Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition
FAQ done by Mike W.
Version 9.00
General FAQ

 ____________  *  ________________         _________       __________ 
(            )   (      *    *    )       (    *    )     (          )
(  *         )   (                )   *   ( *       )     (  *   *   )
(      * *   )   (  *     *       )       (    *    )  *  (__________)
(____________)  *(       *        )       (      *  )
                 (________________)       (   *     )
                                          (_________)  1.) Title (HDSA)
     __  ____     __      _       __    __     ________          __       _____
    /  |/  (_)___/ /___  (_)___ _/ /_  / /_   / ____/ /   __  __/ /_     |__  /
   / /|_/ / / __  / __ \/ / __ `/ __ \/ __/  / /   / /   / / / / __ \     /_ < 
  / /  / / / /_/ / / / / / /_/ / / / / /_   / /___/ /___/ /_/ / /_/ /   ___/ / 
 /_/  /_/_/\__,_/_/ /_/_/\__, /_/ /_/\__/   \____/_____/\__,_/_.___/   /____( )
                        /____/                                              |/ 
                ____  __  ______     ______    ___ __  _           
               / __ \/ / / / __ )   / ____/___/ (_) /_(_)___  ____ 
              / / / / / / / __  |  / __/ / __  / / __/ / __ \/ __ \
             / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ /  / /___/ /_/ / / /_/ / /_/ / / / /
            /_____/\____/_____/  /_____/\__,_/_/\__/_/\____/_/ /_/     
Unless you send stuff in, I'm not gonna update anymore. I've
officially run out of ideas. On another note, I will no longer post

                                                      2.) Copyright

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances 
except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site
or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
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All respective names are copyright of their owners.

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                                                       3.) Contents

-Beginning FAQ and game info-
1.) Title (HDSA)     This is Easy Find Code. To use, Press ctrl+F and
2.) Copyright (GHJF) type in the code. It will take you to where you
3.) Contents (DJKS)  want to go.
4.) Overview (FDKF)
5.) Real World Help (DAHK)

-Basic Game stats and info-

6.) Controls (HJKD)
7.) The Garage (MYCR)
8.) Cars (JFDX)
 -First cars
 -Car brands
9.) Tuning (ZXVQ)
10.) Races (DHJN)
11.) Power-Ups (CBVZ)
12.) Powers (FJNS)
13.) Courses (HDJV)

-Tips and other info about the game-

13.) Tips (DSLK)
14.) A Good Way to Start (NCSX)
15.) Music (DFHS)
16.) I Didn't Do It! (DUHS)
17.) Awards (GRMY)

-The People's Section-

17.) Interactive (FDJD)
18.) Unlockables (ZEOI)
19.) FAQs (DSGH)
20.) Fun stuff to do (DFSZ)

-Ending Info-

21.) Want to make a FAQ? (BNDS)
22.) Reminders (GRRR)
23.) Glitches (FDKL)
24.) Rockstar Logos (DAZM)


If you need my E-mail address, hit ctrl+f, highlight the WEHJ
following, and type in WEHJ, and click find.

Something is happening with the game. To find out, use the easy find
code and type in WTF.

You see the catagories? I split them up, just so you can get an idea of
what the topics in that category discuss.


The Beginning FAQ and game info gives a brief overview of the game and
the FAQ.


The Basic Stats and Info section gives information about items, cars,
etc. that are in the game.


The Tips and Other Info About the Game section gives little tips and
stuff on how to master the game.


The People's Section section has info that was mainly sent in, and
posted for the people only.


The Ending Info section just gives E-mail information, version history,
directions for making a FAQ on Gamefaqs, etc.

                                                       4.) Overview

This is just about the game and how I got it and how I wrote this FAQ.

Now, I love cars. Any type, any model, any color. I wanted something
that looked good and was fast. Need for Speed Underground 2 didn't
quench my thirst for speed, since many of those cars can barely make
it past 200MPH. Gran Turismo 4 didn't quench my thirst either, because
all of the cars looked like my grandma bought them. 

Now, I am a full contributor on Gamefaqs. I have four FAQs and use the 
message boards frequently. At the time, I had one FAQ. I was going to 
check up on it, when I saw this ad for Midnight Club 3. 

I looked at the ad because I thought it looked cool. But, then, the ad 
said, "Customize over 50 cars,". I looked at the list, and I saw 
Lamborghini. That really caught my attention. 

Now, my birthday was coming up. I was grilling my mom to get the game. 
I finally got it, it came as a present. I tried it out. I instantly 
loved it. I was stuck on a part, though. So, I went to Gamefaqs for 
some advice. 

All I saw were FAQs with pictures, none using real text and giving 
advice. I was purely shocked. I thought then, I'm gonna make a FAQ for 
this. I had a little wimpy FAQ, which of course got rejected. After a 
weeks worth of refining, I finally made a good FAQ, which got accepted.

Then, the flow of E-mails started instantly. This I expected because I 
had the only FAQ if that game, and it was a new game. I was happy.

But then, disaster fell. I was playing, and it suddenly kicked off. I 
spent a week trying to fix it, but nothing worked. I finally had an 
intense cleaning session, and I finally fixed it. 

The story you have just read is the success story of this FAQ.

                                                       5.) Real World
                                                         Help (DAHK)

Now, car games have to make the cars in their games like they are in
real life (or the car company will kick the game maker's ass). This
section discusses that.


Now, let's start off with weight. Of course, luxary sedans, trucks, and
SUVs will have terrible handling because of their heavy weight. Tuners
and exotics are increadibly light, so they probably will spin out even
if you hit a mailbox (this is especially true with exotics). Sport
Bikes and Choppers have good handling, because you can lean into turns
and take them better, since you only have two wheels to worry about.
The problem with two wheeled vehicles, though, is that they're
EXTREMELY light, making it easier to fall off, resulting in huge time
loss. Muscle cars are OK, nothing bad to say about them. The only thing
you can say is that they aren't the masters in really anything, since
their engine and stuff is from a non-advanced era of car making.


Let's view price now. Exotics will be EXTREMELY expensive,
because they are so powerful and so rare. Tuners, Muscle cars, Trucks,
and SUVs will be cheaper because you're not really paying for much.
Choppers for some reason are kind of expensive. Sport Bikes, though,
are EXTREMELY cheap and you can buy them for less than 20,000$.


