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              |   __ \.----.|__|.--------.---.-.|  |
              |    __/|   _||  ||        |  _  ||  |
              |___|   |__|  |__||__|__|__|___._||__|
                   |   __ \.---.-.-----.-----.        ____
          ___      |       weak interruptible attacks added to Combos
       Cheat menus elaborated, Genesis cheat code FOUND!
       Notes added to PR for home versions section
       PR for 32-bit systems release date pushed back to 2/16/96 :-(
       Exact Game Zero WWW site for this FAQ!
       Minor corrections

Changes from Primal Rage 2.3 FAQ v2.31
       Combos added, all Diablo's named combos FOUND!
       No combo names in Genesis PR either, & Genesis cheat doesn't work
       Block high/low lists cover all basic & special moves
       Whoops! 2 air hits + Air Throw is impossible!
       Move descriptions modified (Inferno Flash *is* blockable in ver
       Additions to No-Cheeze section
       Blizzard, Talon, & Vertigo in Dragon magazine #223!
       Get this FAQ from Game Zero's WWW site!

Changes from Primal Rage 2.3 FAQ v2.2
       Combos added, all Sauron's named combos FOUND!
      SNES/Genesis cheats added to PR for home systems
       Corrections to high/low blocking section
       Additions to No-Cheeze section
       Post-mortem Combos added to Combos section
      Combo minimum hit mistakes fixed (TRAIN WRECK takes only 7 hits!)
      Other minor corrections

Changes from Primal Rage 2.3 FAQ v2.1
     Whoops! Pterodactyls worth only 1% health
     Combos added, *all* combo names found!

Changes from Primal Rage 2.3 FAQ v2.0
     Combos added, all Talon's named combos FOUND!
     Combo key revamped
     Info tidbits added to some move descriptions (PR Guide again)
     No Cheeze meter correction, notes added
     New Info added to Eat a Worshiper (w/help from the PR Guide)
     Info added to PR for home systems (I got SNES PR!!!)
     Trivialities (Jason Leong in Sauron's ending :)

Changes from Primal Rage 2.3 FAQ v1.9
     Vertigo's moves modified 
     Combos added (new combo names!)
     Moves that "trigger" combo names added where known
     Lots of PR for home systems info added 
     Minor stuff (Talon's flexible tail is creative license! :)

Changes from Primal Rage 2.3 FAQ v1.8
     Many combos added 
     Lightning combos marked, percentiles and min. required hits added
where known
     Talon's Pounce & Flip, Frantic Fury corrected 
     Talon's Run description modified
     New Final Battle Bug added
     Free Play info added
     Quick/Fierce vs. High/Low mistake in "Normal Moves" section fixed
     Special moves that extend combos marked with a "^"
     All tabs replaced with spaces
     Teeny little things

Changes from Primal Rage 2.3 FAQ v1.71
     Combos added 
     Barney Armadon color mistake fixed
     Anti-CPU strategies added
     Buffer your hop jumps, even in combos! 
     Jumping, Final Battle sections moved
     Minor stuff

Changes from Primal Rage 2.3 FAQ v1.6
     Combos added (streakers confirmed :)
     ASCII fixed *again*, esp. in moves section
     NEW UPGRADE is not coming...? :-(
     misc. minor stuff

Changes from Primal Rage 2.3 FAQ v1.5
     Combos added
     Simultaneous Attack Collisions added
     Infernal & Gut Buster moves fixed
     Some move descriptions modified (esp. Cannonball, Inferno Flash)
     Raining Cows (and Bricks & Ice Balls!) confirmed
     New Final Battle bug added
     Note to Combos section added (& "streakers"?)
     PR coming to home systems!!!
     Cross-up corner trap added
     More boss/upgrade rumors added
     More streamlining & misc stuff

Changes from Primal Rage 2.3 FAQ v1.0
     Storyline (from the GamePro PR Arcade Players Guide!)
     Meet the Critters (with statistics swiped from the Guide!)
     All 3rd fatalities confirmed
     Blizzard's Mega Punch descriptions corrected, many move descriptions
     Combos added
     Colors section elaborated
     Ballistic section elaborated (guess what source!)
     Scoring info added! (love that Guide!)
     More ASCII streamlining & touch-ups
     Ending pictures better described (still more thanx to the Guide!)
     Misc. trivial stuff

Changes from Primal Rage 2.3 FAQ v0.9
     More info on all 3rd fatalities added
     Info on Final Battle added
     Raining Cows added to Secrets 
     New colors added
     Combo section updated a little
     Moves also described in simplified code
     Total Domination, Quick Kill, Scoring info added
     CPU AI patterns added
     Several other misc. things added
     ASCII touch-ups & streamlining
     spell-checker, proofreading, minor corrections

Changes from FAQ (v1.3) for Primal Rage 1.7
     FAQ Updated for 2.3 Chips!
     Atari pack-in Chip info -- from the source!
     Combination Names!
     New Fatality Names!
     0.6 more PR!!! (???)
     Old combo listings removed/changed

Additions from FAQ (v 1.12):
     Even more accurate moves list!

Additions from FAQ (v 1.0):

     Sauron's Flesh Eating is there...oops!
     Armadon's Leaping Uppercut correction
     Primal Rage is on the Web!  (see Latest and Greatest)

Additions from FAQ (v .93):
     Chaos' Golden Shower and both Vertigo's fatalities have been
     Armadon's Meditation and Sauron's Flesh Eating fatalities!
     Combos like mad...multiple hits in the air explained
     Some minor corrections (Chaos, Diablo)

Additions from FAQ (v .9):
     Letter system is back to match the template on the game
     Clock and Counter changed to Toward and Away, respectively
     Volleyball secret on Sauron's stage!
     Corrections (Armadon, Diablo)
     Talon's Jugular Bite FOUND!
     More combos, endings
     Jumping section

Additions from FAQ (v .86):
     The minimum movements needed have been checked!
     Corrections for many of the characters!
     Joystick visuals added to Special Moves section
     Tabs are fixed!!!
     Slide for Talon and the apes added to the Normal Moves section
     More descriptions
     A couple more combos

Additions from FAQ (v .82):
     New Headings
     What's New section
     New Intro
     Combos section
     Offense and Defense Section
     New moves, fatalities, and how to chomp on humans!

