E3 2010: Why Metal Gear Solid: Rising offers the only fresh experience of E3 so far

And it's not just because of those ripe watermelons

By Tom Selleck%26rsquo;s thick and dignified facial hair if MGS: Rising doesn%26rsquo;t look the dog%26rsquo;s sliced up bollocks. Seemingly offering a peerless level of fidelity when it comes to destroying the holy hell out of enemies and environments, it%26rsquo;s definitely got something rising in%26hellip;no, we won%26rsquo;t go the innuendo route.

But while Kojima Productions latest looks like it could well redefine action games, the same couldn%26rsquo;t be said for the rest of Microsoft%26rsquo;s conference. More COD! More Gears! More Halo! Yawn. Read below to find out why we think Rising offers the only genuinely fresh experience we%26rsquo;ve seen at E3 so far. Oh, and treat your peepers to the video just down yonder, too.

Right, let%26rsquo;s try an experiment. We%26rsquo;re going to see if we can get through this entire article without talking about a certain hateful peripheral thall shalt not be named. If we do, then we%26rsquo;ll be rewarded with a shiny nickel and a new 360%26hellip; probably.

Above: This chap looks a bit like the Beauty %26amp; the Beast unit from MGS4

Back to the Gear, then. This is not the really talky stealth %26lsquo;em up we all know and %26lsquo;occasionally-fall-asleep-during-its-of-the-60-minute-cut-scenes'%26hellip; eh, we mean love. No, it%26rsquo;s a high-paced action game in the mould of Ninja Gaiden, which looks like it%26rsquo;ll be markedly different from past, more methodical Metal Gears.

In short, Rising represents a massive change in direction for its series. Sadly, this trend was in stark contrast to the rest of the games shown at the conference. But we%26rsquo;ll get back to that in a bit.

Do we know how to write an original pun, or do we know how to write an original pun? Our shit word play aside, Rising%26rsquo;s katana control looks like it offers levels of finesse and destructive power never seen before. Sure, Red Faction: Guerrilla had crumbling environments coming out of its revolutionary ass. But the destruction was rarely this precise. The slow-mo execution at the end looks like it might control similarly to Snake%26rsquo;s behind-the-shoulder aiming system from MGS4.

Above: Well, until Raiden rips him apart like Ash in Alien. Ewwwwww

Raiden%26rsquo;s weapon of win looks like it can dissect enemies and environmental objects with incredible accuracy. One of the game%26rsquo;s key features is described as %26lsquo;zan-dats%26rsquo;. Translated this means %26ldquo;cut and take%26rdquo;. This probably explains why our boy takes such pleasure in knifing up the baddie at the start of the trailer, before nicking his glowing spine. At a guess, we%26rsquo;d say said glowy spines are what power Raiden%26rsquo;s suit.

Above: It's all about those juicy spines.

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