Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!

VIDEO: See the Punch-Out!! game most of you will never get to play

Of course, a majority of you haven%26rsquo;t spent the 800 or so dollars it requires to achieve Platinum status, thus you%26rsquo;ll never get a DLPO!! to call your own. So we thought we%26rsquo;d go ahead and show you just what nearly $1K worth of devotion nets you, because while this Student vs. Teacher minigame ain%26rsquo;t much, it%26rsquo;s still pretty damned cool!

You%26rsquo;ll start in a warm-up with the kindly Ol%26rsquo; Doc, who tells you exactly how and when to react to his punches. But once you finally unlock Sparring mode, your kindly trainer turns into a unpredictable and balls-hard opponent. By no means a lengthy experience, but it should tide Punch-Out!! fans over during the decade or so between games%26hellip; right?

Above: %26ldquo;Get up, ya bum!%26rdquo;

PRO TIP: As you can see in the video, DL can fully restore his health with a bite of chocolate. So right when Doc extends the candy bar towards you, smack it from his fat fingers with a well timed body blow. Right the first time, left the next.

Nov 4, 2009

Celebrating our many differences with a cel-shaded smile

Brilliantly walks the line between casual punchy-punchy and %26ldquo;serious gamer%26rdquo; depth


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