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                              Table of Contents
1. Version History                                                             
2. Walkthrough                                                                 
 -2.1 Rock Crawler                                                             
 -2.2 Snowmobile                                                               
 -2.3 Swamp Buggy                                                              
 -2.4 Wheelie Ambulance                                                        
 -2.5 Limo Fire Truck                                                          
 -2.6 Switchblade                                                              
 -2.7 Golf Ball Collecter                                                      
3. Challenges                                                                  
 -3.1 Rock Crawler                                                             
 -3.2 Snowmobile                                                               
 -3.3 Swamp Buggy                                                              
 -3.4 Wheelie Ambulance                                                        
 -3.5 Limo Fire Truck                                                          
 -3.6 Switchblade                                                              
 -3.7 Golf Ball Collecter                                                      
4. Tips                                                                        
5. Disclaimer                                                                  
                             1. - Version History                              
[9/25/04] v. 1.4                                                               
    -I know this came way to late and I'm sorry about that, but I finished the 
     whole challenges section.                                                 
[8/14/04] v. 1.3                                                               
    -Finished the over-views for the last three levels and also added the      
     challenges for the first two levels. Also fixed a few mistakes I had.     
[7/30/04] v. 1.01                                                              
    -Found out my guides also go to gamespot so I updated that in my disclaimer
     for less confusion.
[7/28/04] v. 1.0
    -Full walkthrough added to GameFAQs. Everything you need to know to build
     at least one design of each monster. I will add more in a future update.
     I also wrote this walkthrough only because I saw it was the most requested
     so good luck and have fun!
                               2. - Walkthrough
                               2.1 Rock Crawler
You only get one style you can finish, not very exciting for your first mission
but you will have to do a lot. Just go through day 1. When your get to day 2,
Buy the following:
2 Steel Tubes
4 Monster Wheel
2 Sparco Racing Seats
1 Heavy Duty Rear Axle
1 Heavy Duty Front Axle
4 Heavy Duty 40-inch Coil-Overs
1 Safety Fuel Cell
Once you order those, you can start taking things off the car. You will have
to take off everything except for the steering wheel and engine. Start by
opening the hood. You can open it with a right-click. Take out all of the
screws and junk the hood so it will be easier to browse through your inventory.
Take off the front mask and make somebody upgrade it. You should now be getting
the two steel tubes and you will have to make people upgrade those into a roll
cage and a Monster Suspension Frame. Take off the front quarterpanels and get
those upgraded too.
Now you will have to start with the cab of the truck. open the door the same
way you open the hood. Take out the windows from the doors and scrap them.
Take off the door and you will have to start to take everything off here. Take
both doors off and then take out the seats. Keep the doors but you can scrap
the seats. Take out all the windows that remain on the truck. You can scrap all
of the windows so they won't get in your way. Cut off the back door and you
will need it upgraded. Now take off the cab roof. When it's off you will need
it upgraded too. Now take off both rear quarter panels and get those upgraded.
Now you will have to start removing all of the running gear. Take off all four
tires and scrap them if you'd like. Now take off both axles and scrap those
too. Take off the last four coil-overs and scrap all of those four.
Now it's time to take off what makes up the frame of most of the truck. Start
with the flatbed because it's easier to get off. Unscrew the screws and junk it
if you'd like. Now take off the Engine Bay Frame and you will have to cut it.
Now that everything is off you will have to start putting new things on and new
modified parts on too. Start from the front going back. Put on the monster
suspension frame. Now put the things around the monster frame on. Get the front
mask on and the front quarterpanels on too.
Now put the roll cage on. You will also have to put the modified rear quarter
panels on too. Just put the rear door on and the cab roof. Get the two Sparco
Racing Seats in there and then the two doors on. Get the fuel cell on the back
and you are almost done.
Now just put all of the new running gear in there. The four heavy duty
coil-overs, the two heavy duty axles, and the four monster tires. You should
now be done with this mission. If it does not say you are finished, it might be
because the windows are still on. I don't know any other reasons it wouldn't be
finished yet.
Here is an over-view of what you have done.
