Culdcept SAGA

Culdcept SAGA is one of those games that doesn't look like much at all. It's not cutting-edge pretty, its card-based gameplay don't look immediately compelling, and you may well find yourself asking, "What's the point?" But if you play it, you'll be hooked forever. Publisher Namco Bandai's bright, sticky ball-roller Katamari Damacy was that way for some. And Culdcept SAGA, with its compulsive mix of collectible cards and its board game accessibility, is all set to be just as unassumingly captivating.

At its heart, Culdcept SAGA is surprisingly like the board game Monopoly. You have a character - not a thimble or race car or iron, but a person. You roll dice and move your person along a track, one square at a time. The squares are different colors - though in this case, it shows which element they are (fire, water, earth, air). When you pass your starting castle again, you get mana. If you land on an empty square and you can afford it, you can put something there to collect tolls for you. It won't be a house or hotel; more like a forest elemental, demon lord, or whale so big it has an island growing on its back, but the idea is the same. And you can also spend money to upgrade the land, but to make it produce more mana/money (they're the same thing in this game) and provide a stronger defensive boost to the monster on it.


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