Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer, now in English

Don’t understand Japanese? Have we got a video for you

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We%26rsquo;ve been pretty excited about Final Fantasy XIII-2 at the old GR corral since it was revealed earlier this week. The only downside was the game was revealed at a Japanese event and many of us just don%26rsquo;t understand the language, so all we could do was look at the pretty pictures. But no more! Square-Enix UK just released an English Language version of the trailer. Behold!

Obviously this has some spoilers for FFXIII, so don%26rsquo;t say you weren%26rsquo;t warned.

Pretty nice, huh? But wait, there%26rsquo;s more! In our excitement for XIII-2 being announced, we forgot to show you the new trailer for Versus XIII. Yes, it still exists and the trailer shows the PS3-exclusive has some interesting gameplay on top of stunning graphics. See for yourself:

And let%26rsquo;s not forget Final Fantasy Type-0, formerly known as Agito XIII, the third part of that wacky FABULA NOVA CRYSTALLIS business. Originally planned for phones, it%26rsquo;s heading to the PSP and is the first PSP title to be on two UMDs.

If you thought FF might take a break after launching XIII (yay!) and XIV (boo!) last year, you were mistaken.

Jan 20, 2011

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