Feeling the Fury

Fantasy-based games have become about as common as colds during the winter as we find ourselves buried beneath the deluge of derivative titles featuring yet more elves wielding over-sized swords. But at least you won’t find any of the usual worn out materials like raids, dungeons, or quests to kill boars for meat to deliver to starving NPCs in developer Auran’s latest online role-playing game, Fury.

Instead, Auran is focusing on PvP with gameplay that feels like a mix between Guild Wars and Unreal Tournament. "We knew that creating a 'me too' MMORPG was a recipe for failure and that trying to be all things to all people was prohibitively expensive… With this in mind, we made the decision to target our game at being the best Player versus Player game ever made." said Auran’s CEO, Tony Hilliam in a letter to the community.

Along with other tropes common to the MMO genre, Fury also throws out classes in favor of incarnations. Skills and spells from any trainer are available to every character. If you started off as more of a melee fighter, there’s nothing stopping you from adding some ranged damage and healing spells to your repertoire of skills further down the road. The caveat is that each piece of equipment and skill you take with you into battle has a cost to equip associated with it, meaning that you can’t take a heavily armored avatar with every skill in the book to each battle.

That’s where incarnations come in. Think of them as character templates which you can use to save a load out for any variation of skills and equipment you like. So you can have one incarnation with your heavily armored fighter with its melee skills and another one on hand for situations where you’d rather hang back and nuke your enemies from afar.

After each battle, you’ll earn gold, loot, and essence. The type of essence you earn is based on the skills you used during the fight, and can be spent on learning new skills from that tree or upgrading the power of existing ones.


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