Game music of the day: Clockwork Knight 2

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July 5, 2010

Game:Clockwork Knight 2
Song: Title
Composer: Hirofumi Murasaki

Above: You should really hear this song with the its video presentation below

Clockwork Knight isn%26rsquo;t known by many, and for good reason: It was on the Saturn and it wasn%26rsquo;t very good. Even the music, while proficient, was of a very Jazzy Japanese, elevator variety featuring synthetic trumpets galore. What do you want? This was an extremely transitional period for games in general!

Above: Yeah%26hellip; it%26rsquo;s basically Toy Story

Almost none of the issues that plagued the original game were addressed in the sequel%26hellip; save for one:

Above: Oh, did youforget the dude is a Conquistador?

AYE PAPI! Instead of Kenny G-ing gamers to sleep, Clockwork Knight 2 stepped it up and opened with a bombastic salsa number the likes of which I,nor anyone who repeatedly watched it on the Saturn%26rsquo;s included demo disc, will ever forget... Unlike the game, which you%26rsquo;re probably hearing about for the very first time.

Clockwork Knight's only claim to fame: Hero, Sir Tongara de Pepperouchau III rocked the Keyblade long before Sora did in Kingdom Hearts

July 5, 2010

Game music of the day: Fallout 2
Salsa Title!

Level 1 by Nobuyuki Hara

Underlow by Jerry Schroeder


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