Games that were hated before they were released

Who needs to play games to judge them? These all suck!

Too Human

Why it got hated on: Denis Dyack.

Certain games flirt with hate by being a bit shit. Others by pitting polarised groups of fanboys against each other in a bloodless, sun-deprived war of attrition, poor spelling and grammar. And then you get a game that comes along and gets despised for one simple, unifying reason: its creator goes and upsets everyone. This neatly brings us on to Denis Dyack and Too Human. After 10 years stuck in development hell that saw the game switch from the PlayStation to Gamecube, before eventually finding its home on 360, you’d think Dyack would want to keep a relatively humble profile. Not so.

After a poor industry response to the game’s demo at E3 2006, old Denis decided to direct his anger at EGM’s negative coverage. A subsequent rant on their podcast painted him as a 'controversial' figure all over the nets. Couple this with him rather foolishly asking NeoGAF forumites to essentially get on board with Too Human or get lost, the game’s short length and stripped features – such as a promised 4 player co-op – and the Dyack-directed resentment was too much for his distinctly average game to stand.

Was the hate justified?

Was the hate justified?

Was the hate justified?

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