance guild, Serenity Now, got word of the event, they decided to crash the Horde e-funeral. Hilarity ensued and many Honor Kills were awarded for Serenity Now’s most dishonorable attack.

Above: Yes, it was wrong. So why does it feel so right?

When you think of deadly MMO professions, carpenters and lumberjacks don’t usually come to mind. But for a brief moment, roving bands of scrappy woodworkers made life miserable for many Ultima Online players. These lowdown thugs would gather lots of lumber, surround their victim, and quickly construct large pieces of furniture around them, trapping their mark behind impenetrable walls of fine cabinets and dressers.

Above: Lord British versus IKEA’s lovely GRANEMO Glass door cabinet

Oct 16, 2008

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