Dynamic map Free Fall previewed in Call of Duty Ghosts video

Infinity Ward has released a new Call of Duty: Ghosts preview video focusing on Free Fall, a pre-order bonus multiplayer map set in a decrepit skyscraper. In the video, Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin and the Ghosts development team discuss how Free Fall marks the introduction of dynamic map events to the series, which see battleground landscapes change as matches progress.

“Free Fall is a great new intense action-packed map,” says Rubin. “It also introduces our new mechanic, dynamic maps - this idea of bringing that sort of cinematic single player experience to multiplayer. You're playing in a building that is falling over and is wedged between two other buildings. The floor you're on is actually the glass windows from the side of the building so you see this world in a very topsy-turvy sense as it's plummeting down to the streets below."

Infinity Ward took the wraps off Ghosts’ multiplayer component last month - get all the juicy details here. Ghosts launches on November 5 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, with Xbox One and PS4 versions set to follow when the next-gen consoles launch later in the month. It was confirmed at E3 in June that all Ghosts DLC will release first on Xbox.

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  • Rub3z - September 3, 2013 12:36 a.m.

    Okay, kinda cool (and cute) that they're trying to tout Battlefield-like multiplayer map experiences, and it is admittedly awesome to think about shooting the glass a dude is standing on to make him fall to the pavement below, as long as while playing this map you aren't thinking about a couple of things... When stuck in this building on the brink of collapse, sliding its way down to its doom below, why are a bunch of men trapped inside so bent on shooting each other? Are they just overly eager to spare each other the experience of being turned into a fine red paste sandwiched between drywall and concrete, and sprinkled with glass? Because if I wasn't actively trying to find a way out, I would be making peace with my God. So really, does every match on this map end when the building smashes into the street below; exemplifying how pointless all of the shooting each other that took place beforehand was? I mean, it was done before on Nuketown, with every match ending with a nuke going off, but that actually made sense thematically and drove home a kind of tongue-in-cheek humor that came with it (why in the hell would anybody occupy this nuclear testing site, much less have a bunch of battle-hardened soldiers running about the plastic scenery shooting the fuck out of each other before a bomb goes off? Good sport, I guess?) It'd be more ridiculous than the idea on a Nuketown map, to see other gametypes besides deathmatch on this doomed map. I'm picturing a bunch of hardy men running back and forth for a random, apparently tactically significant flag that found itself in this dire situation. Or even men shooting each other on this destroyed building... trying to plant a bomb. "Sir, we have successfully acquired more flags than the other guys in this building shooting us for some reason, and we've planted a bomb that will assure their destruction faster than ours." "Great work, men. This will really help our morale in comparison to the other men in this building who are about to die just like us. The mission is a suc-". ***CRASH***

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