Explosive new Stranglehold footage

Thursday 9 August 2007
If you’ve ever wondered just how much damage two pistols and a shotgun can do to a Chinese market stall then you’d need look no further than the video below.

We’ve been tearing through the recently released Stranglehold demo shooting everything in sight, neon signs, wobbly looking balconies as even the odd bad guy or two fell subject to our relentless onslaught.

Everything, and we mean everything, in the game is destructible. Stand behind a pillar and the enemies will shoot at it until it’s nothing more than a pile of rubble. Hide behind a table and after a few shots it will shatter into pieces. All of which adds up provide a non-stop, all action experience.

If you haven’t downloaded the, fairly lengthy, demo, do it now. And when you do make sure you finish it more than once. Beating it three times will grant you access to the hard-boiled difficulty setting and the “spin attack” tequila time move. Trust us, it’s well worth the effort.

Stranglehold is expected to be released for Xbox 360 and PC 27 August.


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