+++++++++++++++ Table of Contents+++++++++++++++

1.  Introduction  (What is Primal Rage)
  1.1 Storyline
  1.2 Meet the Critters
2.  Moves List  (What can they do? The basic, funky, and wacky stuff)
  2.1  Normal Moves
  2.2  Special Moves
  2.3  Jumping
  2.4  Combos
3.  Brain Gauge  (duh...what's that?)
4.  Offense and Defense  (attack!  uh, run away!)
  4.1  Offense
  4.2  Defense
     4.2.1 Blocking
     4.2.2 Cross-up attacks
     4.2.3 Avoiding Projectiles
  4.3  Simultaneous Attack Collisions
  4.4 Total Domination, Quick Kill & Scoring
  4.5 CPU AI patterns
  4.6 Final Battle
5.  Endings (Spoilers here)
6.  Misc stuff (That's cheeze! No, it's not! and other stuff)
  6.1  Colors!
  6.2  Cheeze alert!
  6.3  Eat a worshiper!
  6.4  Going ballistic
  6.5  Sudden Death & the Clock
  6.6  Secrets
     6.6.1  Volleyball
     6.6.2  Bowling
     6.6.3  Raining Cows 'n' stuff!
  6.7  Free Play!
  6.8  PR Version
  6.9  NEW UPGRADE is not coming. :-(
7.  PR is out for home systems!!!!
   7.1 PR is coming to eleven home systems! Quick List.
   7.2 Brief descriptions of PR for various systems
      7.2.1 Game Boy/Game Gear PR
      7.2.2 SNES PR
      7.2.3 Genesis PR
      7.2.4 IBM PC CD-ROM PR
      7.2.5 32X PR
      7.2.6 3DO PR
      7.2.7 Jaguar CD PR
      7.2.8 PSX PR
      7.2.9 Saturn PR
   7.3 SNES, Genesis, 32X cheat codes & menus
   7.4 PR pulled from the store shelves?!?
8. Beyond the Game (Merchandising! :)
  8.1 PR chars in Dragon magazine!
  8.2 PR action figures!
  8.3 PR cards & cardgame rules
  8.4 PR soundtrack is out!!!
9.  Latest and Greatest (where and how to get updated versions of this
  9.1  Send me e-mail! (Confirmations? Corrections? Combos? Mail 'em! :)
10.  Credits (who we "borrowed" stuff from and famous people)

+++++++++++++++ 1.  Introduction+++++++++++++++++

In the future civilization dies in the cataclysms.  
The Draconians were born from the death of old Earth.  
Who will rule the new Urth?

Fighting games have recently swamped the arcades. They range from really
bad animation and graphics to just a plain old copy of another game.
Primal Rage changes that by having excellent graphics and unique
characters. But you say, "Who made this? Those dudes that made Asteroids?"
Yup, that's them. They have released two games in 1994 and Primal Rage is
one of them! Using what's called "Stop-Motion Animation," the graphics are
intense. You are given seven characters to choose from, ranging from
prehistoric dinosaurs to giant apes and mythological creatures. Atari has
put a lot of work into it. Two years worth! The special moves system is
also new and different (see Special Moves). Primal Rage debuted at the
1994 CES in Chicago, and was voted "Showstopper" by Game Pro Magazine.

Go see for yourself!

///1.1 Storyline///

     Before there were humans, gods walked the earth. They embodied the
essence of Hunger, Survival, Life, Death, Insanity, Decay, Good, and Evil.
They fought countless battles up through the Mesozoic Wars. Then Balsafas,
an archmage from a parallel dimension, anticipated the threat that Earth's
gods posed. He was not powerful enough to kill the gods, so instead he
banished one to a rocky tomb within the moon. This disrupted the fragile
balance between the gods; pandemonium ensued, and a great explosion threw
clouds of volcanic dust into the atmosphere. The dinosaurs died out, and
the surviving gods went into suspended animation.
     Now, the impact of a huge meteor strikes the Earth. Its destructive
force wipes out civilization, rearranges the continents, and frees the
imprisoned gods. Get ready to rumble...

///1.2 Meet the Critters///

ARMADON, God of Life 
a.k.a. "The Protector of the Ecosystem," "Tank Boy"
Based on: Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus
Height: 17 feet
Length: 27 feet
Weight: 2.25 tons
Rage Factor: +121%
Consumption Rate: 570 lbs. per day
Domain: the Hollows, a big underground chamber filled with stalactites and
stalagmites. There are numerous cave openings with worshipers living in

A big guy with lots of horns and spikes, Armadon is a slow mover and poor
jumper but has some of the game's easier combos, which are quite damaging
for their length. His combos run up to a maximum of 9-10 hits. Unlike the
other reptiles, Armie doesn't really "bite" but rather attacks with the
horn on his face. Probably the easiest character to use against the CPU,
because of his strength & high priority basic attacks. His original name
was "Spike" (perhaps that was before the game designers saw "The Land
Before Time"... ^_^)
    [from action figure Primal Profile]: "Guardian of the delicate and
fragile ecological balance, Armadon was the last of the dino-beasts to
emerge from his subterranean confines. Connected with Earth's lifeforce
and energy flow, Armadon ascended to save the planet from the dino-beasts
who want ultimate control over it. Ironically the battle for power raging
among the beasts has caused a nearly irreversible terminal imbalance on
the planet they are fighting to rule. Unable to tolerate the titans'
destruction of the planet, Armadon's mission is to put an end to the
battle for supremacy and the immense devastation caused by it."