Let's take a look at performance and tuning. Of course, we all know the
lower the car, the less air resistance you get? That's why it is good
to put on bumpers that ride low and lower your car's ride height to as
low as it can go. This helps with handling, mostly, but it can affect
speed. Putting air pockets, getting a hood that lets air pass through,
and getting a spoiler are all important for aerodynamics.


Let's talk about wheels. The more rubber on the ground, the better.
What you need to do is widen your tires to as wide as they can go. This
seriously helps with traction. For motorcycles, make sure the tires
you get for your motorcycle has lots of grooves, so it can drive better
off-road. Now, make your tires as thin as possible. This helps with
handling also, as all of the tire is being used, instead of a little.
Use this diagram for help. To make them thin, go to tire profile in
the body shop (under wheels), and make sure the tire is set to 1.

An overly inflated tire looks like this...

 // /\
| \ \ |
| / / |
| \ \ |

As you can see, the sides of the tire can still touch the road, but,
well, they arent.

This is a rightly inflated tire... The rectangle is the tire LOL

|/ / /|
|\ \ \|
|/ / /|
|\ \ \|

As you can see, all of the tire that can be used is on the ground,
making for better traction.


Let's view jumps. In the air, there is nothing your tires can
touch. This means acceleration and braking do nothing in the air. The
only way you can steer your car is using in air control, discussed 
later in this FAQ. Now, there is a way to propel your car. If you use
nitro in the air, the gas coming out of the exhaust should speed you


Let's talk about crashes. Now, it's obvious you don't want to crash. 
You may crash sometimes, and this part discussesthat. I don't want to 
be too long, so i'll make a chart. 10 is the most damage, 1 is the 

        Tuner|Muscle|Luxary Sedan|Truck|SUV|Exotic|Sport Bike|Chopper 
Cop Car    8 |  8   |     7      |  6  | 6 |   10 |   10     |   10
Cop Bike   2 |  2   |     2      |  1  | 1 |   4  |   5      |   4  
Tree S.    1 |  1   |     1      |  1  | 1 |   3  |   5      |   5
Tree B.    10|  10  |     10     |  10 | 10|   10 |   10     |   10
Side Stuff 1 |  1   |     1      |  1  | 1 |   2  |   3      |   2
Car        4 |  4   |     3      |  2  | 2 |   6  |   7      |   7
Pickup T.  4 |  4   |     3      |  2  | 2 |   7  |   8      |   8
Van        5 |  4   |     4      |  3  | 3 |   8  |   9      |   9
Dump T.    9 |  9   |     9      |  8  | 8 |   10 |   10     |   10
Snow T.    8 |  8   |     8      |  7  | 7 |   10 |   10     |   10
Bus        9 |  9   |     8      |  8  | 8 |   10 |   10     |   10
Semi       10|  10  |     10     |  10 | 10|   10 |   10     |   10

Side stuff means the stuff on the sidewalks, tree B. means those trees
that you can't destroy, Dump T. Means those Green Onyx trucks you see,
and Snow T. Are snow trucks with a plow in the front..

As you can see, Exotics, Sport Bikes, and Choppers take immense damage,
while Trucks and SUVs take little damage.


(Submitted by araikon69...)

the more tire space on the ground (actual area on the
ground) the better...When a tire is in motion any part
of the tire that is being used either in accelerating
or breaking is NOT used while steering IE if your
putting the brakes on 40 percent of the way, you only
have 60 percent of the actual tire that will be used
for turning, Therefore by reducing your tire size
you are actually reducing the brakes, acceleration, 
and cornering ability of any car.

What he's trying to say is keep the tire width at 355mm.


                                                       6.) Controls

Here are the controls for Midnight Club 3.

X- Accelerate, also chooses options.

Circle- Brighten headlights, accept a challenge.

Triangle- Change from four or five different viewpoints.

Square- Brake/reverse

Left analog stick- Steers the car, raises viewpoint.

Right analog stick- Accelerate, brake, reverse, moves camera in a 

D-pad- Rotates camers, changes music, toggles between race modes, does
hydraulics, triggers map.

Start- Triggers pause menu.

Select- Triggers Navigation system.

L1- Extends left front wheel, bounces car, transfers weight, allows two
wheel driving.

L2- Extends left rear wheel, look back, bounces car.

L3- Special maneuver, triggers power up.

R1- Triggers handbrake, Extends right front wheel, bounces car.

R2- Triggers nitro and slipstream turbo, extends right rear wheel, 
bounces car.

R3- Nothing that I can see.

                                                       7.) The Garage

Here are my stats in the game Midnight Club 3.


I am 70% done.


I am currently in Detroit.


I am driving the Mclaren F1, but I also have two cop cars, an Abrilia 
Mille Factory, A Dodge Ram SRT-10, a Mercedes SL55AMG, and a Lexus


I have completely beaten the Tuner races and the Muscle races, almost 
have the Luxary Sedan races finished.


My profile name is Thee. (wonder where that came from...?)


There are my stats, in case you were wondering if I ever had the game.
                                                       8.) Cars (JFDX)

First Cars

Here are the cars you can buy at the beginning.

'64 Chevy Impala- Costs 21,450$, considered a muscle car.

'78 Chevy Monte Carlo- Costs 20,750$ and is considered a muscle car.

Dodge Neon SRT4- Costs 21,450$ and is considered a tuner car.

Mitsubishi Eclipse- Costs 21,200$ and is considered a tuner car.

Volkswagon Golf R32- Costs 21,750$ and is considered a tuner car.

Volkswagon Jetta- Costs 21,350$ and is considered a tuner car.

Car Brands

Aprilia- Mille R Factory
Caddilac- CTS-V
Chevy- '78 Monte Carlo
Chrysler- 300C DUB Edition
Dodge- SRT-4
Ducati- 999R
Gembrilla- Twin Turbo
Hot Match- Cuevito
Hummer- H1
Kawasaki- Ninja ZX 12R
Lamborghini- Gallardo
Lexus- GS430
Lotus- Elise
Mercedes- CL500
Mitsubishi- Lancer Evolution VIII
Mclaren- F1 LM
Nissan- 350Z
Pontiac- GTO
Saleen- S7
Toyota- '98 Supra
Volkswagon- Jetta
West Coast Choppers- El Diablo Soft Tail

Car types

Luxary sedans
Sports bike

There are also classes. These are Class D, C, B, and A. A is the best,
D is the worst. The better the letter, the better the vehicle.

