Fable 2 concept art released

We got some new Fable 2 stuff into today that's equally gorgeous and maddening. We only get a veiled hint at some of what's in store, but the concept art is undeniably cool. 

As if that screenshot weren't enough, the cryptic folks over at Lionhead Studios also heaped even more ambiguity on us regarding the art with this statement:

  • This is a castle
  • "Own all the world's property"
  • Located in a city

Now, while we can only officially confirm the first sentence, how can you not get excited at the possible idea of owning your own Hogwarts? As for the rest of the statement; color us perplexed. Not that the information should be ingnored.  These are the lads that brought us the "everything matters" RPG, Fable, so it's probably worthy of speculation. And we cordially invite you to do so in our forum.

January 23, 2007


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