Game, music or art?

Before Guitar Hero, there was Rez, and before Rock Band, there was Tetsuya Mizuguchi. The Japanese developer fused music and rhythm into gaming years before the first shipment of flimsy plastic guitars hit shelves. In fact, his melodic shooter went much further, putting control of the music directly into the player's hands, as well as incorporating dynamic visual elements to create a fully immersive artistic experience.

So how does one of the originals in this genre feel about newcomers like Guitar Hero and Rock Band? What can they learn from his games... and what can he learn from them? What is the future of Rez? What is the future of Mizuguchi's other properties, Space Channel 5 and Lumines? And what is the future of music games in general?

Find out in our interview with the man behind the mind-melding. Watch it below.


Feb 15, 2008


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