Table of Contents

I. Introduction 
II. Training Modes
   A. Tennis
     1. Returning Balls
     2. Timing Your Swing
     3. Target Practice
   B. Baseball
     1. Hitting Home Runs
     2. Swing Control
     3. Batting Practice
   C. Golf
     1. Putting
     2. Hitting the Green
     3. Target Practice
   D. Bowling
     1. Picking Up Spares
     2. Power Throws
     3. Spin Control
   E. Boxing
     1. Working the Bag
     2. Dodging
     3. Throwing Punches
III. Credit Where Credit is Due
IV. Contact
V. Version History

Tennis: Returning Balls
Return the ball inside the court.  Just relax and focus on hitting the ball.

In this training mode, your goal is to just keep returning the balls
into the court that are hit to you.  It starts out easy and the
balls get faster as you go.  Every few sets of five shots you
will run to the net and hit five from there.

Bronze - 12
Silver - <=25
Gold - 50
Platinum - <=94

- When at the net, just make really short swings at the ball,
  don't try and take a full swing.

Tennis: Timing Your Swing
Return the ball into the orange bar.  Watch your timing, and aim each shot

In this training mode, you have to return the balls hit to you and
direct them at a moving wall behind the opposite court.  The zone
that you have to hit will shrink as you go along, making it harder
to hit.  All of the balls go to your forehand.

Bronze - 7
Silver - 15
Gold - <=33
Platinum - ???

- The direction the ball goes doesn't depend on the way you move your
  hand or what angle you hold the controller at, it's all about timing.
  For a right hander's forehand, a little early will make it go left,
  and a little late will make it go right.  For a lefty it is opposite,
  early will make it go right and late will go left.

Tennis: Target Practice
Volley the ball off the wall and hit targets.  Controlling your swing speed
and strength is essential in aiming your shots.

In this training mode, you will have to hit a ball at a target, that
will move every time you hit it.  Everytime you miss, the ball will
bounce off of the wall and weaken where it hit.  After a few hits to
the same spot, the wall will break and if you hit the same spot again,
the ball will go through and the training will end.

Bronze - 5
Silver - 10
Gold - <=21
Platinum - ???

- Don't hit the ball very hard because when it bounces back, it will
  be harder to aim at the target.
- Like above, where the ball goes depends on timing.

Baseball: Hitting Home Runs
Watch the ball, and try to hit it out of the park.  Timing is everything!

In this training mode, the pitcher will throw ten balls and your goal is
to hit as many as you can over the fence.  The game also records distance,
so the further hit, the better.

Bronze - <=3324
Silver - <=4108
Gold - <=5336
Platinum - <=5708

- The last two balls will be a little faster then the rest, so be ready.
- The harder you swing the further it will go, but it will be harder to
  hit, so find a good balance for yourself.

Baseball: Swing Control
Hit into the target zones on the field.  Master this, and you'll be pro in no

In this training mode, the pitcher will throw ten balls and your goal is 
to hit them in the designated target area.  The best area to hit the ball
is the dark blue.  The first four target areas will be right in the middle,
the next three to the left, and the final three to the right.

Bronze - <=33
Silver - <=45
Gold - <=58
Platinum - <=66

* I can't seem to find a definite point value for each area, so I laid out a
  few possibilities:
~ Some are worth a decimal that rounds at the end
~ The value depends on how many of each you hit
~ One or more works as a multiplier of the others
~ The value changes depending on the location of the target area
~ It's random (I really doubt this, but I listed it because it is a possibility)

- For the first four balls you want to time your swing to hit the ball
  right as it passes the plate.  The next three you will want to swing a
  little bit early, and the final three, you want to be just a little bit

Baseball: Batting Practice
The pitcher will keep throwing those balls, so focus on making fast, compact

In this training mode, the pitcher will throw 30 balls and your goal is
to just hit them into fair territory.  They will start out slow and get
faster as you go along.

Bronze - 17
Silver - 21
Gold - 27
Platinum - 30

- Try to stick with a consistent swing and it doesn't have to be hard.  I've
  found a short, quick swing works the best.

Golf: Putting
Drop it in the cup with a single putt.  check the lay of the green by pressing

In this training mode, you will be placed on a green and have to make a
putt in one stroke.  You will move to a different hole if you make it, or
lose one of your lives and be forced to try the hole again.  You start out
with five lives and the game ends after 10 holes.  The holes you are placed
on change every time you play, but they always start out easy and get harder.

