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E3 07: The best and worst trailers

The “E3 trailer” is possibly the most important trailer a publisher can release. One trailer can generate an entire year of rabid fan hype. Despite the somewhat unimpressive scale of this year’s “E3-in-a-shack,” a foaming tidal wave of juicy trailer data has been clogging our bandwidth for the last three days.  So what do you watch?  Let GamesRadar be your guide - we’ve put the top seven best trailers of E3 2007 into this handy list. And, for a little contrast, we’ve also included seven of the worst trailers we had the displeasure of viewing this year.

Best: Super Mario Galaxy

It has the words “super” and “Mario” in it, and that’s about all you need to know before you hit the "play" button. The E3 trailer shows off loads of new gameplay elements, our favorite being the bee costume (we just hope it doesn’t cause Mario to inherit the voice of Jerry Seinfeld).

Worst: Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

If Chewie’s antics weren’t enough, here’s an impressively crappy trailer. Watch as an over-excited announcer informs you that you can “customize your character” and “select your weapons.”


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