Chicken Little 2: Ace in Action - hands-on

Look at the launch lineup for the Nintendo Wii and you'll notice that the games tend to separate themselves into a couple of categories. There are the marquee titles that will eventually convince you to pick up the system - Zelda, Tony Hawk, Super Monkey Ball - and then there are the bait titles that will convince little kids to convince you to plunk down $250... preferably before the holidays. Stuff like Cars, Barnyard, SpongeBob and Ice Age are all hoping to cash in on the much touted "family" console - which typically means that they're too basic and low-budget for serious gamers.

While the tragically named Chicken Little 2: Ace in Action has no chance of belonging to the first group, it definitely has a shot at escaping the stigma of the second. We had a fair amount of fun in our earlier hands-on time with the PS2 version, and adding the innovative Wii controls can transform even the most generic game into a good time.

Take the on-foot platforming levels of Chicken Little's space-hero alter ego, Ace (appropriately and hammily voiced by Batman's Adam West). A completely average experience - run, jump, shoot and collect glowing power-ups like you have in countless other games - becomes a quick and responsive light-gun FPS when you throw in the remote and Nunchuk.

The Nunchuk's directional stick moves your character just as the PS2's analog stick would, but now, instead of simply pushing a button to lock onto an enemy and then pushing yet another button to fire at him, you’re relying on your own aim skill with the Wii remote to rotate the camera around the 3D world and square up targets directly in your line of sight. It's way more involving and immersive.

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