Bronze - <=6
Silver - 7
Gold - 10
Platinum - 10 with no misses

* Even though the game ends at 10 holes, you don't always get a Gold, I assume
  you have to have some of your lives left when you finish to get Platinum.

- Press (1) on the controller to see the break of the green and use this to line
  up your putt.
- You can also press (2) to get a lower, closer view of the green.

Golf: Hitting the Green
Land the ball as close to the pin as possible.  Practice your stroke to check
the power of your swing.  Hold (A) to approach the ball.

In this training mode, you will be placed a distance away from the green
and you will have to chip the ball as close as you can.  The places you have to
chip from don't change, but the pin location does.

Bronze - ???
Silver - ???
Gold - >=146.3
Platinum - >=55

- You want to land the ball short of the cup and roll it close, don't try to
  land the ball in the cup from the air.
- You will have to overswing on a couple of them, but you can still control
  this and get the ball close.
- Holes 6, 9, and 10 are the toughest, so take your time lining them up.
- 'Spanking the Baby' - This technique is used for low power shots. Place your
  left hand an inch or two in front of the wii remote, held in your right.
  Smack the remote into your left hand forcefully to achieve ~1/4th power, and
  adjust accordingly.  This is perfect for holes 1, 3, and 4, as well as
  6, 9, and 10 if you switch to the Iron. (Contributed by Mith)

Golf: Target Practice
Hit the target with the ball.  Before you swing, be sure to read the wind

In this training mode, you will have 10 balls and you want to hit them at the
target.  There are two targets, one best reached by your Driver, and the other
best reached with the Iron.  There will be no wind on the first two shots, but 
it will increase dramatically as you go.

Far target - 10, 25, 50, 100
Closer target - 25, 50, 75

Bronze - <=205
Silver - <=435
Gold - <=625
Platinum - <=800

- For the first two shots you want to swing the club so the bar goes halfway
  between the third dot and the top of the bar.  You will have to adjust this
  depending on the wind in later shots.
- Don't be afraid to overswing a little if the wind is directly against you at
  or above above 25 MPH.

Bowling: Picking Up Spares
Knock down the pins with a single throw.  Twist your wrist to curve the ball.

In this training mode, you will be given a lane with pins set up, and your
goal is to knock them all down.  It will start out fairly easy and get more
difficult as you go along.  You start out with five lives and will be deducted
one each time you don't knock down all of the pins.

Individual lane strategy coming soon!!!

Bronze - 7
Silver - 12
Gold - <=18
Platinum - 20

- Throwing the ball in the air will make it go fairly straight.

Bowling: Power Throws
Knock down as many pins as you can.  A new row will be added after each set.

In this training mode, you will try to throw strikes as the number of pins
keeps increasing.  There are ten lanes with the final one containing 91 pins.

Bronze - <=455
Silver - <=520
Gold - 600
Platinum - 700

- Throw the ball hard!!!
- (Got this from Cheat Codes & Secrets section) - Mingy Jongo
  One the final lane, you can get an easier strike if you make the ball roll
  along either the left or right rail all the way to the end.  This will trigger
  an explosion and all the pins will fall down adding 182 (91 * 2) to your 

Bowling: Spin Control
Avoid the barriers in the lane and knock down the pin.  You'll have to balance
speed and spin.

In this training mode, you will be given a lane with a pin set up and barriers
that you have to avoid.  Your goal is to knock the pin down.  It will start out 
fairly easy and get more difficult as you go along.  You have five lives and 
will be deducted one each time you don't knock the pin down.

Bronze - 7
Silver - 12
Gold - <=18
Platinum - 20

- You can still knock the pin down if you bump the barrier.
- Throwing the ball in the air will make it go fairly straight.
- Take time to line up your Mii, because several of the lanes can be cleared
  by just lining yourself up and throwing the ball fairly straight.

Boxing: Working the Bag
Throw punches at the punching bags until you knock them off their chains.
Well-aimed combo punches are key.

In this training mode, you will have to knock as many punching bags off of their
chains as you can in the time limit.  Black bags are the toughest, white are a 
little tough, and the brown, patched ones are weak.  The bags follow the same
pattern every time.

Bronze - 15
Silver - <=30
Gold - <=35
Platinum - 40

- The harder you swing the more damage it will do.
- Sometimes the bags will be a little right or a little left, so you may have to
  lean a little that way in order to make good contact.