BLIZZARD, God of Good
a.k.a. "The Noble Protector of Evolution," "Fahrenheit -451"
Based on: Gorilla/King Kong
Height: 20 feet
Weight: 1.8 tons
Rage Factor: +153%
Consumption Rate: 715 lbs. per day
Domain: the Cliff, an icy and mountainous area. There's a temple in the
mountainside to the right. The big mountain in the background has the
faint pattern of an ape face.

Blizzard is a big ape with powers of elemental cold and semi-invulnerable
rushing punches (sort of a de-evolved cross between Sub-Zero & Balrog :).
His freezing abilities are excellent for setting up killer combos, and his
air throw is good for cheezing the CPU. He can jump really high, too, but
lacks a Leaping Attack. Blizzard's recorded combos run up to 14 hits, more
if his multi-hit Punching Bag special move is involved.
    [from action figure Primal Profile]: "In order for life to continue
its natural progression, a delicate balance must be struck. This is the
atmosphere that Blizzard has fought for millions of years to maintain.
Enraged by the massive destruction he saw when he emerged from his primal
slumber, Blizzard has embarked on a relentless execution mission. As
guardian of natural evolution, Blizzard is determined to return Urth to
its former state. As leader of the Virtuous Beasts (Armadon, Blizzard,
Sauron, & Talon) Blizzard battles to return the balance to the Urth, even
if it means destroying each and every dino-beast in the process!"

CHAOS, God of Decay
a.k.a. "The Mighty Techno-Witch Doctor," "Bodily Function Man"
Based on: gorilla/Son of Kong 
Height: 17 feet
Weight: 1.1 tons
Rage Factor: 181.4%
Consumption Rate:  Tribe runs back and forth, following you
     You get hit --> Tribe is sad
     You hit your opponent --> Tribe cheers
     Do a combo that has three or more hits,  Crowd cheers: YIP! YIP! or ALRIGHT!
     Do a combo that does  Crowd
     Do Blizzard's Air Throw, Chaos' FoFury or Ground Shaker, Sauron's Air
Throw or Earthquake Stomp --> Both tribes fall down, then get back up
     Win a round --> Crowd cheers, does victory dances
     Lose a round --> Crowd is dejected; women weep, men stomp their feet
     Win a match --> Your tribe chases enemy tribe away
     You get dizzy --> Tribe members run forward and pray to you for help
     You do a combo --> As many tribe members as hits in your combo (up to
maximum of all your tribe present) run forward and worship your power
     Armadon does 5+ hit combo ending in Hornication Uppercut, or Vertigo
does 5+ hit combo ending in Come Slither --> Naked, inedible worshipers
dash across the screen
     Hit a tribesperson --> Person goes flying
     Eat a pterodactyl (Bonus Round only) --> Pterodactyl cries Ah-RAW!
and disappears in a tiny spatter of blood
     Eat a tribesperson --> Crowd goes EEEWWW. Victim screams AIEEEEEE!
(female) or UAAAAGH! (male). Tastes like chicken! ^_^

///6.4  Going ballistic///

This feature occurs only in player vs. player matches. On version 1.7 &
presumably 2.3 as well, each character goes ballistic if he/she

1) Has 50% less health than the opponent
2) Has less than 30% health left
3) The character gets hit out of a special move, tripped by a low 3+4 or
certain special moves, thrown, or hit out of the air (i.e. gets knocked

The wounded character's brain meter crackles as if telegraphing a stun,
but when they get up they start flickering (the character constantly
switches between the current color and the Original Recipe, or else the
Original Recipe and the old alternate) and go into the ballistic state.
The character announces this state with a brief, recycled piece of
animation during which they can't hurt or be hurt by their opponent (like
the "full POW meter" animations in Samurai Shodown II). In the ballistic
state, all your attacks do significantly more damage. You can tell if you
are in that state if your character is flickering and has one of these
words under your character's name.

     Armadon - SAMADHI [Bed-o'-Nails animation]
     Blizzard - ZEN [Ice Geyser animation]
     Chaos - INSANE [Power Puke animation]
     Diablo - STEAMED [Incinerator fatality animation]
     Sauron - RAMPAGING [Primal Scream animation]
     Talon - BERSERK [Frantic Fury animation]
     Vertigo - RABID [hood flare from victory animation]

On version 1.7 and probably 2.3 as well, going ballistic has the following

1) your attacks do 40% more damage than usual [fractions are rounded down]
2) you receive 15% less damage from any attack
3) you take zero block-damage
4) you have no combo regulation (combos are normally regulated so that
after a certain number of hits, each successive hit does only so much
5) you can stay ballistic for 20 clock ticks at the most

In tug-of-war mode (where both dinos share one big lifebar, available on
PR for the IBM PC, Jaguar, 3DO, & PSX) it is possible, albeit unlikely,
for both players be ballistic at the same time.

