Civilization 3 Cheats

Civilization 3 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by asher

    Start with 100k Gold and PW

    Start a new game and enter 'Leemur' as your leader name.

  • PC | Submitted by asher

    Reveal map

    When you go to save, name the save "multi" without the quotes.
    This allows you to see the map and you can change what other civs are producing, among other things
    ps. this might not work if you do it wrong

  • PC | Submitted by asher

    Unlimited Gold

    First make a backup copy of the file script.slc, which is located in ..\ctp_data\default\gamedata. Then open up the original with any text editor and add the following lines:
    trigger 'DOR_T_Give_Gold' when (IsHumanPlayer(g.player) && (

Civilization 3 Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Michael

    Helpful Hints For Starting Players

    If you are not very good at Civ III or if you want a really easy game, do this: go to the Civ III Edit through the Start menu and make a lot of resources in one area and some distinctive features (i.e. a river or lake or whatever). Then put a player start place in the middle of the stuff and one far away. Save it and start Civ3. Go to load scenario and click the folder symbol with the arrow up. Then select the file you wanted and pla as usual, but don't go to the world customization screen. I would choose India for my civ. If you want, make your name be leemur so you get 100,000 gold, or not. When you start the game, see which player start you ended up at. You should be able to recognize which one you sarted at, and if you are not at the right start, go back to the main Civ 3 menu and do it again. :)
    If you plan to finish the game before you get too far into the industrial age or modern times, use a civilization that gets their special unit early. I like using India for its war elephants, or the civs that give you alternate mounted units. Then you can give your enemies civs that get their special units later. If you want to be really sneaky , go back to theCiv III Edit and make an early, normally unused unit (like warrior or spearman or-really mean- workers and settlers) strong and fast. You will really get a kick out of doing three laps around another civilization and capturing a city or two in one turn.

  • PC | Submitted by Bijay Khatri

    Various Cheats

    When I got the game I started playing at Diety Level
    [thinking that since I am so good at Civ2, I should
    be fine in Civ3]. Ah, to my surprise while I had maybe
    3 cities the computer players [16 of 'em] had 10+.
    I do not know how they get their settlers so fast.
    Anyways I shamefully went down to Regent difficulty.
    Now that I have played a couple of games [never actually
    finished one, just restarted a couple of times once I
    started beating the computer...] I can say a few things:
    1. Expansion is the KEY to winning the game or dominating
    the game 2. It is very wise to BUY technologies from the
    computer, or offer your extra resources for the 20 turn
    period. This will get you caught up with the technology
    tree, i.e. lets say I go for monarchy right away, this
    means I will neglect 'the wheel' and 'horseback riding'
    and I would buy these then. 3. Always have a 'MODERN'
    army ready to defend/attack
    1. It is quite alright for you to have 1 of each type
    of resource, that is all you need. The more you have
    the better since you can use these for trading [luxury
    ones being most valuable, I found] 2. Do not stress if
    you have no strategic resources in the beginning, you
    can still build basic def/att units. You can always
    trade for strategic resources or even better you can
    make surgical strikes to capture these strategic resources.
    1. I found that Horsemen are the best unit in the beginning.
    Mobility is very important and the fact that a Horsemen will
    retreat out of combat allows you to save it [i.e. retreat
    with it to town and rest it to full health]. In short:
    Horsemen are the most efficient unit at start
    example: I had a fight with the Germans who had Iron
    [i did not] and built 10+ swordsmen. I defeated them
    with my horsemen. Then ended up conquering most of their
    cities. They bought peace surrendering 3 of
    their cities on the bargaining table :]
    2. Concentrate your attacks just like the computer
    3. Computer has usually 2 defenders in town if Despotism,
    3 if Monarchy, 2 for Republic/Democracy and 3 for Communism.
    Why? For despotism/monarchy/communism this is the number of
    units that help with happiness of the city, more than this
    is cost.
    1. Always have attacking units in your border cities.
    The computer attacks in a bunch of stacked units. Having
    attacking units in your town allows you to destroy a few
    before they strike at you and the sweetness of it is that
    since the units are stacked up your attacking unit does
    not leave town. So a good def/att stats are good (like the
    Roman Legion, or Babylonian Bowman, or later on the
    Musketmen) Remember: BEST DEFENSE IS A GOOD OFFENCE 2.
    All your border cities less than 7 must have Walls and at
    least 3 spearmen/pikemen
    Strategy for attacking:
    1. Surgical and well thought out strikes are most damaging
    to your opponent. Best is to conquer or raze towns which
    have thier Strategic Resources or to pillage ROADS leading
    to the Strategic Resources. This will hamper their ability
    to produce units that require that resource. 2. If you are
    bent on conquest: keep the pressure up and do not falter.

  • PC | Submitted by Orest

    Unlimited money

    If you know another nation, make a deal with its leader. Discuss the peace treaty with him. first declare a war, then in the same dialogue box tell him that you want 99999999999 money for the peace treaty. He'll give the money. One defect: if he captures one of your cities, he'll also get a lot of money.

  • PC | Submitted by Andrew P

    Any Free Stuff from Other Countries

    Meet with the leader of another country. Make a trade deal. Demand them to pay 9,999,999 gold per turn, plus pretty much any other stuff, including cities, resources, etc. You will almost always get the gold and the goods, though that country may get slightly annoyed at you.

  • PC | Submitted by PBM

    Infinite Money and Extra Cities

    In the bottom left hand corner of the game(where you move units and build things) you click on the D. It will give you a choice to talk to any civilization you've met. Choose the one with the most stuff. Trade with them. Give them something you don't care about like a map. Ask for everything they have(without including money) and the click Gold. Click Per Turn and fill it all in with 1s. This makes any and every deal acceptable. Ask if it's acceptable and they will accept. You get everything that was put on the table!
    Note: Only works in Chieftain difficulty level.