Amped 3 Achievments FAQ

The trick is getting hold of all the 'Own The Mountain' Achievements. 
If you want to get this done quickly, here are a few handy hints. 

Never. Stop. Tricking. When you're on the piste, before or after completing challenges, you should aim 
to grab as many points as you can at all times. Once you've cobbled together enough points to activate 
your awesomeness, immediately access the map and press x to restart your run. There are more spectators 
at the top and bottom of each run than anywhere else on the map, so these are the places you'll find 
spectators to impress. 

If you're having trouble finding enough people to stoke,  try heading out in different directions from 
the top of each lift, and eventually, you'll find the hidden pockets of spectators. Sometimes you'll 
find spectators, but won't see any jumps to pull tricks off. In these situations, you should carve 
for all you're worth, and after a couple of hard turns, you'll impress the crowd. If you're having 
trouble building up enough points to activate your awesomeness, here's a few tips:

- Use butter to keep tricking in between jumps
- Use more than one grab per jump
- Use quick 180's and quick grabs in between jumps to keep your combo going
- Use rotations to increase your score during rail and log grinds.

To get the Park Builder badge - once you've finished the game access the map screen
 and go to Park Builder. Lay down as many of the cheapest objects you can find (we 
went for the bin), until you've run out of build tokens. Then simply hit Clear All, and 
you'll get all your Build Tokens back. Repeat this process until the Achievement 

Go For The Burn!

If you develop a taste for Amped 3, and you want to stick with it, then try to get 
hold of the Greater Snow God Achievement (150 points). It'll boost your score, and 
you'll get plenty of respect from other Amped players when they see how completely
you've spanked this snowboarding sim!