The Cars

Class D


'64 Chevy Impala- Costs 21,450$
Acceleration- 13.5
Top Speed- 28.3
Handling- 22.2

Good Starter Car.

'78 Chevy Monte Carlo- Costs 20,750$
Acceleration- 10.8
Top Speed- 27.0
Handling- 20.0

Looks great when tuned, but not the best you can get.

'57 Chevy Bel Air- Prize car
Acceleration- 11.1
Top Speed- 24.8
Handling- 16.7

Best class D muscle car. I particularly like tuning this car to be a
low rider. Hehe


Dodge Neon SRT4- Costs 21,450$
Acceleration- 14.5
Top Speed- 35.5
Handling- 39.1

You can get through the whole game using this car.

Mitsubishi Eclipse- Costs 21,200$
Acceleration- 13.8
Top Speed- 28.3
Handling- 34.0

Meh. I like the Dodge more.

Volkswagon Golf R32- Costs 21,750$
Acceleration- 12.2
Top Speed- 33.3
Handling- 41.0

Use if you have handling problems. Otherwise, not the best choice.

Volkswagon Jetta- Costs 21,350$
Acceleration- 13.5
Top Speed- 28.3
Handling- 27.3

Too big and too heavy.

Lexus IS300- 29,980
Acceleration- 15.3
Top Speed- 37.5
Handling- 40.0

This car is awesome. It has decent stats and some great looks.

Luxary Sedans

Chrysler 300C- 32,995/DUB edition- Prize car
Acceleration- 13.8
Top Speed- 30.5
Handling- 37.1

The best car yet. Well, it falls to the following Lexus...

Lexus GS430- 48,600$
Acceleration- 14.0
Top Speed- 34.0
Handling- 40.6

Sweet Car. A little on the pricy side, though.

Cadillac CTS-V- 54,495$
Acceleration- 15.5
Top Speed- 39.0
Handling- 45.3

Not the greatest. Too pricy for now. Tune up another car.


Hummer H1- 117,508$
Acceleration- 9.0
Top Speed- 19.8
Handling- 19.1

Don't by this hunk of metal. You could buy a car much better (and 
cheaper) than this POS.

Class C

Muscle Cars

'96 Chevy Impala SS- 35,750$
Acceleration- 19.5
Top Speed- 39.0
Handling- 29.3

'70 Chevy El Camino- 37,250$
Acceleration- 20.5
Top Speed- 38.3
Handling- 19.1

'69 Dodge Charger R/T- 37,450$
Acceleration- 19.2
Top Speed- 40.5
Handling- 27.0

'68 Pontiac GTO- 42,150$
Acceleration- 20.5
Top Speed- 39.7
Handling- 25.0

'49 Chevy Fleetline - Prize Car
Acceleration: 18.2
Top Speed: 44.7
Handling: 16.7


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII- 29,999$
Acceleration- 19.1
Top Speed- 41.8
Handling- 40.6

Nissan 350Z- 34,666
Acceleration- 23.5
Top Speed- 44.5
Handling- 29.7

'98 Toyota Supra- 37,975
Acceleration- 17.5
Top Speed- 50.3
Handling- 32.0

Lotus Elise- 39,998$
Acceleration- 26.0
Top Speed- 50.3
Handling- 50.5

'02 Nissan Skyline - prize car
Acceleration- 21.4
Top Speed- 46.0
Handling- 43.9

Luxary Sedans

Mercedes CL500- 94,000
Acceleration- 15.5
Top Speed- 43.2
Handling- 49.0

Lexus SC430- 63,500
Acceleration- 14.5
Top Speed- 37.5
Handling- 47.7

Volkswagon Phaeton- 97,233
Acceleration- 14.8
Top Speed- 42.5
Handling- 39.1

Mercedes CL55 AMG - Prize Car
Acceleration: 37.9
Top Speed: 69.5
Handling: 60.4


Cadillac Escalade- 55,535$
Acceleration- 9.5
Top Speed- 34.0
Handling- 28.6

Hummer H2- 56,040$
Acceleration- 10.0
Top Speed- 31.2
Handling- 31.2

Mercedes G500- 76,000$
Acceleration- 12.0
Top Speed- 34.7
Handling- 39.1

Cadillac Escalade EXT- Not Sure Yet /DUB edition- Prize car
Acceleration- 9.5
Top Speed- 34.0
Handling- 27.3

Mercedes G55 AMG - Prize Car
Acceleration: 25.7
Top Speed: 62.4
Handling: 51.2


Hot Match Cuevito- Prize
Acceleration- 40.2
Top Speed- 41.1
Handling- 45.1

West Coast Choppers CFL- 60,000
Acceleration- 46.3
Top Speed- 42.5
Handling- 52.0

West Coast Choppers El Diablo Soft Tail- 125,000
Acceleration- 42.0
Top Speed- 43.2
Handling- 43.0

B Class

Muscle cars

'70 Pontiac GTO- 48,000$
Acceleration: 22.1
Top Speed: 49.0
Handling: 32.0

'69 Chevy Camaro Z28- 49,900$
Acceleration: 21.7
Top Speed: 48.2
Handling: 34.0

'81 Chevy Camaro Z28- 54,000$
Acceleration: 23.0
Top Speed: 49.7
Handling: 36.4

'68 Chevrolet Corvette- Prize Car
Acceleration: 25.6
Top Speed: 51.7
Handling: 34


Chevy Corvette Z-06- 51,925$
Acceleration: 27.0
Top Speed: 57.5
Handling: 57.5

Dodge Charger R/T- 60,000$
Acceleration: 29.6
Top Speed: 56.7
Handling: 56.0

Lotus Esprit- 93,225
Acceleration: 26.5
Top Speed: 61.0
Handling: 65.4

Dodge Viper GTS-R- 152,000$
Acceleration: 40.2
Top Speed: 68.0
Handling: 51.2

Saleen SR- 174,000$
Acceleration: 29.5
Top Speed: 65.0
Handling: 63.0

Luxary Sedans

Mercedes-Benz SL500- 90,620$
Acceleration: 23.4
Top Speed: 51.7
Handling: 57.2

Mercedes SL55 AMG - DUB - Prize Car
Acceleration: 43.7
Top Speed: 80
Handling: 69.1

