Employment Application Form Name:JTG HUD Name:JTG Nickname:default Nickname Placement:none Announcer Introduction:Jason Hometown:NY, NY Gender:Male Weight Class:240 lbs. Match Tactic:Clean Show:RAW Voice:2 Match Specialty:Hardcore Start with basic face 3 Head Morphing:47,82,26 Forehead:-56,13,27,-19 -Face Morphing- Eyebrows:11,-100,0,22 Eyes:10,-10,-33,21,28,0,5 Nose:-74,-16,7,0,100,100,0,16 Cheeks:-57,-58,-35,1 Mouth:100,100,-90,0,100,57,-49 Jaw:29,20,0,-4,-30,20 Ears:7,8,14,0 Skin Aging: 10 -Body Morphing- Body Type:-14 -Advanced Options- Neck:-20,12,20 Chest:24,-18,4 Shoulder:-28,25,0 Abdomen:-15,30,21 Waist:19,31 Arms:-1,0,30 Hands:-1,2,3 Legs:1,8,10 Feet:0,11,8 Body Skin:5,87,6,-20,0 Body Height:6'4" 02. Face Skin Tones:7 03. Eyes:1,1,-1,-18 04. Eyebrows:1,85,-12,-22 05. Eyelashes:default 06. Lips:1,96,0,-12 07. Teeth:4,96,0,0 08. Hair:25,-34,-10,-52,48 09. Body Hair:none 10. Underwear:8,-13,-78,19 11.make up 22,86,-21,-26,44 12.make up 18,-100,-46,-14,6 13.Goatee 5,89,-15,5,76 14.Mustache 1,89,-18,-16,62 15.Mustache 2,86,-25,19,74 16.make up 60,92,1,-9,79 17.piercing 4,76,-100,-2 18.sideburns 7,88,-17,-14,61 19.wrist bands 1,-26,-100,-4,100,20 20.socks 1,-13,-77,18,19 21.shoes 9 22.mens clothes 31,-100,-100,17,100,5 23.mens clothes 26,-100,-100,-67,100 24.torso accessories 1 25.hats 1,-13,-100,-94 26.mens bottoms 15,pick the syle were his left leg sleeve is up -26,-100,-73 okay now the hard part we r going 2 put black on the white lines on the pants put design 103 longest horizontal and vertical -18,-100,-25,100, does this for the right and left sides of his pants, then u r going to have 2 go to torso and git rid of the left and white lines, after u r done there should b 1 little rectangle like this http://img286.imageshack.us/img286/4058/help1it3.jpg , u will use up 10 layers doing this. 27. belts 16 make up 61, 93,-3,-18,75 make the vest, the white t, necklace, and the hat, display setup entrance and cut scene only