///6.5 Sudden Death & the Clock///

   A PR match is best two out of three rounds. Round one is "First Blood,"
round two is "Vengeance", and round three [if there is one] is
"Domination." Each of these rounds begins when the announcer says "RAGE!"
and lasts for up to sixty seconds. The last ten seconds are accompanied by
shrill cricket chirps, as a reminder that you're running out of time. If
the two of you still have health left by the end of the round, you'll both
be knocked down. Then the one with the most energy will get back up; the
other guy will stay flat on his back. This is a "time over" victory, which
is announced with the words "[char name] WINS." You'll also see "[char
name] WINS" when either character gains his first victory, time over or
     A "decisive" victory, in which you completely exhaust your opponent's
health meter, will fry his brain meter and explode his heart meter. If
your first victory is decisive, he'll keel over in an "I lost" animated
sequence. If your second win is a decisive victory, then he'll be stunned
for a few moments while you can try a fatality. Should you not do the
fatality correctly, or hit him with any move by accident, he'll keel over
again. In any case, you'll see the words "[char name] CONQUERS." Note that
if your second victory is a time over win, you won't have the opportunity
to perform a fatality. Your current victories are represented near your
life meter with a little claw-symbol.
     A draw in PR is announced with the words "DEAD EVEN" and does not
count as a win for either contestant. If the third round ends without a
clear winner [both characters have zero wins, or one win each], you both
get knocked down and go immediately into a "Sudden Death" round as you get
up. This round lasts for only 30 seconds [20 seconds on version 1.7] and
has a meteor shower thrown in.  Both players begin with a full bar of
health. As the round progresses, each players' health automatically
decreases at a steady rate and both fight as usual until one loses.
Whoever wins the Sudden Death round wins the match, and has the usual
opportunity to perform a fatality on the loser.
     Since both characters' energy bars are empty by the end of the 30
seconds, neither character can get a "time over" victory during Sudden
Death. If Sudden Death ends in a draw, then both opponents lose and you
lose your credit. During the continue countdown, instead of one victorious
critter & one unconscious critter, you'll see both contestants lying
unconscious, side by side.

///6.6  Secrets - Volleyball, Bowling, Raining Cows 'n' Stuff///

6.6.1  Volleyball

When you and an opponent are on Sauron's stage, have one player do a combo
on the other. Once you do this, worshipers will run out and start bowing.
Have one player who is close to the worshiper hit him. The worshiper
should bounce over to the other player. Before the worshiper lands, have
the other player hit the worshiper back. After bouncing the worshiper back
and forth ten times, a judge on a high chair and a net will pop up and the
round clock stop. You and your opponent can now play volleyball with a
helpless human! Once a player reaches a score of three, you resume
fighting. You can eat the "ball" too. With Vertigo, I ate the ball twice
when I hit quick bite! I lost the point because of that!

6.6.2  Bowling

On any stage, have two Armadon players continuously execute the Spinning
Death on each other.  After three Spinning Death collisions, the players
bowl two frames! Ten worshipers will get into a bowling pin formation and
let you roll over them with the Spinning Death.

6.6.3 Raining Cows 'n' Stuff! [confirmed by jdavis@iglou.com (Jason

Mentioned in the "Primal Rage Arcade Player's Guide" by the guys at
GamePro. Play as Chaos in his home stage (the Ruins). Arrange for a Sudden
Death round to take place (see below). If you do a FoFury so that the
green cloud is in the air as the Sudden Death begins, the sky will rain
cows instead of meteors. If you don't do an FoFury on Chaos' stage, the
sky will rain bricks. If Sudden Death occurs on Blizzard's stage, the sky
will rain ice balls. This feature doesn't seem to be in SNES PR (which is
also missing the standard meteor shower during Sudden Death).

///6.7 Free Play!///

When you have to pay for your game, putting less than 1 credit in a PR
machine makes the sound of a cricket chirp, and putting 1 credit in makes
a pterodactyl cry. But you'll know that a PR 2.3 machine has been set to
"free play" if the words DEMO ONLY appear near the top of the screen. Free
play mode is a great opportunity to practice your combos! Player vs.
player battles work as usual, but you can't lose to the CPU. All CPU
opponents will fight as if they were the first enemy on a normal
difficulty setting; what's more, you can't lose energy! No matter how many
times the CPU bites you, you'll get a TOTAL DOMINATION with every match
(and you can still enter your score at the end like usual)! I'm pretty
sure this wasn't the case for the free play setting on version 1.7; can
anyone confirm?

///6.8  PR version///

To check what version of PR your arcade has, push up on the left joystick
and pull down on the right simultaneously, during the title screen. The
"production version" is 1.7. If you have a beta version, bug your arcade
owner to get it updated! The "Hot New Version 2" that Atari has made a
spiffy Blizzard sign for is 2.3, and has "Version 2.3" on the title screen
in big letters made of bones. It has many features that will turn various
players on or off, depending...

Not-so-brief list of version 2.3 changes:

-demo mode intro text has letters made of bones instead of black letters
-one new fatality for each character added
-eating humans adds much more energy to your health meter
-100% health bug from ver 1.7 fixed
-gameplay speed changed
     Diablo, Sauron, most leaping attacks, most projectiles sped up
     Armadon, Blizzard, Talon slowed down
-Simultaneous attack collisions tuned: "sweet spots" removed,
quick->fierce->power->quick "round robin" priority system added
-little SF2-style "Christmas Lights" added; they flash with every strike,
blocked or not
-gone are the faint "blue shields" that used to appear when blocking
-generally, damage to heart & brain meters decreased, but block-damage to
heart increased 
-block-damage usually won't kill you
-if you're on the ground, projectiles don't knock you down anymore
-combo names, Total Domination, Quick Kill features added
-Sudden Death lasts for 30 seconds instead of 20
-hop jumps can now be used vs the CPU
-CPU's "AI" patterns changed; many old tricks no longer work, but some new
tricks do
-"fatality"/"no fatality" music added; other music enriched w/more
-a previous high score drops to 2nd when beaten
-In free play mode, the words "DEMO ONLY" appear & CPU can't hurt you 
-all Leaping Attacks can be blocked 
-all Stomps can be blocked and/or done in the air
-Armadon's Spinning Death and Mega Charge don't go under projectiles
-Armadon can volley his victim after the Mega Charge
-Blizzard's Freeze Breath inflicts damage; Freeze Breath & Ice Geyser
don't last as long
-Chaos' Battering Ram makes an annoying new sound
-Chaos' Cannonball finishing move can kill enemies on any stage 
-Diablo's Torch combos more easily
-Diablo's Inferno Flash can be blocked
-Talon's low 4 is cheezey to use twice in a combo
-Talon can attack (or be attacked) as he rebounds from the Brain Basher
-Talon's Pounce & Flip does no block-damage
-Talon's Shredder fatality made gorier
-Vertigo has a new teleport, and can do both old & new teleports in the