Cadillac Sixteen- Prize Car
Acceleration: 38.7
Top Speed: 66.0
Handling: 37.2


Chevy Silverado SS- 40,755$
Acceleration: 19.9
Top Speed: 41.2
Handling: 29.7

Dodge Ram SRT10- 45,850$
Acceleration: 20.2
Top Speed: 44.7
Handling: 32.0


HotMatch D'Elegance- 80,000$
Acceleration: 46.7
Top Speed: 58.9
Handling: 54.9

West Coast Choppers El Diablo Rigid- $100,000
Acceleration: 48.0
Top Speed: 56.7
Handling: 47.4

Hotmatch Skully- Prize Car
Acceleration: 46.7
Top Speed: 58.2
Handling: 60.0

Sport Bikes

'04 Ducati Monster S4R- 13,495$
Acceleration: 40.0
Top Speed: 60.2
Handling: 74.9

'04 Ducati SS1000- Prize
Acceleration: 40.0
Top Speed: 58.9
Handling: 80.0

A Class


Gembrilla Twin Turbo Coupe- 140,000$
Acceleration: 66.1
Top Speed: 90.6
Handling: 72.6

Lamborghini Gallardo- 184,100$
Acceleration: 58.5
Top Speed: 90.6
Handling: 79.3

'95 Mclaren F1 LM- 250,000$
Acceleration: 99.9
Top Speed: 97.0
Handling: 89.3

Saleen S7- 375,000$
Acceleration: 84.5
Top Speed: 94.3
Handling: 93.3

Mercedes CLK-GTR- 725,000$
Acceleration: 75.1
Top Speed: 97.0
Handling: 74.4

Mercedes SLR Mclaren- 452,750$
Acceleration: 82.6
Top Speed: 92.9
Handling: 66.4

Cadillac Cien- Prize Car
Acceleration: 62
Top Speed: 88.5
Handling: 69.5

Chrysler ME412- Prize Car
Acceleration: 91.6
Top Speed: 95.5
Handling: 91.1

Lamborghini Murcielago- Prize Car
Acceleration- 70.1
Top Speed- 95.0
Handling- 86.9

Sport Bikes

Aprilia Mille R Factory- 17,899$
Acceleration: 51.7
Top Speed: 85.0
Handling: 100.0

Ducati 999R- 29,995$
Acceleration: 48.2
Top Speed: 84.4
Handling: 97.1

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 12R- Prize Bike
Acceleration- 60.0
Top Speed- 85.8
Handling- 87.4


These cars are all cop cars.

Cop Cars

Chevy '95 Impala SS (San Diego Cop)- 0$
Acceleration- 32.0
Top Speed- 63.7
Handling- 48.1

Chevy '95 Impala SS (Atlanta Cop)- 0$
Acceleration- 37.7
Top Speed- 70.1
Handling- 54.8

Chevy '95 Impala SS (Detroit Cop)- 0$
Acceleration- 44.6
Top Speed- 76.5
Handling- 67.3

Cop Bikes

Kawasaki Police Bike- 0$
Acceleration- 58.2
Top Speed- 99.1
Handling- 87.3

                                                       9.) Tuning

Here are all of the tuning parts.



Level 1 and 2 supercharger

Level 1 and 2 nitro

Level 1 and 2 engine upgrades

Level 1 and 2 intake

Level 1 and 2 headers

Level 1 and 2 computer

Level 1 and 2 exhaust


Level 1 and 2 suspension

Level 1 and 2 swaybars




Level 1 and 2 clutch

Level 1 and 2 gear kits

Everything Else

Level 1, 2, and 3 tires

Level 1 and 2 brakes

Auto upgrade


Wheel upgrades


Adjust tire profile

Adjust tire width

Adjust ride height

Adjust rim size

Rear dimensions

All the same as the dimensions list above.

Everything else




Front Bumpers

Rear Bumpers

Side Skirts


Front Grill


Exhaust Tips

Chop Top


Paint Job

Matte- I personally hate this, it has no shine or good look to it at

Gloss- A little shiny, not really that vibrant, though.

Metallic- A very vibrant and shiny paint job. This has a great black.

Pearlescent- Changes from two colors (mostly two different shades of
the same color).

Color shift- Changes from up to five different colors. This rocks.

Window Tinting







Paint Rims







Paint Brake Calipers







Paint Exhaust Tips
















Really slow




Really Fast

Nitro Exhaust Color






Paint Car Trim







Color HUD








Detail Shop














White + Black



Red + Yellow

Red + Blue

Blue + Green

Yellow + Green


License Plates




Front and Rear







Some of the things may be missing. E-mail me at TheeMikester@aol.com
if you need to give me info. Oh, and if you are going to E-mail me, 
then give me something I can use, not a reminder.

                                                      10.) Races (DHJN)

Here are all of the types of races found in Arcade mode.

Autocross- A circuit race where barriers are used instead of 
checkpoints. The competitor with the best lap time wins.

Track- Same as autocross, but you race other people at the same time
instead of trying to beat their times.

Capture the Flag- Cars race to get a flag shown on the map, and then 
bring it back to base. Other cars can steal the flag by ramming the car
who has it.

Paint- Checkpoints are laid out all over the city. When a car crosses
a checkpoint, it gets painted in the color the car was given. Other 
cars may paint over other people's paint.

Cruise- Just roaming the city.

Frenzy- A race where you race without brakes or special powers. What 
you have to do is dodge cars and get points. You get a boost of Nitro
every fifteen seconds. You keep going until time runs out.

Ordered- A race where you race through a series of checkpoints. Each
checkpoint must be passed in the correct order to win. Most career 
races are ordered.

Circuit- Same as ordered except there are many laps running through the
same checkpoints until the race is over.

Tag- The last car to reach a checkpoint is it. Cars score points on how
close they are to the it car.

Unordered- Same as ordered, except you can run through the checkpoints
in any order you want.

Here are the race catagories for career mode.

City race- A single race where you get easy money. Symbolized on the 
map by a red dot.

