Fair game for girls

Games are top heavy with male characters, so is the fairer sex getting a bum deal?

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Nov 20, 2007

The female of the species is reportedly deadlier than the male. But judging by the appearance of the Frag Dolls (Ubisoft-sponsored female pro gamers), %26lsquo;deadly%26rsquo; means %26lsquo;clothing optional.%26rsquo; In many a publicity event and magazine spread, the Dolls wear tiny hot pants, work out on exercise bikes and say things like, %26ldquo;Breasts and butt only come into play as an advantageous distraction.%26rdquo; Is it sexist? Regardless, it%26rsquo;s a clich%26eacute;d, age-old representation of women in gaming.


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