Naruto Clash of Ninja 2 Version 1.0 *+----------------------------------------------------+* Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Default Characters -Naruto Uzumaki -Sasuke Uchiha -Sakura Haruno -Kakashi Hatake -Shikamaru Nara -Ino Yamanaka -Hinata Hyuga -Kiba Inuzuka -Rock Lee -Gaara 3. Unlockable Characters -Haku -Zabuza Momochi -Neji Hyuga -Might Guy -Iruka Umino -Kankuro -Akamaru -Crow -Nine Tailed Naruto -Mizuki -Kakashi With Sharingan -Orochimaru -Sasuke With Sharingan 4. Specials 5. Combos *COMING SOON* 6. How To Unlock *COMING SOON* 7. Closing *+----------------------------------------------------+* *-------------------------------------------------------* Introduction Welcome one and all to my FAQ! I am Jhorner1102 and this is my character FAQ! This is my second FAQ so it may not be the best You have ever read. *-------------------------------------------------------* *-------------------------------------------------------* Default Characters Naruto Uzumaki Naruto is the main knuckle-headed ninja of the Squad. There always is one. He is strong but too Dumb and hotheaded to pay attention. He has a Secret power he had not known lying within him. Sasuke Uchiha Sasuke is the guy all the girls rave about. He is Calm and collected. He is strong and determined But not the kindest guy around. He wants to kill His brother who destroyed the rest of the Uchihas. Sakura Haruno Sakura has a lot of male admirers. She is smart and Collected but has feelings hidden in her mind she tells No one about. She is strong but is impatient. She is A rival of Ino and in love with Sasuke. Kakashi Hatake Kakashi is almost never serious, but at occasions he Must be. His mask hides the mysterious power of The Sharingan. Shikamaru Nara Always negative and a bit of a nuisance, Shikamaru is never in the mood to help out. His Shadow Possession Jutsu is extremely Powerful. Ino Yamanaka A confident and selfish ninja and rival Of Sakura. She is negative like her teammate. Her Mind Transfer Jutsu is strong and Nearly impossible to break. Hinata Hyuga Heir to the Hyuga clan, shy and timid Hinata Admires Naruto from afar. She is quiet but is Quite strong once she puts her mind to it. Kiba Inuzuka Kiba and Akamaru have been pals for quite a While. They are best friends and are strong and Confident in battle. Rock Lee No one liked Lee in his childhood. He was Odd because he could not use Genjutsu & Ninjutsu. He has incredible powers and physical strength. Gaara A mysterious and creepy boy from the sand village. He has a shady past and has two siblings: Kankuro and Temari. His mother died at his birth. *-------------------------------------------------------* Unlockable Characters Haku Haku is a tracker ninja and partner of Zabuza. He happens to mention him being a boy. But that Is not true. Think about the movie Mulan and you Will know what I mean. Zabuza Momochi A demonic man with a gigantic sword. He cares only Of Haku and no one else. He wants solely to be with Haku and to kill. Neji Hyuga 2nd most promising Genin. He is fast and determined. His past constantly haunts him and hates Hinata Hyuga. Might Guy A strange and odd Jonin, but strong and fast. He is The idol of Lee. That is probably his only fan. He is also rivals with Kakashi. Iruka Umino Chunin teacher of Academy Students. He is strong And is skilled in the ways of giant shurikens. He Favors Naruto Uzumaki. Kankuro A sand ninja with a puppet named Crow. His Attacks can break all your body parts. He is a Puppet-master and brother of Gaara and Temari. Akamaru An adorable little puppy and pet of Kiba. He isnÂ’t as strong as other ninja but just as speedy. Crow A puppet with three eyes. Capable of speech and Sometimes free movement. Nine Tailed Naruto A demonic version of Naruto. His strength Increases but he is berserk. He has not learned to master The Fox in this game. Mizuki An evil giant shuriken master, he helps Iruka when Needed. He is killed by Naruto while trying to kill Iruka. Kakashi with Sharingan Identical to Kakashi Hatake but with his mask taken off Around his other eye to reveal his Sharingan eye. Orochimaru An evil mastermind and old master of Anko. He can Summon snakes at will and holds unbelievable Power. Sasuke with Sharingan Identical to Sasuke Uchiha but with his Sharingan, Chidori, and Phoenix Flower Jutsu mastered with a lot More power. *-------------------------------------------------------* Specials Naruto Uzumaki Uzumaki Barrage: Naruto creates Shadow Clones and crushes his enemies With an aerial kick. Sasuke Uchiha Lion Barrage: Sasuke uses a barrage of kicks to bring down his Foes. Sakura Haruno Inner Sakura: Sakura unleashes her inner anger out on her foes. Kakashi Hatake Chidori: Creates his hand into a an invincible sword of chakra. Shikamaru Nara Shadow Possession: Makes enemies mimic movements. Ino Yamanaka Mind Transfer: Ino controls other person and gives a signal For Choji to come crashing down on them. Hinata Hyuga Barrage of Gentle Fists: Hinata hits enemy chakra points and then blasts them with A large spurt of chakra. Kiba Inuzuka Fang Over Fang: Akamaru transforms into Kiba and unleashes a devastating Flurry of claws and fangs. Rock Lee Primary Lotus: A frontal kick with an ending blow. Hidden Lotus: A destructive forbidden jutsu. To use press Down X when gauge Is halfway full, Down X when it is halfway full, Then press x. Gaara Sand Coffin: Traps enemy in coffin of sand and crushes their Bodies. Haku Crystal Ice Mirror: Needles are shot from every mirror in range. Very Devastating. Zabuza Momochi Water Mist Jutsu: Shrouds field in mist and slash at enemies with sword. Neji Hyuga 64 Palms: A flurry of palms and hand signs. Might Guy Back Breaker: Guy punches the enemy. When knocked down he breaks Their backs. Iruka Umino Lightning Bolt: A flurry of shurikens. He tosses enemies up in the air And then spins on their bodies. Kankuro Crow Combo: A bone-breaking combo using Crow. Breaks every bone But neck. Akamaru HAS NO SPECIAL Crow HAS NO SPECIAL Nine Tailed Naruto Fire Rage: Slashes at the enemy with itÂ’s claws and then burns Them with an inferno. Mizuki Lightning Bolt: An evil version of Lightning Bolt. It is slightly more powerful. Kakashi With Sharingan Chidori: Turns hand into an invincible sword and jabs through enemy. Orochimaru Python Seal: Grabs enemy in tongue, bangs them on the ground, Then stops chakra flow. Sasuke with Sharingan Chidori: Turns hand into an invincible sword and jabs it through enemy. If not at full power, it gets stuck in body. Phoenix Flower Jutsu: An aerial version of Fireball Jutsu. To use, jump and press x. *-------------------------------------------------------* Closing Well, thatÂ’s my Character FAQ. I hope you Enjoyed it. IÂ’m making more FAQÂ’s so check back Often. *-------------------------------------------------------*