///6.9 NEW UPGRADE is not coming. :-(///

Another update for Primal Rage was scheduled for Jan '95. It was supposed
to add a boss character; the December '94 issue of GamePro magazine had a
tantalizing silhouette of who the new Rage boss might have been. He looked
like a horned dracolich [animate dragon skeleton], with three claws on
each limb and three spines on the end of his tail. GamePro's sources
mentioned rumors that the boss would have been capable of flight and
possessed an energy-siphoning power. But, alas...

John Bailon, Southern Hills Golfland (H20ORSNO@aol.com) writes:
>FYI, Atari/TWI decided to scrap the second update PR that was slated for
release early this year.  It seems that too many operators complained that
the 2.3 update actually made their collections worse and went back to the
original version 1. 

riesenberger@agames.com adds: 
>Sorry, bub, no new upgrades.  
>The Final Battle is also the reason that there will not be another
graphic upgrade:  The "boss" that was supposed to appear during Final
Battle was viewed as not-enough-bang-for-the-buck.  Here at Time Warner
Interactive, we've been too busy working on the sequel...

+++ 7.  PR is out for home systems! **NEW INFO**+++

///7.1 PR is coming to eleven home systems! Quick List.///

dlenna@micro.ti.com (Dmitri Lenna) passes on some very interesting
information from Intelligent Gamer Online:

>[Ed. We contacted Tracy Egan at Time Warner Interactive regarding Primal
Rage and T-MEK, and here's what we learned for you: coding of some Primal
Rage translations began when the arcade games were still in their first
(1.x) revisions, but the programmers went back and retroactively added
features to the 1.7 code to improve it. As a result, several of the
versions (namely the Genesis and handheld games) will be "hybrids,"
drawing features from 1.7 and 2.3 where appropriate. The SNES and
next-generation versions, on the other hand, will all use Primal Rage
version 2.3 code, as we were told that those systems would better be able
to handle it.

                               Primal Rage Update

In response to reader inquiries on the subject of Primal Rage (see the IG
Online E-mailbag for issue seven) home translations, here's the latest
information straight from Time Warner Interactive (updated by yours

   Arcade: 32MB, 7 Gods, people, 70+ moves, 9 special moves (3 fatalities)
per God, combo names, Easter Eggs

///Current Releases (available from your local store)///

   Game Boy: 0.25 MB, 6 Gods (Vertigo is gone), no people, 16 moves, 4
special moves (1 fatality) per God, no combo names, no Easter Eggs, no new
   Game Gear: 0.5 MB, 6 Gods (Vertigo is gone), no people, 16 moves, 4
special moves (1 fatality) per God, no combo names, no Easter Eggs, no new
   SNES: 3 MB, 7 Gods, people, 70+ moves, 9 special moves (3 fatalities)
per God, no combo names, Easter Eggs, no new stuff
   Genesis: 3 MB, 7 Gods, people, 70+ moves, 8-9 special moves (2
fatalities) per God, no combo names, Easter Eggs, no new stuff
   IBM PC CD-ROM: 250 MB, 7 Gods, people, 70+ moves, 9 special moves (3
fatalities) per God, combo names, Easter Eggs, new play modes
   Jaguar CD: 250 MB, 7 Gods, people, 70+ moves, 9 special moves (3
fatalities) per God, no combo names, Easter Eggs, new play modes
   3DO: 250 MB, 7 Gods, people, 70+ moves, 9 special moves (3 fatalities)
per God, no combo names, Easter Eggs, new animated sequences, new play
   PSX: 250 MB, 7 Gods, people, 70+ moves, 9 special moves (3 fatalities)
per God, combo names, Easter Eggs, new animated sequences, new play modes
   32X: 4 MB, 7 Gods, people, 70+ moves, 8-9 special moves (2 fatalities)
per God, no combo names, Easter Eggs, no new stuff

///Forthcoming Releases///

Saturn PR's release date was pushed all the way back to May '96 - how long
can they keep us waiting? The Electronic Gaming Monthly 2 "Fighting Games
Special" issue (number 23) devotes a couple pages to the forthcoming
Saturn PR, complete with game-screen pictures, so I presume the game IS
going to be out... eventually.
   Rumor has it that plans for Mac CD PR have been scrapped. If I learn
different, I'll be sure to let y'all know. :-(

   Saturn: 250 MB, 7 Gods, people, 70+ moves, 9 special moves (3
fatalities) per God, new animated sequences, Easter Eggs

New Stuff: 3-D Cinematic Opening Sequence, New Animated End-Game
Sequences, New Play Options.
Easter Eggs: Look for arcade favorites plus new cheat modes.

  On a side note if I may.. the Megs refers to MegaBytes; video game
companies for some reason or another use MegaBits. Video game magazines
have will the SNES and Genesis versions listed at 24 megs, and the 32X  at
32 megs. GB will be 1 Meg and GGear will be 2. As for the CDROMs, I  don't
imagine those are exact, but as an old high school physics teacher used to
say "Close enough for Government work" :).

///7.2 Brief descriptions of PR for various systems///

I've had hands-on experience with only the arcade, SNES, Genesis, and IBM
PC versions of PR. All the information I have on the other versions is
gathered from magazines, newsgroups, e-mail from helpful PR fans, etc.