Boxing: Dodging
Your trainer throw ball after ball at you.  Move left and right to avoid
getting hit.

In this training mode, the trainer will throw tennis balls at you and you
will try your best to dodge them.  The throws vary greatly and seem to be
random for the most part.  Sometimes he will throw fast, sometimes slow,
sometimes right, sometimes left, sometimes only one ball, and sometimes
two.  The total number of balls thrown each time vary.

Bronze - <=61
Silver - <=69
Gold - <=83
Platinum - <=88

- Rather than moving your whole body just rotate your wrists left and right.
  This saves you energy and will allow your Mii to move faster.
- It helps me to try and move my guy to the middle after each throw, so I
  can dodge to either side quickly.

Boxing: Throwing Punches
Watch your trainer's mitts, and try to hit them.  You lose points if you hit
the trainer.

In this training mode, the trainer will hold up orange mitts that you
have to punch as quickly as possible.  He will then hold up another and
you try to hit as many as you can in the time limit.  Sometimes he holds
up two at the same time.

Bronze - <=37
Silver - <=54
Gold - <=64
Platinum - <=75

- When he holds up both hands punch with one hand and then quickly with the
  other.  As long as you line up the first one, the second will hit 
  automatically.  This allows for some quick points.



Wrong Bowling Alley
Go all the way over to the left hand side and turn so you face the other lane, throw the ball when it is at your chest so it can jump, if you time it you can hit the ball in the other persons lane!

Different Tennis Court
You can change the tennis court to a blue practice court by holding "2" at the warning screen after you select characters.

Change bowling ball color
Hold down the control pad as the screen is fading to black when you start bowling to change the color of the ball.
Up - Blue Ball 
Right - Gold Ball 
down - Green Ball 
Left - Red Ball

Bowling Antics
In bowling... roll the ball backwards - just let go of the trigger while your Mii's arm is still swinging backwards. The MII behind you will jump up and spin around!

Hidden Island
In golf on a beginner 3-hole game or a 9-hole game on hole
3 on the map you will notice a little fairway to your left. Aim your Mii toward it and hit the golf ball between the 3rd and 4th notch. This is a risky decision, but this is how I get Eagles and Birdies!

Topographical Green - Golf 
Push the "1" button to get a color coded elevation map of the green when putting.

Golf with no Map or Meter
You can disable the map, power meter, and wind speed arrow by pressing and holding 2 while you make your course selection. 

Always a Strike
In Power Throwing Bowling Training there are to barriers on the left and right. If you throw the ball on top of one and it rolls all the way down the lane without falling off you'll get an automatic strike. This is useful when you start getting 50+ pins

Scoring in Tennis
First score = 15 
Second score = 30 
Third score = 40 
If both teams have 40 = Deuce 
Fourth score = Game 
Fourth score (After Deuce) = Advantage In/Out 
Fifth score(After In/Out) = Game 

Scoring in Golf
Hole-in-One(Any Par): Score in one stroke... - Par 
Eagle(Par 4):Score in two strokes... -3 
Birdie(Par 3):Score in two strokes... -2 
Birdie(Par 4):Score in three strokes... -1 
Par(Par 3):Score in three strokes... +/- 0 
Par(Par 4):Score in four strokes... +/- 0 
Albatross(Par 5):Score in two strokes -4 

Underhand Pitching
In Wii Baseball, you can pitch underhand. When you're pitching, press 2 before you hit, and your character will pitch underhanded. If you want to switch back, just press 1. 

Unlock Silver Boxing Gloves
Beat the Champion, Matt, and press and hold 1 when the screen is black before a match to use the Silver Boxing Gloves. 

Mii Parade
You can add more Miis in Parade and audiences. Use Wii Sports to do it: 

1. Make about 10 Mii's. 

2. Transfer those Mii's to your Wiimote. 

3. Delete the Mii's that are transfered to the Wiimote out of the plaza. 

4. Start up Wii Sports. 

5 When given the option of which Mii to use during gameplay choose the option to get the Mii from the Wii Remote. 

6. After viewing the Mii's on the Wiimote back out by using the B button. 

7. Exit out of Wii Sports and back onto the Wii Menu. 

Now check the Mii parade and all 10 of the Miis that were on the Wiimote are in the parade. Now if you dont want the Miis on the Wiimote just delete them off. These Miis will now show up in all Wii Sports games that have an audience.