Counter-Strike 2: Gabe Newell flaps arms, giggles girlishly, makes most unconvincing denial ever

Watch his reaction. Is he hiding something or what?

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There are three ways to respond to an accusation. You can confirm it, you can deny it, or you can deny it so self-consciously that you might as well have confirmed it with a gold-framed certificated, lettered in diamond and delivered by day-glow dancing girls. Like when you were a teenager, and you used to speak VERYCLEARLY AND SLOWLY in an attempt to prove to your parents that you weren't rat-arsed on boozes.

Or when you're Gabe Newell, and you get in a right old flap following an unexpected question about Counter-Strike 2. At GDC. On video.

Watch this and tell me if it's the action of a man who is unquestionably not making a Counter-Strike game in secret at his company called Valve.

It's not, is it? I mean it's not just me. Good old Gabe is flapping around like a schoolgirl who's just been caught with a boy's phone number, isn't he? Someone should have followed up with "Episode Three" while he was off-guard.

Reckon this points towards Counter-Strike 2 in the near-ish future? And if so, what do you want from it, given the insane degree to which Valve has evolved Team Fortress with TF2?



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