Club race- A race where you need a specific car to enter. Symbolized on
the map by a yellow star.

Tournament- A series of races where the person with the most points 
wins. Symbolized on the map by a golden trophy.

Street racer- A race where a street racer leads you to a race and you
begin racing. The racer is symbolized on the map by a blue arrow.
                                                     11.) Power Ups

Here are the power-ups (found in arcade mode).

Disrupter- Blurres a car's vision.

Go- Disables a car's brakes.

Ice- Makes it seem like the car is driving on ice.

Nitro- Adds a nitro boost to your reservoir.

Pulse- Pushes opponents away from you.

Quad Damage- Makes a car take four times the impact he would normally
take, meaning he will eventually have to reset himself, resulting in
huge gain of time.

Reverse steering- Switches around steering controls for an opponent.

Shield- Makes you immune to power ups. Also prevents you from losing
the flag in capture the flag mode.

Stealth- Makes you invisible and invincible for a couple seconds.

Stop- Engages an opponents brake and handbrake instantly.

                                                       12.) Powers 

Each class of car has a special power. These powers will be discussed


Muscle cars and choppers have it.

What it does is it sends out a sound wave that knocks all other cars
out of the way.

Useful for sending civilian cars into other racers, also for clearing
any spots where traffic will obviously be a problem.

Meter charges when you pull off drifts.

Activated by pressing L3 when fully charged.


SUVs, trucks, and luxary sedans have it.

What it does is make the car impervious to damage, and it also sends
any car you hit miles away.

Useful for sending civilian cars into other racers, also for sending
other racers into walls and stuff.

Meter charges when you hit traffic and anything on the sidewalks.

Activated by pressing L3 when fully charged.


Tuners, Sportbikes and Exotics have it.

What it does is slow down time, making it easier to maneuver through
small spaces.

Useful for weaving through traffic and small spaces.

Meter charges when you drive without hitting anything.

Activated by pressing L3 when fully charged.

Slipstream Turbo

All vehicles have it.

What it does is give you a quick burst of speed.

Useful for speeding ahead of opponents.

Meter charges when you drive closely behind an opponent car.

Activated by pressing R2 when fully charged.

Two Wheel Driving

All vehicles except motorcycles have this.

What it does is transfer your weight to one side, allowing you to
drive on two wheels. Also prevents other opponents getting a 
slipstream turbo off slipstreaming your car.

Useful for getting through tight spaces, and preventing other cars
from getting a slipstream turbo.

This is available without charging.

Activated by pressing L1 and pushing the left analog stick left or 

Weight Transfer

Motorcycles have this.

What it does is lean you into a turn, making it easier to turn.

Useful for getting through turns fast.

This is available without charging.

Activated by holding the L1 button while taking a turn.

In-Air Control

All vehicles have this.

What it does is tilt your vehicle in the air so it can have a better

Useful for gaining speed after a jump.

This is available without charging.

Activated by holding the L1 button and tilting the left analog stick.


All vehicles have this.

What it does is slide your vehicle through a turn.

Useful for taking turns faster.

THis is available without charging.

Activated by tilting the right analog stick in the direction you want
to go and pressing the R1 button.

*This can only be gained by winning a certain club race.
                                                     13.) Courses 

Here are the courses found in the game. (thanks to ipino for these)

|  San Diego  |
///       \\\
///       \\\

Rites of Passage
PCH Sprint
Freeway Haul
Coastal Chaos
Stage 1
Stage 3
Final Stage
Balboa Drag
El Cortez Dash
Downtown Drive
Alley Assault
Rev Limit
Guts to Glory
The Finest City
Horton Hijinx
Split Decision
Midway Madness
Ocean Beach Dash
Sunset Cliffs
Coaster Rides
Up and Down
Crystal Pier
Hide and Seek
Beach Bash
Urbal Sprawl
Hish Speed Hills
Bay BRidges
Double Cross
Jumps Galore
On and Off
Downtown Hash
On Ship
View From Above
Twists on the Prado
East Side
Trail Blazer
Emerald Vistas

///       \\\
///       \\\

Gaslamp Quarter
Downtown Decisions
Mission Bay Bridges
Trolley Race 1
Stage 2
Hillcrest Hysteria
Star of India
Cliff Drift
Trolley Race 2
Belmont Curcuit
City Loop

///         \\\
///         \\\

Downtown Race
Beachcross Race
Balboa Race
Oceans Race

///     \\\
///     \\\

Beach Track
Gaslamp Track
Balboa Track
Base Track

|  Atlanta  |

///         \\\
///         \\\


///       \\\
///       \\\

Welcome to Atlanta
Around the Block
Old School
Take 'Er Easy
There and Back
The VOrtex
On the Edge
Lube Job
Capitol Punishment
Park and Ride
Find Your Way
4 to the Straight
Crosstown Dash
Mega Kitty
Muscle and Might
Peaches and Cream
Cemetary Gates
Cut Thru
Piedmont Pursuit
Crazy Cowboys
Into the City
Through the City

///       \\\
///       \\\

Top and Bottom
Cemetary Curcuit
Dirty Blinds
West End
Freeway Loop
Centennial Circuit
Buckhead and Back
South Side
East Side
Five Point Station
Five to Five
Dirty Dirty
Big Air
Hearth of the City

///         \\\
///         \\\

Tight Turns
Uptown Race

///     \\\
///     \\\

Downtown Track
Twister Track
Tight Turns Track
Midtown Track

|  Detroit  |

///         \\\
///         \\\

Around the City

///       \\\
///       \\\

River Route Drag
Figure 8 Freeway
Hook and Dagger
The Chase is On
Muscle Drift
Train Jump
End to End
River Dash
Hockey Town
Thru and Cutback
Half Circles
Motor City
Turned Out
Belly of the Beas
The Cold War
No Way Out
Over the River
Spiral Out
Ravage Ruins
Tiger Stripes
Slumin' It
Inner City

///       \\\
///       \\\

Interstate 75
Railyard Circuit
Freeway Circuit
City Circuit
Ghetto Daze
Around and Back
All In
Rock City

///         \\\
///         \\\

Tough Turns
Highland Park

///     \\\
///     \\\

Downtown Track
Tough Turns Track
Highland Park Track
Projects Track

                                                     13.) Tips (DSLK)

Here are some tips to get you through the game.

