Chrono Trigger coming to PSN this Tuesday, October 4

Missed it on Virtual Console and DS? Now's your chance to play one of the greatest RPGs of all time, for the first time or the tenth

Announced today on the official PlayStation blog, Chrono Trigger will be available for download on PSN starting Tuesday, October 4th. That's this Tuesday! Since its 1995 debut on SNES, Chrono Trigger has been ported to PS1, and more recently available on DS and Virtual Console, but if you still haven't played it yet (*disapproving glare*), now's the time to finally redeem your classic RPG cred.

Even if you have played it before, have you gotten all 13 possible endings? If there were ever a JRPG worth playing multiple times, it's Chrono Trigger. Not just because you'll see different things, but because it's just that fantastic.

Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI were announced once before for PSN via Sony's @PlayStation Twitter, but the tweet was quickly redacted. So with today's news, does that mean that an official announcement for Final Fantasy VI for PSN isn't far behind?

Sep 30, 2011

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