Name:The Miz HUD:The Miz Nickname:Default Placement:None Intro:Michael From:Cleveland,Ohio Weight:220 Lbs (Light Heavyweight) Tactics:Dirty Show:SD! Voice:Voice 2 (Almost identical to his real voice) Face Parts Hair:14 Custom Colour:X:89,Y:16.Shade:0 Eyes:Default Eyebrows:X:84,Y:16,Shade:0 Facial Hair:None Lips:Default Skin Tones:Default Eyelashes:1,Black Head Morphing Head:7,0,0 Forehead:6,-7,12,4 Face Morphing Eyebrows:-88,-9,8,-15 Eyes:-6,2,1,13,2,0,9 Nose:7,6,3,8,0,0,0,0 Cheeks:-21,-14,-26,0 Mouth:62,0,0,0,0,0,53 Jaw:-25,-40,5,4,0,-39 Ears:Default Skin Aging:2 Make-Up:62/65,Custom Colour:X:90,Y:5,Shade:0,Alpha:35 Body Skin:5/9,3rd colour. Height:6'1 Hair:None Body Type:21 Advanced Options (Body Type) Neck:-52,37,0 Chest:18,10,7 Shoulder:25,84,42 Abdomen:0,20,-4 Waist:24,3 Arms:4,39,15 Hands:13,8,0 Legs:9,6,4 Feet:Default Armwear Elbowpad (right arm),2/16 (BLACK) Gloves:6/17 (White,Left arm only) Bottoms Mens Bottoms,1:Style-2/3,Black Belt:18/29,Default colour Belt:4/29,Default Belt:28/29,Black Design:Left Leg:121/137 2nd Biggest Horizontal,3rd Biggest Vertical,Custom Colour:X-92,Y-95,Shade:3,Alpha:100 Design:Right Leg:123/137 3rd Biggest Horizontal,Smallest Vertical,Colour:White Shoes:Default AI Fighting Style 1:Brawler AI Fighting Style 2:Grappler Advanced:Clever,Often,Less,Often Crowd Signs Holla! Give the 'Great One' his due Holla! Give the 'Great One' his due (NOTE:Holla is for Hoora and Give the 'Great One' his due is just cause he kind of acts like The Rock