Parts taken off you won't need (and you can scrap them if you want to) :
Passenger Seat
Driver Seat
Engine Bay Frame
ALL of the windows (including on doors)
Four Factory Tires
Stock Front Axle
Stock Rear Axle
Stock coil-overs
Parts modified :
Front Mask
Front Left Quarter Panel
Front Right Quarter Panel
Rear Left Quarter Panel
Rear Right Quarter Panel
Cab Roof
Rear Door
Parts that shouldn't be scrapped or upgraded :
Driver Door
Passenger Door
Factory Steering Wheel
Stock Engine
Parts that are bought :
Four Monster Tires
Two Steel Tubes
Two Sparco Racing Seats
One Heavy Duty Rear Axle
One Heavy Duty Front Axle
Four Heavy Duty 40-inch Coil-Overs
One Safety Fuel Cell
                               2.2 - Snowmobile
Right before you start you will have to buy everything you need so it will come
as soon as possible. Buy the following :
3 40-inch Steel Tubes
1 20x20 inch Sheet Metal
2 Brake Levers
2 Brake Discs + Calipers
2 "A Few Sprockets"
2 Steel Chains
4 120-inch Steel Tubes
9 80-inch Angle Irons
4 Short Hydraulics
3 Aluminum Cylanders
1 Left Ski
1 Right Ski
2 Snowtracks
2 150HP 2-Stroke Engine For Driving The Snowtrack
1 Master Cylanders For The Hydraulics
1 40-inch Angle Iron
Start off buying those. You won't be able to buy all of those though. Save the
two 150HP 2-stroke engine for driving the snowtracks for the last things to buy
because you will need all of the others to build things. Now that you've got
everything coming in, you can take about the car. Have somebody build a roll
cage with three of the 120-inch steel tubes before you start taking it apart
though. Also have three people building aluminum wheels out of the aluminum
cylanders you got. Open the rear door and take off the bumper. Don't scrap the
bumper though because you will need it. Take out both seats and then take out
the carpet. You can scrap the carpet and the passenger seat for money and then
you should have enough money to buy the two engines. Cut out the chassis frame
and scrap that. You won't get any money for it but you'll get it out of your
Now that you took everything out put the roll cage in. You should have a lot of
parts in now and you can build a lot more stuff to add onto the car. Put the
driver seat back in. Now have somebody build the frame for the snowtracks since
the aluminum wheels should be done. Also build the frame for the engines and
the suspension. Build the drivtrains for the right and left snowtracks. Now you
just have to build the 'Hector stick' and that will be it for the building
Now that you got all the parts being built, being shipped in, or already in
your inventory, you can start putting the actually snowmobile part into your
car. Just slowly add more things and when you're done put the rear door and
rear bumper back on. You should now be done and you can go into the
customization stage.
Here is an over-view of what you have done.
Parts taken off that you won't need (and you can scrap them for cash) :
Passenger seat
Rear seat
Chassis Frame
Parts Modified :
Parts that shoulnd't be scrapped or upgraded :
Everything that came with the car except for the passenger seat, carpet, rear
seat, and chassis frame.
Parts That You've bought :
Three 40-inch Steel Tubes
One 20x20 inch Sheet Metal
Two Brake Levers
Two Brake Discs + Calipers
Two "A Few Sprockets"
Two Steel Chains
Four 120-inch Steel Tubes
Nine 80-inch Angle Irons
Four Short Hydraulics
Three Aluminum Cylanders
One Left Side Ski
One Right Side Ski
Two Snowtracks
Two 150HP 2-Stroke Engine For Driving The Snowtrack
One Master Cylanders For The Hydraulics
One 40-inch Angle Iron
                              2.3 - Swamp Buggy
This is for the FIRST design. It is the first design to choose from. I will add
a walkthrough for the second one in a future update.
All you really have to buy are the raw materials and then a few extras. Buy the
9 Sheets of Metal
1 Steel Tube
4 Angle Irons
1 Actuator Hydraulic Arm
1 AB Foam
1 Flat-4 Engine
You won't have enough for the engine right away so just save that as one of the
last things you buy. Buy everything else though. Start by making the two wings,
the propeller, and the supporting frame for the custom front bumper. Now it's
time to rip up the interior while they do that.
Take out all of the seats and scrap the rear seats. Keep the front two. Now
take off the interior and you're all set for the interior. Take off the rear
door and cut out the little frame underneath the door. Take off the front
bumper and you will be done with what you have to take off. Scrap the front
bumper. You should now have enough money to buy the engine so do so.
Now that that's all set you can have people upgrade more parts for you. Have
them build the custom frame for supporting the front bumper, the base frame
for the hydraulics, and the sliding frame for the flat engine. Now you will
also need them to upgrade the parts for the exterior. 
Put in the custom frame for supporting the front bumper and then get the
modified front bumper on there. Get the two side skirts on and put on the back
door. Weld the rear door and the extension of it that you had to cut off
earlier together. Now all of the outside should be down. Now it's time to just
finish up the interior.
