Curb stomp
You didn't think those honking great Frankenstein moon boots were just for show, did you? Hell no - these boots are made for some seriously gruesome stomping.

Jump into an online skirmish, get an enemy in your sights, smoke 'em until they drop to their knees and then ease off the trigger. They're down and vulnerable - do you show them mercy? No, mercy isn't an option in Gears of War... but grinding brains into the dust with boot power is.

Above: See those wrinkly old heads? With a little downward pressure from a boot they squish up reeeeeal nice

Exit your cover point, swagger over to the wounded, soon-to-be-desplatilated sucker and stomp on its head like you're making brain cider. Revel in the delightfully sticky squish as its head explodes and splatters like a paint ball.

There's nothing quite like dropping your boot, pneumatic hammer style, on the head of a guy that's been stalking your every move.

Just make sure you don't tread that muck into the carpet afterwards.