Dragon Age II DLC announced. First trailer inside

Pre-order Dragon Age II and get the three-mission “The Exiled Prince” DLC for free

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BioWare has announced %26ldquo;The Exiled Prince,%26rdquo; a DLC pack for Dragon Age II. The reveal of the three-mission add-on comes two months before the game%26rsquo;s release on March 8. Players who pre-order the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins before January 11 will receive The Exiled Prince DLC along with some other treats, including the game%26rsquo;s soundtrack and exclusive in-game weapons. Those who don%26rsquo;t pre-order the game will need to cough up $7 or 560 Microsoft Points for the privilege of playing through the additional princely content.

The Exiled Prince will feature Sebastian Vael, a noble archer on a mission to avenge the murder of his family. In typical Dragon Age fashion, it sounds like the choices you make will have a big impact on the outcome of Sebastian%26rsquo;s quest. According to BioWare, you%26rsquo;ll need to %26ldquo;either avenge Sebastian%26rsquo;s murdered family to reclaim his title or direct his holy vengeance on their enemies in Kirkwall.%26rdquo; As expected the royal archer will also be able to join your group as a follower for the majority of the singleplayer campaign.

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