GamesRadar's Game Club Hub

Welcome to GamesRadar’s Game Club

GamesRadar's Game Club is a community experience where we use you as an excuse to clear through our backlogs and talk about games. Let us explain...

Every month we’re choosing a different game to play through as a staff, and we want you to play with us.

We’ll break it into four easy-to-digest chunks each week that you should be able to knock out in a few hours. We'll play through the same sections to make sure we're all on the same page, and then we’ll post a video (and audio podcast) every week, with some GamesRadar Editors talking about and analyzing that segment.

But this isn't a one-way street. We want to hear what you think, too, and we'll be reading and commenting and stuff. The day before we post our video/audio thingy we're going to post the article so the discussion can start early - we'll even prompt you with a few questions to get things started, and we encourage you to talk amongst yourself about it.

Essentially, we want to make a book club, except for games that everyone should play, because we like games more than we like books.