*If you mess up bad during a race, keep going. With decent distance,
you can still catch him. In those situations, use your special powers,
use nitro (if you have it), and get a slipstream turbo.

*Watch for red lights. They mean danger.

*For some reason, even if you have the same car as the other person,
you can still go faster.

*Making your car cool isn't as important as performance. It's better
to have a car that looks like it came from your grandma's garage that
goes 200MPH than one of those cars rappers roll in that is slow as
a snail.

*Police are the worst. They set up road blocks (meaning they block a 
road, although you can get around that), ram you into walls, and cut
you off. if your speedometer is flashing red and blue, you have a cop
on your tail.Try ramming the cops into the walls. Also, some of the 
cops are in motorcycles, so you can knock them off easily.

*Hold R1 and X at the start line. Then, let go as the race starts.
Why? Your car will start out at 60 MPH instead of 0 that way!

*Some tuning parts are only available to certain car classes.

*You can't slipstream motorcycles.

From Kurtcobain856...

*I'd recommend to anyone buying the Lancer Evolution vIII when it is 
availible. it handles very good and is the cheapest of the class C 

From big_upps...

*For a really good boost of speed be sure to get a nice slipstream, 
and then when that runs out, hit nitro. If you're on a bike, then do a 
wheelie. That's like ultra mega speed boost.

*when you are in the second city, get all the club races and then take, 
say, the 300C and go back to the first city. Since your familar with 
that city, it's gonna be alot easier in the club races.

From rio_fire...

*If you go to garages and select manage vehicle, you can duplicate it 
as many times as you want. After that, you just rename it and it will 
show-up in arcade under the name that you gave it. So, you can make 6 
differently decked out Evo's and race them against each other. Also, 
make sure you wait to duplicate until you have everything that you want
for that vehicle. If you don't wait then you will have too either not 
do anything to the car or buy the parts for each version separately. 
Remember, just because the vehicle can be customized or upgraded 
further in an area doesn't mean that it needs to be, Example: '68 GTO 
has the speed it needs w/o the 2nd upgrade for it's class but it does 
need more handling, so if it has too much speed for its handling then 
leave the speed alone but upgrade handling and acceleration.

From reaper933...

*When on a motorcycle or in a muscle car if you do a catwalk while 
still doing your burnout, you'll slow down when your front tire hits 
the ground.

*When using roar on a chopper or muscle car if an opponent is near to 
your car it will sweep them to the side of the road like it would 
traffic (this is effective to make them miss jumps or to crash into a 
building). Roar also makes cars swerve to the side of the road, but not 
always away from you, so if your on the side of the road cars will 
swerve towards you. Roar also makes your car not turn for a second when
it hits and then usually ends us in you doing a powerslide and since 
the computer likes to use special moves for you before or during sharp 
corners it can be useful to hit L3 right before corners like this(this 
is also the case for argo).

*While in zone your car actually handles better but if you turn in too 
sharply when you come out of zone, your car won't be moving as fast as 
it noramlly would.

*It is usful to save nitro fo crucial times in the race when you hit 
other vehicles or walls so you can get back up to speed very quickly.

*The class of car you get affects how many nitros you can receive.

*I find that a slipstream turbo allows you to stay at a high top speed 
longer than nitros which brings you back down to speed quicker but with
a slipstream turbo corners and hitting objects slow you down more than 

*The best tuners, muscle cars, choppers, and SUV/trucks end in class B.
There are only sport bikes and exotics in class A.

From drag0nrick...

*For optional races, the only thing I noticed is that you get a higher 
amount of money for winning them, and if you get there in time but you 
lose the race, you can still race it later.

*Your nitro's get refilled every lap in a circuit race, so you've got 
a lot more nitros to use.

*If you're doing optional reaces in career, you'd use the fastest 
vehicle that you have because then the amount of money you'll when you 
win is higher.

From eellyy...

*Also I have noticed something with the game...I 
played at a friend's house and got up to around 30% 
then I bought the game when I went home.  I had to 
beat everything all over again.  I recomend beating as many
of the category races as you can (unbeatable street
racers, etc.) before upgrading to newer cars etc.  I
made the mistake of getting a gto before I won any of
the muscle car races, and now they are all really a
lot harder.  

*I unlocked pearlescent paint in San Diego.  I think if you hold
off on beating Vanessa the 2nd set of races, until you
have won as many club races as you can (and I won a
lot of them, more than half of each) you can stay in
San Diego a lot longer and things stay easier.

From Khabibuln...

* If you hit another car or wreck and your car comes to a complete 
stop, burnout (R1 + X) for a second or two rather than just pressing X
to accelerate. This will cause you start off anywhere up to 60mph, 
seriously cutting back on the acceleration time and the time it takes 
to get up to top speed.  

*I found that it's better not to spend money on new cars until you 
unlock class B (unless there is a car you are just dying to own).  You 
will win one of each class of car (luxury sedan, chopper, muscle car, 
etc.) in the tournament races in San Diego and Atlanta and should have 
no problem getting to Detroit with these cars.

*Going along with tip #1,  If you have nitro boosts left it doesn't 
hurt to use one after you burnout.  this should be enough to catch up 
with the cars in the rear of the pack.  Then it's just a matter of 
using slipstream turbo to catch up with the leader.

*At the starting line when you hold R1 and X to burnout, try letting 
go of R1 for just an instant then press and hold it again really fast. 
If you do it correctly you should hear you tires squeal at a higher 
pitch and you car will leave the starting line and instantly accelerate
up to 40mph more than just holding x
  E.g. I am in San Diego with a 300c with all level 2 upgrades.  With a 
  normal burnout (just pressing x) I start off with a pause in 
  acceleration around 60mph.  When I do the quick release and press on
  R1 I leave the starting line and instantly accelerate to 95mph.

From Enilnomi29...

*Everybody talks about selling cars, but you never have to. I beat the 
game without selling a single car because you win so many. And no, I 
didn't use any of the city races. I used all career to get my money. 
The only cars I had to buy were SRT4, 69 Camaro, 98 Supra, and the 
McLaren F1 LM. All the rest were won. 

*A little tip if you guys didn't know, never quit a race just 'cause 
you aren't winning. Get to know the course. You still get money up to 
third place, though.