7.2.1 Game Boy/Game Gear PR

A great deal has been lost in the translation, including many moves &
fatalities, combo names, and poor Vertigo. The remaining special moves are
done differently than in the arcade. Consult the PR for Game Boy/Game Gear
movelist to find out how. We've finally found Diablo's fatality, and do
let me know if any of the other moves are incorrect! Most of the moves are
from published PR guidebooks, but the guides aren't always right (they got
Diablo's fatality and a few others wrong).

7.2.2 SNES PR 

Overall, PR for the Super Nintendo is a good translation of arcade PR 2.3.
All basic moves, special moves, & fatalities are there, but Chaos' Golden
Shower fatality is censored. When you do the Golden Shower, Chaos just
stands there and a censor sign (the No Cheeze meter without the cheeze)
appears. When you do Chaos' Churl...

peter.bott@swcbbs.com (PETER BOTT) writes:
>i've seen chaos suck the churl in, and i've seen it go by him or not even
reach him too.  it all depends on where chaos is on the screen when he
does the fatality.  

     Unfortunately, some moves (especially fatalities) are hard to do on
standard SNES control pads. A Capcom joystick works OK; C&L arcade-quality
joystick is reportedly the best kind. SNES PR's other disadvantages
include the lack of combo names, increased knockback (so that a few arcade
combos don't work), and you can only reconfigure the buttons to one of
twelve pre-set options, instead of being able to assign any basic attack
to any button. 
    There is a sound test mode you can access anytime, and a cheat menu
you can access with a code. BTW the instruction manual incorrectly says
you must be at least difficulty level 7 to reach the Bonus Round/Final
Battle. You actually have to play at difficulty level 10 (the factory
default) or higher to reach the Bonus Round/Final Battle.

7.2.3 Genesis PR 

This cart is quite inferior to the SNES version, and the PC version tops
'em both. Genesis PR's graphics and sound are of course poorer. The
characters lack all the new moves and fatalities that were added to arcade
version 2.3. There are no combo names. Worst of all, many more arcade
combos are missing for no good reason. Sauron cannot chain two 1s
together, Talon cannot chain a low 1 into a low 4, etc. It isn't a
question of knockback; the combos simply don't work. There is a "Training
Mode" play option, where you can fight one match against the CPU opponent
of your choice; big whoop. There is also a cheat menu you can access with
a code.
    Genesis PR does have one advantage over SNES PR. Unlike SNES PR,
Genesis PR lets you reconfigure your controller as you please, and assign
any basic attack to any controller button. 

7.2.4 PR for the IBM PC CD-ROM 

IMHO, this is possibly the best translation out there. It easily surpasses
the SNES/Genesis/GB/GG versions. The graphics are excellent. The music &
sound effects have been completely redone, and are OK - though on my sound
card, some of the background music can hardly be recognized as the tunes
from the arcade. Best of all, there are combo names! At this time, the
only home-system translations known to have combo names are PR for the IBM
PC and Sony Playstation.
    In IBM PC PR, special moves are done differently on the
keyboard/2-button joystick than in the arcade. If you use a four-button
joystick, all special moves are the same as in the arcade. I recommend
getting a Gravis four-button PC joystick, which is amazingly cheap ($25 or
less). With the Gravis joystick in hand, the gameplay control is quite
satisfactory; I can do my 14+ hit combos just fine. You can reconfigure
your keyboard/joystick controls as you please. 
   There is some load time off the CD before the start a match (or in the
Final Battle/elimination play modes, when a new dino jumps in). It isn't
very long (20 seconds max?), unless you used the "small install" option to
squeeze PR onto your PC. There's a shorter pause when the game loads
fatalities. During the actual gameplay, load time is almost nonexistent.
There's a brief pause when you first eat a human, but not much else.
   PR for the IBM PC offers two new play modes: tug-of-war, where both
critters share one big life bar (like the Death Match mode of World Heroes
:), and elimination, where each player picks several dinos. There is no
new animation for the intro/ending sequences, though. 
   There are few glitches. One of the more noticeable is that Vertigo's
low 3+4 has almost zero range, even though her tail covers half the
screen(???). For more info on PR for the PC (including all keyboard
moves), consult the PR for IBM PC FAQ.

7.2.5 32X PR

Like Genesis PR, 32X PR is a translation of the earlier arcade version
1.7. That means all the new moves & fatalities added in version 2.3 aren't
there. No combo names, either. :-( There is a cheat menu, and you don't
need a code to access it.

7.2.6 3DO PR

PR for the 3DO has brand-new animated intro (and ending???) sequences,
plus the option of tug-of-war and endurance play modes. There are no combo
names. The character animation is reportedly quite well-done, although the
sprites are a little smaller than the PSX version. There seems to be at
least one bug:

anstey@sun.soe.clarkson.edu (Charles Anstey) writes:
>I was playing as Vertigo against the computer and performed a fatality
against Chaos.  When I got to the final battle, I had to fight Chaos
first.  This is where the bug is.
   The first time, I got hit at the start with his FoFury cloud and I 
disappeared from the screen, not teleporting, and never came back. Chaos
just kept jumping and attacking where I used to be but he never hit me and
I couldn't do anything.  RESET. The second time, I was able to avoid the
starting fart cloud, but 10 seconds later I did the Voodoo Spell and then
I just disappeared. Chaos again continued attacking where I used to be,
but I was gone permanently. RESET.  
   It seems that if you are playing Vertigo (I haven't tried any others
yet), and do a fatality on Chaos, and have to fight him first in the final
battle, Vertigo will disappear and never reappear for no apparent  reason.

