FlatOut Ultimate Carnage: first trailer, new shots

Automokiller revving up to be a throbbing orgy of twisted metal

White knuckle, high velocity driving with explosive car killing pile-ups - that's why our anticipation engine is in serious danger of blowing a gasket over the gorgeous looking Xbox 360 racer, FlatOut Ultimate Carnage. We've seen it, we've played it and, yes, we're very, very hot for it. And now you can check it out too thanks to an absolute deluge of freshly waxed assets.

Below you'll find the very first teaser trailer for your inspection, there's a stack of new screens just waiting to be admiredhereand don't forget to check out the fancy pants360 degree screenshotif you haven't already. You can also download the full HD version of the trailerhere.

May 3, 2007

May 3, 2007

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