From Gx Viper...


From CoolGangsta...

*There is a race in Atlanta called Back and There, you can do that race
over and over again for about 10 times and it is always on the same
location. Common price-money is 1,800$.

                                                      14.) A Good Way 
                                                      to Start (NCSX)

Here is a good way to start the game.

Okay, now, lets start off by buying a car. I think we should buy the
Dodge SRT-4. We need something that can accelerate, after all. Then,
buy as many parts as you can with the money left over, just make sure
they're performance parts. Then, you get rocketed into a race. This
shouldn't be too hard, since you have the car with the best 
acceleration there. After that, challenge Bishop (find him on the map)
to a race. Beat his crew, then win the tournament. You get a Chrysler
300C, DUB edition. This is important, because it performs nicely, and
looks SWEET! Now, this isn't tuned, so take the money from the 
tournament and tune the Chrysler. You shouldn't need parts to make it
look good, so that's some money saved. Then, do the same with Carlos.
He has a muscle car, so better watch out. Once he's done, take on the
tournament. Take the '57 Belair you get and tune the crap out of it.
After that, do the club races. Then, hop back into your SRT-4, and
race Vanessa. Once that's done, take on the tournament, then take out
the club races you can enter. After that, you should be OK!

Alternative from Dancingbooger10:

I found that it really helps to buy a tuner and beat Vanessa in the 
beginning.  Then win the tournament to get the Lexus.  Sell the old car
for about 20,000 and upgrade the crap out of it.  This should give you 
an excellent car to start with and allows you to easily beat other 

Alternative from big_upps:

I think you should take the IS300 you win and race about 15 open (red 
smoke) races, save up money, tune up the IS300 as much as the game 
will let you, then keep using that car for all the tuner races and to 
gain money in the open races (I used it to the last tuner races in the 
second city ). And then when you need money, just go back to the first 
city with the IS300 and race the open races.

Alternative from Hart Attack0389...

personally, the hardest part of the game was beating the muscle cars 
portion, because i put that off until the end of the game....I would 
suggest starting out with a muscle car, and beating that portion first.

Alternative from Wolpert_007...

The easiest way to win races is to start 
out with the SRT4 and then win the muscle Bel Air...Tune the crap out 
of it and you should be on a good start.


                                                      15.) Music (DFHS)

Here are the types of music you'll be listening to. I have included the
words to the first verse of a song in that group.


Hip-hop- A rap where there's a beat you want to dance to.

Ex. Lil' Wayne/DJ Mannie Fresh "Go DJ"

(Mannie) Grown ups, in between, churnin' babies, right now, here's 
your boy, ya heard, back again, DJ Mannie, Fresh Fresh, a keep it 
fresh, ah fresh, fresh, uh keep it fresh, yeah fresh, fresh, ah keep it 
fresh, go DJ, that's my DJ, go DJ, that's my DJ, go DJ, that's my DJ, 
go DJ, yeah, a wezzie wee, step up to the mike dude, do what ya gotta 

(Lil' Wayne) Ladies and gentlemen, what you have here is brought to
you courtesy of, the young man young carter and the great man Mannie 
Fresh, so what I want y'all to do is, say this, say go DJ, cause that's
my DJ, say go DJ, cause that's my DJ, say go DJ, cause that's my DJ,
say go DJ, cause that my, cause that my, cause that my,  here at 101,
the hotties under the sun, I come from another time, me, busten your
army, you come from another planet, your chest and your arm hit, pow,
one to the head, now you know he dead, now you know I play, like a boy
in the game, better yetta better singin' in the hall of fame, man it's
Cash Money Records, it's a lawless game! Now I put water on the plank
for y'all to drain, wear a helmet when you bangin, man it guard your
brain, cause the flow is spazmetic, make ya go insane, now even my home
boy is a dope boy, man you already know that pimpin, im livin' 18,
youngin', show that Bentley, i'm in my car, so you know that's in me,
God is my mentor, so don't go there with me...

A major artist in this group is T.I..


Rock- A more hardcore kind of music using guitars, drums, ect.

Ex. Nine Inch Nails "The Hand that Feeds"

You're keepin' it still, in the night, got your chin held high and you
feel just fine cause you do, what you do, but inside your heart and
it's black and it's hollow and it's cold! Just how deep do you believe,
when you bite the hand that feeds...

There is no real major, I'm just gonna put Nine Inch Nails because it's
my favorite.


Techno- A type of music where the beat is computer-generated with some
lyrics to go along with it.

Ex. Tek Brothers "Funktion"

I didn't find lyrics for this one.

A major artist in this group is The Martian.


Drum and Bass- A type of music that has a little rhythem and a booming
bass note to go along with it. No lyrics, mostly.

Ex. Calyx "Follow the Leader"

It goes follow the leader, hit me sync the whole song, really.

A major artist in this group is Calyx. Hmmm...


Dance Hall- A type of music that has a beat that you will want to dance

Ex. M.I.A "Fire Fire"

I really didn't understand it, but I know it started like worry not
worry not, you ain't gettin changed, something like that.

A major artist in this group is Bennie Man.

There is also music you can only hear in the garage and when loading.
I say WTF to this.

A major artist in this group is The Ratt Pakk.


There is also elevator music...... No, just kidding.


My Playlist

These are the songs I like.

Baby A.K.A. Birdman feat. Lil' Wayne - Shyne On
Fabolous - Gangsta
Lil' Wayne - Go D.J.
Petey Pablo - Freek-A-Leek
Pitbull feat. Piccallo - Dammit Man
The Game feat. 50 Cent - How We Do
Idlewind - A Modern Way Of Letting Go
Jimmy Eat World - Pain
Kasabian - Club Foot
Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds
Peaches feat. Iggy Pop - Kick It
Pilot To Gunner - Barrio Superstarrio
Queens Of The Stone Age - Little Sister
Tek Brothers - Funktion
Calyx - The Leader
Lady Saw - Strip Tease
M.I.A. - Fire Fire

                                                       16.) I Didn't Do
                                                           It! (DUHS)

I was bored one day. I decided to cause some destruction. Found out
some tips from that little series of shenanigans, and now here's a
section about it. You can do this is you're bored, or if you can't win
a race.

