Game music of the day: Hexic HD

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June 30, 2010

Game: Hexic HD

Song: Underlow

Composer: Jerry Schroeder

Above: Underlow from Hexic HD - listen to it turned up with headphones for super effectiveness

Every classic puzzle game starts with good design, but presentation can just as easily make or break it. The way a puzzle game looks, feels and sounds is what takes it from "This certainly is a well-designed puzzle concept" to "I can't stop playingandI still see the blocks when I close my eyes."

Hexic HD's presentation is pleasingly clean and understated, and although "HD" is in the title, the graphics take a backseat to the amesomely spacey, nuanced soundtrack.It's so good that itdoesn't evenneed explaining - just know that each track is a cornucopia of interesting noises that never cease to delight the ears.

Above: Badback from Hexic HD

Best of all, you don't have to take my word for it. The composer of the Hexic soundtrack, Jerry Schroeder (not the Christian rock guy), has released the entire album, called Hexophila, as a free downloadhere.

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