Fallout 3 Main Quest Guide

Guides written by: Daniel Acaba, Tyler Nagata

You won’t make it to the end if you can’t get through the beginning. You can’t get through the beginning? Really? We hope not. Fallout 3’s Intro throws you right into the game and teaches you to play at the same time, but it’s not that tough. Nonetheless, we’re sure you’ve missed a few things, done something wrong or decided to play on Very Hard.

Of course, there’s no absolute wrong way to play Fallout, but here are just a few things you could do more right after reading our guide: Wonder if you happened to miss a +10 science bobble head found on your father’s desk? Or you’re not sure if speech, barter and unarmed were the right skills to tag? Don’t worry. We have all the answers in an easily printable and flip-through-able guide that you can tape on the wall next to your TV to impress your friends.

Fallout 3 Guide Part 1
Topics: controls, adventuring through the wastes, skills and perks


Fallout 3 Guide Part 2
Topics: main quest walkthrough - prologue


Fallout 3 Guide Part 3
Topics: main quest walkthrough – Following in His Footsteps


Fallout 3 Guide Part 4
Topics: main quest walkthrough - Galaxy News Radio


Fallout 3: Guide Part 5 and 6
Topics: man quest walkthrough - Scientific Pursuits, Tranquility Lane


Fallout 3: Guide Part 7 and 8
Topics: main quest walkthrough – Picking Up the Trail, Finding the Garden of Eden


Fallout 3: Guide Part 9 - 11
Topics: main quest walkthrough – The American Dream, Take it Back!, Project Impurity


Fallout 3 Bobblehead Guide
Complete your stat-boosting collection with videos, maps, and detailed directions

Fallout 3: Basic Leveling Guide
Advance from measly vault dweller to head exploder with ease



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Nov 3, 2008


  • antoinekemp26 - January 15, 2010 1:49 a.m.

    Is there any cheat codes 4 this game like god mode
  • asshatjenkins - November 13, 2009 4:10 a.m.

    I can't believe they called the pyromaniac perk a waste. It's one of the best perks in the game. It gives the flamer, if at full repair, an amazing attack power of 160 when coupled with bloody mess. The shishkebab also benefits from it and has the highest attack power of any melee weapon when this perk is chosen. Who ever it is that wrote this guide should definitely consider editing the pyromaniac perk.
  • Wackanut123 - November 28, 2008 3:19 a.m.

    Dude hurry up and make a Guide part 5 for how to get to Rivet City and that hole thing.....please....ther life savers.
  • barrage7667 - November 20, 2008 10:48 p.m.

    ull get a few guns too
  • barrage7667 - November 20, 2008 10:48 p.m.

    u kno if u really want to get ALOT of money but ur not afraid of losing a few places to shop...kill EVERYONE in rivet city and then loot everything... some people cant be killed though so u have to watch your back!!! easiest place to kill everyone is with a mininuke at the wedding
  • barrage7667 - November 20, 2008 10:44 p.m.

    ive played this game 2 times and havent found a deathclaw yet!!! im gettin pissed
  • Cwf2008 - November 8, 2008 3:23 a.m.

    You know what really gives you a heart attack/makes you crap your pants? Going into a dark sewer and getting jumped from behind by a Mulurk, Molerat, and Raider (wtf i thought they would kill each other!)
  • misfit119 - November 6, 2008 8:36 p.m.

    @ELpork: Thank you very much. I'm having a lot of fun putting these together. This is definitely one of the best games I've played in years.
  • Defguru7777 - November 5, 2008 2:26 a.m.

    I'll be sure to use this when I get Fallout 3.
  • FancyRat - November 4, 2008 8:55 p.m.

    You say in the guide that the D-pad isn't used, but it is in fact used as an Oblivion-style shortcut key, eight directions and all.
  • MacGyver1138 - November 4, 2008 5:33 p.m.

    This game is awesome. It is a great tribute to the excellence of the original, while a fresh take of it's own. The wife has been getting a bit neglected since it came out, though!
  • MacGyver1138 - November 4, 2008 5:16 p.m.

    This game is awesome. It is a great tribute to the excellence of the original, while a fresh take of it's own. The wife has been getting a bit neglected since it came out, though!
  • wud03 - November 4, 2008 12:36 a.m.

    Loving it...I didn't notice the bobblehead till my 3rd playthrough.
  • Mrinsane117 - November 4, 2008 12:30 a.m.

    best game ever.
  • GoldenMe - November 3, 2008 11:51 p.m.

    Turbole has win Pretty useful, I say, GR!
  • flare149 - November 3, 2008 10:45 p.m.

    Dang...might just go back and start over : /
  • Wave360 - November 3, 2008 10:34 p.m.

    I LOVE this game!!!!
  • theturbolemming - November 3, 2008 10:27 p.m.

  • kev89 - December 3, 2008 3:33 a.m.

    Nice guide. Just to let you know, you forgot the Waters of Life part of the main quest.
  • foodlist97 - November 22, 2008 10:41 p.m.

    heres a hint to a successful Fallout 3 character. whatever u do, do NOT finish the main storyline's last quest "Taking it back!" because u cant continue from the end.

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