Remember to watch out! There are numerous situations where you could
end up being the victim instead of the villian.

The simplest one is just to ram them as hard as you can. Since these
people are afraid, they might run away (they won't dodge it if you're
coming at 500MPH at their side). This is only when you two are driving
side by side. It's funny seeing them hit walls (or go off freeway
bridges, that's funny as hell).

Another is to use agro. How? Duh. Kick it up, and hit 'em dammit! A fun
way to do this is to try to send them into other objects!

Another way is to use roar. Don't use it on straights, it does about
nothing. Use it on, say, a jump. They will miss the jump, have to go
way back, accelerate, and make the jump. Too bad you're not going to be
around for the hilarity!

Another funny thing is to make them miss a turn. How, you ask? Well,
rear end them as hard as you can before a turn. They will be going so
fast, they couldn't possibly make the turn. This would also slow you
down for the turn, so it's a good deal.

Another good way is to get the cops on their ass. This takes a while
to perfect, and doesn't always work, but it's funny to have AI cars
taken down by the NYPD. Just ram them into a police car, that should 

Dende5416 found this...

Try using Roar when or right before going over a free-way on the
over-passes or along side it. Since there is often a break-able fence 
there, you can sometimes force AI opponents down into the highway. 

                                                       17.) Awards

We will declare what cars are the best, and here there are no long
speeches (unless the exhaust note talks). This will be in total points,
so keep that in mind.

Stage 1...

General Nominations

Best Overall Class D Tuner: Lexus IS300

Best Overall Class D Truck: Hummer H1 (Wow, this thing got an award?)

Best Overall Class D Muscle: '64 Chevy Impala

Best Overall Class D Luxary Sedan: Caddilac CTS-V

Best Overall Class C Tuner: Lotus Elise

Best Overall Class C Truck: Mercedes G55AMG

Best overall Class C Muscle: '96 Impala SS

Best Overall Class C Luxary Sedan: Mercedes CL55AMG

Best Overall Class C Chopper: West Coast Choppers CFL

Best Overall Class B Tuner: Dodge Viper

Best Overall Class B Truck: Dodge Ram SRT-10

Best Overall Class B Muscle: '69 Chevy Corvette

Best Overall Class B Luxary Sedan: SL55AMG

Best Overall Class B Chopper: HotMatch Skully

Best Overall Class B Sports Bike: Ducati SS1000

Best Overall Class A Exotic: '95 Mclaren F1 LM

Best Overall Class A Sport Bike: Abrilia Mille Factory

Stage 2...

Best of the Types

Best Overall Tuner: Dodge Viper

Best Overall Truck: Dodge Ram SRT-10

Best Overall Muscle: '69 Chevy Corvette

Best Overall Chopper: HotMatch Skully

Best Overall Exotic: '95 Mclaren F1 LM

Best Overall Sport Bike: Abrilia Mille Factory

Stage 3...

Best Of the Classes

Best Class B: Mercedes SL55AMG

Best Class A: '95 Mclaren F1 LM

Stage 4...

The Final Two

Best Overall Car: '95 Mclaren F1 LM

Oh yay! Ler's hear it for the Mclaren!!!!!!!

Since this is a FAQ, I will give the Best Class C and D cars.

Best Class C Car: Mercedes CL55AMG

Best Class D Car: Caddilac CTS-V

And the Mercedes beats the Cadillac.

                                                       18.) Interactive

Alright, this is the interactive section. What does that mean? It means
you can show off the most cars you have, the most powerful car you have,
the most money you had, ect. You will get all credit, but if someone 
sends in a better record than yours, then yours will be replaced with 
the better record. To destroy his record, just comply with the 
guidelines and beat your opponent. (F.E. You put 100,000$. Someone 
E-mails me that he has 200,000$ . You have to get more money than him, 
or you lose the spot. You may E-mail me to ask if the record is better 
or not)
My E-mail address is TheeMikester@aol.com. And, title the E-mail 
Midnight Club Record, so I know what it is. Oh, and don't say you did 
something when you really didn't. That's just weak and cheap.
If you have the same record as somebody else, they got there first and,
not to be rude, I won't post yours. Sorry!

Also, I am an active partaker in this, so I might be the one to beat
your records.

Sadpanda108 has notified me of a grave overlook I have made. The most
powerful car record is capped now. I have made records for each car

I could use some more records, but here are some to start with...

Most Money- $205,578,300 by Cmorgan898

Most powerful Exotic- Mclaren F1 by yevgenievich

Most powerful Muscle- '69 Chevy Corvette by TheeMikester

Most powerful Tuner-  Dodge Viper GTS-R by TheeMikester

Most powerful Chopper- WC Choppers El Diablo Soft Tail by TheeMikester

Most powerful Luxary Sedan- SL55AMG  By TheeMikester

Most powerful Sports Bike- Abrilia Mille Factory by yevgenievich

Most Powerful Truck/SUV- Dodge SRT-10 by BowserS9

Sport Bike with best handling- Abrillia Mille Factory by yevgenievich

Muscle With Best Handling- '69 Chevy Corvette by TheeMikester

Exotic With Best Handling- Mclaren F1 by Yevgenievich

Tuner With Best Handling- Dodge Viper GTS-R by TheeMikester

Luxary Sedan With Best Handling-  SL55AMG BY TheeMikester

Chopper With Best Handling- WC Choppers El Diablo Soft Tail by

Truck/SUV with best handling- Dodge SRT-10 by BowserS9

Most cars- 30 by yevgenievich

Most Motorcycles- All fully customized by KingJames21

Most Sport Bikes- 3 by heliosdranvere

Most Trucks- 6 by yevgenievich

Most Exotics- 4 by yevgenievich

Most muscle cars- All of them (Customized too) by yevgenievich

Most Tuners- 13 by Streetracer

Most Luxary cars- 3 by encaenmi

Best Completion Status- 100% and red dot races all completed by
cmorgan898 (doubtful of this one)

Most cars of one brand- 9 Chevys by yevgenievich

*Most races won in a row- 53 by yevgenievich

*Win percentage-

*Highest Speed- 310 mph by cmorgan898 (doubtful of this one...)

*Highest skill rating- 100 by yevgenievich

*Biggest gap between another car- 32 seconds ahead of 2nd by madisonkap

*You might have to keep track of this.