Download of the Week: Midnight Club: L.A. Complete Edition is now less than a speeding ticket and far safer

Platform: PS3 | Publisher: Rockstar | Developer: Rockstar | Price: £19.99/$19.99 

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We have a criminally overlooked classic for you this week. Midnight Club: Los Angeles from Rockstar is one of the best open-world racers your hard-earned cash could buy. And now the complete edition is less than half the price of the RRP you'd be an eejit to miss it.

You get the photo-realistic backdrop of real L.A. to tear around in your custom built rides, from US muscle-cars to arrow-fast superbikes, as you try to become the king of the asphalt. You can even do some donuts outside the home of E3, the L.A. Convention Centre, if you're that way inclined. The incredible amount of customisation options means that you can can really stand out from the drab folk you meet online too. Oh, and you can even buy and sell the slick vehicles you see on the virtual roads, and have people rate your ride so make sure it looks great. A brown Ford Focus is never going to pull in the big bucks, is it?

If you're looking for a racer to while the hours with, then you won't get much more exciting than this. You can even initiate a cop chase by speeding away from him after they pull you over. That thrill never gets old.

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  • fatguy19 - June 17, 2011 5:22 p.m.

    Yeah you could download for £20 or you could just buy it off Amazon for £12.85
  • blocpartier - June 17, 2011 5:09 p.m.

    An open world game to play during the summer is always the way to go. I picked up Just Cause 2 so I could just jack cars and shit to explore the island. It's very relaxing to just chill out and play it.
  • garnsr - June 17, 2011 4:40 p.m.

    Agreed about the rubber banding AI. I like Burnout Paradise better, they had a bundle with all the DLC for $30 or so, I wish I'd gotten that then. Midnight Club just gets too annoying after a time with the AI not making mistakes, and your bumper seeming to have glue on it, so if you hit something you stick to it, and spin around to face the wrong direction every time.
  • steveboy32 - June 17, 2011 3:55 p.m.

    I enjoyed this when it first came out but the rubber banding a.i just got so annoying!!!

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