Dave Gibbons talks Watchmen finale

Dave Gibbons, never a man to back down from questions about the movie based on the comic he helped create, has been talking it up again.

Before we go any further, those Watchmen newcomers wishing to stay spoiler free should skip this news story, as the ending is discussed.

Speaking at this past weekend’s New York Comic Con, Gibbons once more directly addressed the issue of changes director Zack Snyder has made to the story’s big finish.

Those who’ve devoured the graphic novel know that Adrian Veidt’s big plan to force world peace features one OTT element – a fake giant alien “squid”.

Recently, web whispers indicated that Snyder has changed what Veidt uses, though, as Gibbons says, not the means or the result. “The outcome is exactly the same as the novel. But the gimmick is different. I think it has to stand as a good movie,” he told the crowd. “The reality is you have to make changes, and I think it's been done very well.

“Why is the squid so important? In the comic book it's a huge special effect that Adrien Veidt pulls, it's a special effect. I don't think it would have worked as well in the movie. Sorry...”

So there you have it.

Oh, and lucky Comic Con attendees also got to see an as-yet unseen moment from the movie, which finds Rorschach in prison, proving just what an unhinged mind lurks behind that mask when he beats up several prisoners. This won’t be for kids, people…

[Source: io9 ]

Are you annoyed by the changes? Or do you think Snyder had to make them? Tell us…


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