Eye of Judgment

Thanks to Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, Collectable Card Games (CCGs) have gone from niche pastime to massive business - one that gamers have been made increasingly aware of. Not that CCGs are strangers to the computer screen - online games Sanctum and Chron X have been combining the two since the late ’90s. Now Eye of Judgment, developed in conjunction with Wizards of the Coast - responsible for Magic: The Gathering - is threatening an evolution in CCGs.

With the use of a special stand, PlayStation Eye, a 3x3 grid playing mat and a 30-card Starter Deck (all of which comes as part of the package), Eye of Judgment will give gamers the chance to see their cards come to life.

The PlayStation Eye reads a special barcode at the top of each card. By placing them on the mat you see your chosen monster or spell “summoned” onto the playing arena on screen. And by placing five of your monsters on the board, you win the game. But it’s not quite as simple as that. So, we went to see Sony for more info.


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