Put in both front seats again. Now put in the hydraulic support frame. Put the
actuator hydraulic arm in and then get the sliding frame for the engine is. If
you got the engine in by now, put it in and put the AB Foam, propeller, and the
two wings in too. You should now be done and you can now customize your car
with a lot of freebies this time.
This is an over-view of what you have done .
Parts taken off that you won't need (and you can scrap them for cash) :
Rear Seat
Front Bumper
Parts Modified :
Parts That You've Bought :
Nine Sheets of Metal
One Steel Tube
Four Angle Irons
One Actuator Hydraulic Arm
One AB Foam
One Flat-4 Engine
                            2.4 - Wheelie Ambulance
This is for the FIRST design. Once again I will describe the second design in a
future update.
Buy the Following :
5 Steel Tubes
4 Angle Irons
8 110 lb. Weights
2 66 lb. Weights
1 Vee-Drive
1 Brand New 517 Cui-Vee-8 Engine
First, buy everything except for the Vee-Drive. Once you buy them start
building the two steel poles, the engine frame, and the roll cage. Now while
that's building you have to strip the car.
Raise the car and take off the rear tires. Leave the front tires alone because
if you touch them it will just waste your time. After both rear tires are off
you need to take off the rear axle. Have somebody modify it. Now open both rear
doors and take out the medical utilities and sell it. Cut out the frame and
sell it. Take out the passenger seat and sell it. You will also get some extra
dollars when you remove it. Now take off the hood and the front mask. Take out
the engine and sell it. Now you should have enough money to order the
Vee-Drive. Order it and now it's time to put stuff back on.
Put the front mask and hood back on. Get the roll cage in there and screw it
in. Now put the engine frame in and right about now you should be getting the
vee-drive. Put it in and then put in the new engine. Put the modified axle on
and put the rear tires back on the car. Now just put the steel poles in and put
all of the weights on and you're done. Now it's just time to customize your
ride in whatever way you'd like.
Here is an over-view of what you have done.
Parts taken off that you won't need (and you can scrap them for cash) :
Used Engine
Medical Utilities
Chassis Frame
Passenger Seat
Parts Modified :
Rear Bumper
Parts That You've Bought :
Five Steel Tubes
Four Angle Irons
Eight 110 lb. Weights
Two 66 lb. Weights
One Vee-Drive
One Brand New 517 Cui-Vee-8 Engine
                             2.5 - Limo Firetruck
This is the FIRST design listed.
Buy the Following :
3 Steel Tubes
1 Sheet Metal
6 Angle Irons
1 Aluminum Cylander
1 Flashlight
1 High Capacity Water Pump
1 Hydraulic Pump
1 Output Shaft
Start building all the things you need now. Build Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part
4, and Part 5. Also build a monitor frame, monitor stand, and a pump frame. 
Now it's time to strip the car of it's interior while those are building. You
can scrap the parts that I have listed after this paragraph when you take each
individual part off or after you've taken all of the parts off, It's your
choice. Open the front and rear door. You only need one side open as long as
you have both front and rear door open. Take out all of the seats. Also take
the mini-bar and the television out of the car. Now you can be able to build
the driveout housing so get that started. Take out the interior and cut out the
Fire Limo Frame. Now that you made a nice big hole in your limo, you can take 
out the rear exhaust pick and rear driveshaft. Take out the part of the roof in
front of the sunroof and you're done removing stuff.
Now you can sell all of the following for more money :
Rear Seats
Middle Seats
Fire Limo Frame
Rear Exhaust Pipe
Part of Roof
Now you have to buy the rest of the parts. Buy the following :
The Small Nozzle (Do NOT buy the other, you don't need it.)
Monitor Yaw Controller
Monitor Pitch Controller
Monitor Base
Small Bicycle Gear
Side Tap
Bicycle Chain
Bottom Tap
Large Bicycle Gear
Now cut out the piece of the roof behind the sunroof. Don't cut out the sunroof
though. Now take that piece you just cut out and turn it into openable sunroof
extension. Also cut out a small part in front of the rear left door. Make that
an openable door. Now put the front two seats back in there. Now get the small
bicycle gear in there. It's time to weld. Weld in the monitor stand and the
pump frame. Now it's time to add a lot of stuff to the interior. Add the
monitor frame, the openable sunroof extenstion, openable side door, the large
bicycle gear, and the bicycle chain. It's time to go back to welding again.
Weld the monitor base in there. Get the monitor yaw controller and the high
capacity water pump in here. Now weld the five pipes you built all together.
Weld in the hydraulical arm and then get the monitor pitch controller in there.
Weld on the small nozzle, the side tap, and the bottom tap and you're done with
the welding part. Now it's just time to get the last parts in there. Get the
pump drive, output shaft, the driveout housing and the drive shaft in there and
you are done. Customize it to your liking and then complete the challenge.
