Battlestations : Midway Challenge Missions Guide for Xbox360
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Version 0.7 - 2/4/07
Version 1.0 - 2/6/07 - 2/8/07
Version 1.1 - 2/9/07
This guide is dedicated to Aurelio for making me lose what little hope I 
had in humanity and mankind.

He sent me a voice message saying, "Hey dumbass! My microphone doesn't
work! That's why i can't chat with you."

Think about it.

In a match, he was going, "OH MY GOD MY CARRIER!!!" because he had a 
destroyer along side it shooting at it. So I sent like 6 dive bombers 
after that destroyer and I dropped bombs at it and kamikazed into it 
right after bombing. My friend's carrier had 1-5% of HP left. My teammate 
said, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! That was insane." My friend sent me a text 
message a second later because his microphone didn't work. It said, 
"thanx". When I came back his ship was gone. A submarine got it. I don't 
understand how he could have not seen that destroyer coming or that 
submarine or those planes that kept coming at him.

This guide will help you beat the challenge missions! The challenge
missions are easily frustrating and will take you multiple tries to get
them right.

About this game
The game has a really short single player campaign but it's still good.

Copyright Stuff
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Version 0.7
Some challenge solutions.

Version 1.0
All challenge solutions.

Version 1.1
Fixed some stuff.

Table of Contents
1.0 - Basic Stuff
2.0 - Ship Challenge
 2.1 - Strike on the Monster
  2.2 - Battle of Java Sea
   2.3 - Hunt or the Cruiser
    2.4 - Might of Yamato
3.0 - Plane Challenge
 3.1 - Shortage of Reinforcements
  3.2 - Saving Tulagi
   3.3 - Attack on Force Z
4.0 - Submarine Challenge
 4.1 - Crucial Cargo
  4.2 - Periscopes Threatening
   4.3 - Coup de Grace
5.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
6.0 - Credits

1.0 - Basic Stuff
If you don't know the controls then you shouldn't be attempting to do
these missions.

Finish the naval academy, read the manual or beat the game.

2.0 - Ship Challenge
You have to be able to direct artillery fire from like distances.

To do so, you must zoom in a certain amount with your binoculars. I 
prefer max zoom or line up the ship's heigh with those lines on the 
binoculars. I also shoot at certain points depending on enemy's ship's 
future location, my ship's current location, enemy ship's speed and my 
ship's speed and distance between us. That is when you bomb a certain 
area over and over and adjust according to where your fire hit.

Certain ships have weaknesses like exposed magazines that catch on fire 
when you hit them. I believe that they are in the front and/or back of 
the ships.

Fire from the side.