Dave Mirra heads to Wii

And you thought you'd never have to re-learn riding a bike

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Just when you thought you had written off concepts that couldn%26rsquo;t possibly work on the Wii, SSX Blur came along. And damn if they didn%26rsquo;t do a decent job of translating a motion generally associated with your feet (snowboarding) to two very different hand assignments with the Nunchuk and Wii-mote.

Well get ready to yet again expand your extreme sports horizons on Nintendo%26rsquo;s lil%26rsquo; gestural system that could, as Crave Entertainment brings Dave Mirra BMX Challenge to the Wii, coming this June for a sensible $29.99. There will be 12 different environments, each of which can be played in Race or Trick modes, 13 different bikes, and customizable characters (alongside our famous friend Dave).

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