Here is an over-view of what you have done.
Parts taken off that you won't need (and you can scrap them for cash) :
Rear Seats
Middle Seats
Fire Limo Frame
Rear Exhaust Pipe
Part of Roof
Parts Modified :
Part in front of rear left door.
Sun Roof Extension
Parts That You've Bought :
Three Steel Tubes
One Sheet Metal
Six Angle Irons
One Aluminum Cylander
One Flashlight
One High Capacity Water Pump
One Hydraulic Pump
One Output Shaft
One Small Nozzle (Do NOT buy the other, you don't need it.)
One Monitor Yaw Controller
One Monitor Pitch Controller
One Monitor Base
One Small Bicycle Gear
One Side Tap
One Bicycle Chain
One Bottom Tap
One Large Bicycle Gear
                              2.6 - Switchblade
This is for the SECOND design.
Start off by buying the following :
1 Winch
1 Wire
1 Vacuum Cleaner
1 Switchblade
1 Pipe for Vacuum Cleaner
1 Grassbox
1 Battery
Now you have to start tearing this car up. Take the roof off. Remove all of the
carpets and the seats. Sell all of the carpets and then buy three 20x20 inch
sheet metal, and three 40-inch angle irons. Build the frame and the vacuum box.
Raise the car and cut out both exhaust pipes. Take out the fuel tank and lower
the car. Open the trunk and get the spare tire holder. Sell it and then buy one
more 40-inch angle iron. 
Build the running frame and put the fuel tank and front left seat back in the
car. Build modified exhaust pipes now. Take off the rear bumper. Install the
battery and weld the frame in there.
Now it's just time to reattach a bunch of stuff and attach a bunch of new
stuff. Put in the vacuum cleaner, winch, running frame, grass box, vacuum box,
wire, and the pipe for the vacuum cleaner. Put the bumper back on and attach
the switchblade. Weld the modified exhaust pipes back on and put the roof on
too. Now you can customize it to whatever you want it to look like and go for
the challenge.
Here is an over-view of what you have done.
Parts taken off that you won't need (and you can scrap them for cash) :
All of the carpets.
Spare Tire Holder
Parts Modified :
Exhaust Pipes
Parts That You've Bought :
Three 20x20 Sheet Metal
Four 40-inch Angle Irons
One Winch
One Wire
One Vacuum Cleaner
One Switchblade
One Pipe for Vacuum Cleaner
One Grassbox
One Battery
                           2.7 - Golf Ball Collecter
This is for the FIRST design.
Start off by buying the following, time will be essential in this mission so do
not advance time even if you have nothing to do. It might not let you finish.
1 Converyer Motor Belt
1 Converyer Motor
1 Collecter Roller
1 Control Switch
1 "A Few Sprockets"
3 High Pressure Air Cannisters
1 Linear Motor for the Door
1 Safety Fuel Cell
9 Short Steel Tubes
4 20x20 Sheet Metal
1 40x10 inch Rubber Plate
6 100x100 inch Grills
Open both doors of the car and remove the passenger side door carpet and scrap
it for some quick cash. Build a shooter mask (prefferably the quickest one to
build because you need the time.) Also build the conveyer motor baseplate and
get two sideplate of the conveyer. Remove the passenger side window and sell it
for some cash. Now take out the passenger door and build the passenger gullwing
door. Remove the steering wheel and then the dashboard. There will be a lot of
money in there so you really don't need to worry about money.
Build the protecter grill on the converyor and front and rear grill windshield.
Now buy two aluminum cylanders and seven 40 inch angle iron. Now take the
driver's seat out of the car. Build a grill sunroof. Take out the passenger and
rear seats and sell them. Now buy the last raw material you need. Go and buy
three 40-inch angle iron. Now build a trunk grill. Take out the carpet and the
driver side door carpet. Sell it to make it easier to browse through your
inventory. Build the driver side grill-window, rear left grill-window, the
collector roller frame flapping part, and the gullwing door frame. Take the
rear left and right door window out and sell it. Now build the gullwing door
roof bar. Build the rear right grill window and the collector roller frame.
Open the hatchback and take it off. Sell it for easier browsing of your
inventory. Build the rubber band on the conveyor and a ball shooter cannon and
the shooter stand. Take off the front windshield and sunroof and sell those if
you want. Build the driven wheel of the conveyor.
