Classic game music remixed in Beaterator

If you give us a character creator, we’re going to make videogame characters with it. And if you give us a level editor, we’re going to make classic videogame levels with it. So, if you give us a music creator as excellent as Rockstar’s Beaterator, of course we’re going to recreate videogame tunes with it. We’re dependable like that.

Above: The tools of the trade

But rather than drop a whole album of tunes on you at once and shout “Look at this stuff we did,” we decided it would be more fun to turn it around into a little game. Below are eight mystery songs. Can you name the classic game tunes we plundered in order to make each remix? The only hints you’ll get are in each song’s title. If you can name them all, consider yourself a true game-music master.

(By the way, everything you hear below was created solely with the instruments, effects and loops of Beaterator, with the exception of a few choice audio clips in Song 8, which should be pretty obvious. Other than a quick file reformat to save space, everything we’ve done here is doable with a PSP, a copy of Beaterator, and a few weeks’ worth of free time. Check out our review for the final word on the game and its many features.)

Song 1: Chronic


Song 2: How’s Your Nuts, Bark Breath?


Song 3: Roll On


Song 4: Possibly Lesbians?


Song 5: Advance


Song 6: Don’t Drink the Purple Potion


Song7: Kung Fu


Song 8: Kurb Stomp


Answers on the next page!


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