7.2.7 Jaguar CD PR

Jaguar CD PR reportedly has somewhat smoother animation than PSX PR, the
trade-off being that Jaguar PR has smaller sprites. Elimination (both
players pick several dinos) and tug-of-war (both players share one big
lifebar) play modes are included. There is no new intro/ending animation.
No combo names, either. The combo system is reportedly altered (read:
"screwed up"); some arcade combos don't work on the Jaguar, and
   When playing this game, don't confuse the numbers on the Jaguar joypad
with the numbers we use to describe the moves. In this FAQ, numbers refer
to the different attack buttons. Like all CD translations, Jaguar CD PR
has a certain amount of load time.

7.2.8 PSX PR

PR for the Sony Playstation has brand-new animated intro and ending
sequences, plus the option of tug-of-war play mode (where both dinos share
one big lifebar). This just in - PSX PR does indeed have combo names!!! At
this time, the only home-system translations known to have combo names are
PR for the IBM PC and Sony Playstation. The character sprites are very
large, about 90% of arcade size, though some animation frames are
reportedly missing. Here's a brief description of the new animated intro.

Gameboy@ix.netcom.com (William Longworth) writes:
>There is a sequence showing a comet striking an asteroid, which sends a
hail of meteors down on the Earth. The meteors smash into buildings and
generally wreck the joint. There is then a sequence showing Sauron and
Talon squaring off in the rubble of a burning city (near a strangely
well-preserved auto). There is no fighting, just edging around each other.
The whole thing concludes with a blurry still and a cut to the arcade
title screen.  
   Most of the effects are badly done in the intro, and the characters
look like the victims of bad morph targets or really clumsy skeletal
deformation. They look better standing still than moving.  

7.2.9 Saturn PR

I haven't seen it on the store shelves yet, but according to the EGM2
preview it'll have new cinematic sequences & endings. There's even a
picture or two or Armadon in the hollows, and Chaos beating his chest. The

Easter Eggs (bowling, volleyball, skydiving cows) will also be in there,
and the chars will have all their version 2.3 moves. 

/// 7.3 SNES, Genesis, 32X Cheat Codes & menus///

The SNES cheat code is courtesy of GamePro's "Primal Rage Official
Player's Guide" for SNES, Genesis, GB & GG, written by John Fisher with
Allan McGraw! I've tested this code on my SNES, and it works. To access
the cheat menu on SNES PR, press the following sequence on the control pad
at the Start/Options screen (L = Left, R = Right):

L, L, L, R, R, L, L, R, R, R, L, R

A "Cheats" option will appear. Selecting it brings up the following menu:

///The SNES Cheat Menu///

   Plr 1   1 Hit Wins - one hit kills player 2 (all player 1's attacks
inflict 100% damage, even special moves that don't normally hurt his
   Plr 2   1 Hit Wins 
   Plr 1   Invulnerability - player 1 doesn't suffer health damage when
attacked (unless the 1 Hit Wins cheat is activated for player 2)
   Plr 2   Invulnerability
   Freeplay - you get unlimited continues
   Silent Turbo Mode - you can play the game at turbo speed, but without

The Primal Rage Official Player's Guide incorrectly implies that the SNES
cheat code works on PR for the Sega Genesis. The true Genesis cheat code
has been published in the January 1996 issue of GamePro magazine. I've
tested this code on my Genesis, and it works. To access the "Extra
Options" cheat menu on Genesis PR, press the following sequence on the
control pad at the Start/Options screen (L = Left, R = Right, U = Up):

L, U, R, R, U, L, R, R, L, L, U

According to the March '96 issue of GamePro, you can gain access to the
"Extra Options" cheat menu on 32X PR simply by putting the curser on
"Start" at the Start/Options screen. The Genesis & 32X cheat menus are
almost exactly the same. The only difference is the 32X cheat menu doesn't
have the "Okay, Right?" option, which doesn't seem to do anything in
Genesis PR anyway. 

///The Genesis/32X Cheat Menu///

   Freeplay - you get unlimited continues
   No Damage to PL1 - player 1 doesn't suffer health damage when attacked
   No Damage to PL2
   No Dizzy Damage to PL1 - player 1 doesn't suffer dizzy damage when
   No Dizzy Damage to PL2
   One Hit Kills PL1 - one hit kills player 1
   One Hit Kills PL2
   One Hit Dizzies PL1 - one hit makes player 1 dizzy
   One Hit Dizzies PL2
   Disable Countdown - the end-of-battle countdown is eliminated
   Disable PAUSED Message - the pause message is erased when you pause the
   Soak Test - in demo mode, the CPU repeatedly fights whole matches
against itself
   Start at Feast Round - the game starts at the Bonus/Feast Round, just
before the Final Battle
   Play Bowling Game - take a wild guess. ^_^
   Okay Right? - I don't think this does anything(?) It isn't in the 32X
cheat menu.
   Disable Extra Options - takes away the Extra Options menu until you
re-enter the cheat code
   DONE! - Takes you back to Start/Options screen

///7.4 PR pulled from the store shelves?!?///

The June '96 issue of GamePro confirms what has been disbelievingly
shunted about the net: one outraged mother managed to get Primal Rage
pulled from store shelves across the country. 
   Ellie Rovella of Gilbert, Arizona became incensed when her 11-year-old
son bought and played Genesis PR, using GamePro's strategy guide to
execute Chaos' Golden Shower fatality (in which Chaos kills his opponent
with his acidic urine). Rovella was so outraged she not only returned the 
game, but also launched a grass-roots campaign with the following results:
Target has removed Primal Rage from 22 stores, and Best Buy has pulled it
from 251 stores all over the country. Rovella has established an
800-number to spread the word and protested to several US senators.