Cut out the spare wheel holder and take out the stock fuel tank. Sell them and
your done stripping down the car. Build another ball shooter cannon and the
conveyor. Put the dashboard, steering wheel, and the driver's seat. Put the
safety fuel cell in there and build the last ball shooter cannon. Put the
passenger gullwing door in. Now get the gullwing frame in there. Build the ball
aligner and your done building stuff. Now all you have to do is attach the rest
of the parts onto the car and you're finally done! Customize it to whatever you
like and then take the final challenge and you are done with the game!!
Here is an over-view of what you have done.
Parts taken off that you won't need (and you can scrap them for cash) :
All Carpets
Passenger Side Window
Passenger Seat
Rear Seat
Rear Left Window
Rear Right Window
Front Windshield
Stock Fuel Tank
Spare Wheel Holder
Parts Modified :
Parts That You've Bought :
One Converyer Motor Belt
One Converyer Motor
One Collecter Roller
One Control Switch
One "A Few Sprockets"
Three High Pressure Air Cannisters
One Linear Motor for the Door
One Safety Fuel Cell
Nine Short Steel Tubes
Four 20x20 Sheet Metal
One 40x10 inch Rubber Plate
Six 100x100 inch Grills
Two Aluminum Cylanders
Nine 40-inch Angle Iron
Congratulations! You have just beaten Monster Garage!
                               3. - Challenges
This is a quick little walkthrough for help on how to beat each challenge.
                               3.1 Rock Crawler
Start off going forward. Go to the left of the checkpoint to climb up the rocks
even easier. Now when you get to the top, turn right. Go to the checkpoint and
then slowly go down the hill in front of you. If you go too fast, chances are
you will flip over and fail the challenge. Now just go to that checkpoint that
you should be looking at and then start going to the next after you touched
that one. Climb the cliff early so it won't be so hard to climb it later and
then just drive into the checkpoint.
                               3.2 - Snowmobile
This one is a very hard one and you will probably just beat it by a few
seconds. Just take your time. Speed up on straight aways and slow down a lot on
turns. If you don't slow down a lot, you will spin way out and will probably
make you fail the mission. Just stay on the road and keep doing that.
                               3.3 - Swamp Buggy
This one is hard and they just give you barely enough time. What you have to do
is go forward and into the water. Pull out the swamp buggy equipment right 
before you enter the water so you will lose very little speed. Just go into all
of the green arrows and don't touch the red arrows. If you do this correctly
you will have about three seconds left in the whole mission. Just get out your
wheels at the last checkpoint and finish the level off.
                            3.4 - Wheelie Ambulance
This one is easy. Just do a wheelie be pressing the special button and keep 
doing it right when you start the mission. You have to accelerate to do it too.
Just slow down and stop if you don't do a wheelie and then accelerate again. 
When you reach the requirements to finish the mission, just drive down to the
                             3.5 - Limo Fire Truck
This one is easy except you just have to make a really quick approach. You have
to drive up to that line as quick as possible and pull out the fire hose. Just
turn it on and point it towards the fire. If you did it quick enough, you can
go do something for the next few minutes. Just wait there and you should 
eventually finish the level.
                              3.6 - Switchblade
Just go as fast as you can or take your time. You should be able to finish this
whole challenge easily.
                          3.7 - Golf Ball Collector
Same as the switchblade challenge. Either go fast or take your time. It doesn't
really matter as long as you get it all done as fast as you can.
                                  4. - Tips
These are just all little things that you probably know by now and I have
learned really quickly. They help you with time but not really much. Just a few
possible minutes in the game but it saves time for you. Here they are from
basics to quick little tips on how to complete things faster.
To unscrew screws, hold right-click. To screw screws in, hold left-click. If
you are left handed it might be opposite, I'm not sure.
To cut and weld things, slowly move it across the line because if you move it
too fast you may have to do it again.
When you use the jack to lift up the car, you can immediately start unscrewing
the tires instead of waiting for the car to fully lift off of the ground.
Always start off buying whatever you need. It will help you finish faster.
You can install parts quicker by just clicking them in your inventory instead
of dragging them onto where they go.
Here are also the two cheats that are on GameFAQs now.
In the garage type the following and then click the lightbulb for the cheat to
take effect.
moneycheat - Get $1,000 extra.
flashback  - Go back one day.
                                5. - Disclaimer
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted (c) 2004 to Frank Grochowski. International
Copyright laws protect this FAQ/Walkthrough. You cannot sell this              
FAQ/Walkthrough for a profit of any kind. You cannot reproduce this            
FAQ/Walkthrough in any way with out my written consent. You are however allowed
yo download this FAQ/Walkthrough for personal use. You can also post it on your
web site as long as you give me full credit, don't change it in any way, and it
is free. The latest version will always be found at: