Gaming's last stands

Oct 22, 2007

It's a sad fact of life, but games consoles die. We can still remember people in the playground claiming that their Sinclair Spectrum was still alive when we were playing our Mega Drives and Super Nintendos. They were wrong - every games machine eventually becomes obsolete. But the fact is, developers have usually got the hang of the hardware at the exact moment it loses its shelf viability. The result? Some absolute gems that get released to declining audiences and lost in the excitement around newer, shinier technology.

So we take a look back at the major consoles of the last decade or so and see what last hurrahs were on offer for each platform before it bit the dust. It's not an exhaustive list, just the brightest stars in dying galaxies. Starting with a small blue planet...

About the Author
Justin Towell

The longest-serving GR+ staffer, I was here when all this was just fields. I'm currently in charge of reviews but still find time to make daft Photoshop stories and try to explain why there need to be more arcade racing games.