Chili Con Carnage - first look

The gun-crazed, spice-obsessed, wildly over-the-top shoot 'em-up Chili Con Carnage is racing toward PSPs this spring, and after weeks of screenshots, we've finally seen the game in action. Continuing the adventures of agent Ramiro Cruz, this semi-sequel to Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico combines an El Mariachi-inspired Mexican setting with vehicle stunts and impossible bullet ballet. And what's more, it's looking great.

The game opens innocently enough, with Ramiro bringing his father, a Mexican anti-drug agent, a box of kittens for his birthday. In a wildly plausible turn of events, however, a giant combine harvester suddenly plows into Dad's office, turning him and his adorable pets into gruesome meat bales. Ramiro swears vengeance, naturally, and that means he'll have to shoot his way through a whole lot of Mexican gangsters in acrobatic and explosive ways.

Unlike Total Overdose, which was a more open, Grand Theft Auto-style adventure, Chili Con Carnage strips out all the pretense in favor of fast, straightforward run-and-gun. There'll still be vehicles to commandeer (CCC even keeps the "jump out just before crashing" mechanic from Total Overdose), but the missions are more straightforward, point A-to-B affairs.

The controls have been simplified as well - you'll only need the analog nub to move and turn, as the camera stays fixed behind Ramiro and there's no vertical aiming. Assuming this works as advertised, it should free you up to focus on just shooting guys in creative (or not-so-creative) ways, and maybe catching their flying hats on your head if you're lucky.


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