Football Manager Live

Stalk the touchline to find out what's in store online

We%26rsquo;ve just been spanked 5-0 by Sports Interactive%26rsquo;s Managing Director, Miles Jacobson. Fielding a team of Slovakian journeymen and Serie B rejects, it%26rsquo;s hardly a surprise to see the likes of Adriano and co. cut our threadbare defense to pieces like a hot chainsaw through melted butter. But it%26rsquo;s early days yet and with this being only our first match of a game that every Football Manager fan has been crying out for, we%26rsquo;re not going to get too depressed just yet. With Jacobson onboard for a rematch, all we have to do now is turn this bunch of no-hopers into would-be challengers. And there lies the instant appeal of Football Manager Live.

Having said that, online FM isn%26rsquo;t quite what you%26rsquo;d expect. Rather than being a straight online port of the latest FM iteration, it%26rsquo;s more like a cross between a watered down FM07, Fantasy Football and an auction site like eBay.

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