Cult-favorite developer Treasure creating 3D action shooter

Don't even feign surprise. But excitement? Totally appropriate

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Legendary action/shooter developer Treasure makes really good games, most of them of the %26ldquo;old school shooter you need to play right now%26rdquo; variety. We%26rsquo;d like to give you a moment to go play one %26ndash; let%26rsquo;s say Radiant Silvergun %26ndash; to get in the mood and then come back to finish reading this, but the odds of you being skilled enough to finish it in a timely enough manner is a little fishy, so let%26rsquo;s just carry on.

Above: Whatever the hell this is, it%26rsquo;s a good sign

For the enlightened among you who already agree with the above statement, prepare to get excited at the followingjob postingon Treasure%26rsquo;s website. The posting notes that the Japanese developer is seeking programmers with experience in 3D games, action games, and shooters -which all happen to be three of our favorite things.

Above: Sin %26amp; Punishment: Star Successor %26ndash; you should play this. We all should

Though little else is known about the upcoming project, a small image was placed next to the posting for all of us to speculate on. Is it a strange number 4? Are those pipes? The mind boggles.


Aug 4, 2010

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