Dynasty Warriors Next will bring a slew of new gameplay modes to the series using the Vita's controls, Koei has revealed via new screenshots. The game, a Vita launch title in Japan, will leaven the running-around-killing-peons gameplay with new minigames including WarioWare-esque touch-screen calligraphy, gyro-based horse-racing, and an affair whereby enemies are defeated by some sort of invisible Vita-punishing poltergeist. And more!

Above: Write-'em-up! The new touchscreen calligraphy minigame acknowledges the importance of diplomacy in shaping ancient China (possibly)

Above: The game's full-contact equestrian borrows from another surprisingly big Koei series, G1 Jockey

Above: The best videogame deaths are those in which the victim's last thought is probably, "what the hell just happened?"

Above: Please, please, please, never eat anything bigger than your head IRL. GamesRadar has just saved your life

Above: Guns don't kill people, guns kill videogame characters. In absurd numbers

Above you can also see the game's first-person turret-gunning mode reminiscent of ancient arcade shooter Beach Head, and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to photograph yourself in the garb of legendary Chinese warriors, chowing down on legendary Chinese foodstuffs. It's been fashionable for some time now to deride the Dynasty Warriors titles for their lack of variety – lord knows we've had a go or two – but as these new modes show, Koei's still interested in bringing new ideas to its signature property. Here's an image gallery of further glimpses from the Vita game, slated for English-language release next year.


  • Kermit1970 - November 28, 2011 4:56 a.m.

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