GamePro ProNews writes:
   "Time Warner Interactive, maker of the game, points out some key facts
in its response to the boycott. First, it maintains that Rovella never
contacted TWI directly and instead immediately took her fight to the
media. When contacted by unhappy consumers, TWI tries to satisfy them and
often reimburses them, but Rovella never gave TWI a chance to plead its
case. Second, the game has been played by millions of gamers at home and
in arcades since 1994, and this is the first major complaint TWI has
heard; if Primal Rage is so offensive, why hasn't anyone protested before?
Third, the game was rated by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board
(ESRB) as being appropriate for teens [age 13 and up], a fact prominently
displayed on the packaging (along with
a graphic description of the game's violent action). By the ESRB's
standard, her son was to young to be playing the game."

   Let me also remind y'all that SNES PR specifically censored Chaos'
Golden Shower fatality, though as far as I know Rovella got _all_ types of
PR pulled from the store shelves. :-( I think Derek Dinges' letter to the
editor of the Mesa, Arizona _Tribune_ puts it best: "If I want to purchase
such a game, it should be up to me. I am an adult, and I should not be
inconvenienced just because one woman feels the subject matter of the game
is inappropriate... If Ms. Rovella wants to discourage her son from buying
certain games... then she needs to take that up with her son. Otherwise
leave me and my constitutional rights alone."
   I encourage y'all to rally your pens to Primal Rage's defense. Write
your senator or your retailer, and let them know what you think.

++++++ 8.  Beyond the Game (Merchandising! :)++++++++

///8.1 PR characters in Dragon magazine!///

Dragon magazine issue #223 has an article about putting Primal Rage
characters in a fantasy role-playing game scenario! It has detailed
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons statistics for Blizzard, Talon, & Vertigo. The
folks at TSR seem to think that Armadon is the God of Good, Blizzard the
God of Survival, and Talon the God of Death. I disagree, for reasons
briefly explained in my transcript of the article - feel free to e-mail me
(vctr113062@aol.com) for a copy!

///8.2 PR action figures///

From the Feb/March '96 issue of "Tomart's Action Figure Digest":
    "Primal Rage, the hit arcade and home video game from Time Warner
Interactive, enters a third dimension with the unveiling of the action
figure line from Playmates at Toy Fair '96. Many of the creatures'
fighting features have been captured in the figures' actions so that kids
can act out the battle for survival with their favorite living, breathing,
prehistoric characters. With more than a million units of the game in
circulation, there will be plenty of recognition for the brand... and it
looks like another good year for dinosaurs even if kids know nothing about
the game."

Well, the generous folks at TWI sent me free samples of the Sauron, Talon,
& Vertigo action figures (thanks so much!!!). They were so cool I had to
complete my collection w/Armadon, Blizzard, Chaos & Diablo when they hit
the shelves. I found 'em for sale at Kay-Bee Toy & Hobby, and a little
cheaper at Toys R Us. The figures were selling out amazingly fast,
especially the reptiles; I had to drive all the way across town to find
    I have the Primal Rage Basic Assortment set of seven figures. Each is
about six inches tall, and intended for ages 4 and up (some accessories
are small and can be a choking hazard for very young children). They are
vividly painted, mostly in their default colors. All of them have jointed
shoulders & hips, and some extra moveable joints. They're composed of
reasonably durable plastic (Chaos/Vertigo are partly rubber). Each critter
is individually numbered, comes with accessories (claw-shaped dino
overshoes or the like, a worshiper, two Rage cards, a rendition of their
background on cardboard), and has a special "Primal Power." The storyline
for these critters has been tweaked just a tiiiiiny bit; for example, the
rapacious Sauron is now a Virtuous Beast (just be sure to keep those
steakburgers comin'!)
   See section 1.2, "Meet the Critters" for action figure stats and
storylines. Here's a quick take on the toys themselves (I tested all their
special features, too! :).

    -Armadon is light tan with a sparse few deep brown stripes; his eyes
are green with round pupils. He has moveable joints at the shoulders,
hips, tail base, and neck. For accessories, he has a Spiked Tail Mace,
Armored Horn, and worshiper. Special features: pull back Armie's left arm
to make his Bed-o'-Nails spikes extend from his back; push forward his
tail to launch his spring-loaded tail spikes. Do watch out; the spikes
really will fly across the room! Armie is a Virtuous Beast (good guy).

    -Blizzard is white-furred with blue skin and a soft tuft of white
hair; his eyes are yellow with round pupils. He has moveable joints at the
shoulders, elbows, hips, tail base, and neck. For accessories, he has Ice
Pulverizers and a worshiper. Special features: rotate the wheel on his
back or pull and release his arms to make him swing his Pulverizing Mega
Punch. Blizzard is the leader of the Virtuous Beasts (good guys).

    -Chaos is pink-furred with grey skin and a soft tuft of pink hair; his
eyes are yellow with round pupils. He has moveable joints at the
shoulders, elbows, waist, and hips. For accessories, he has a Shaman
Staff, Skull Pounder, and worshiper. Special features: hold Chaos' head
underwater and squeeze his body to fill him up; then aim his face and
squeeze again for his Churl attack. He can spit water only a few feet.
Since he's designed to squirt water, his head and midsection are soft
rubber instead of hard plastic. (No, the figure does not have a Golden
Shower feature - get yer mind outta the gutter! :) Chaos is a Destructive
Dino (bad guy).

   -Diablo is deep red with black stripes; his eyes are brown with slitted
pupils. He has moveable joints at the jaw, shoulders, hips, and tail base.
You have to "plug in" his tail, a task that requires strong hands. ^_^ For
accessories, he has Pulverizer Claws, Blistering Lava Rocks, and a
worshiper. Special features: pull his right arm to make his jaws open and
shut. Load the Lava Rock (fireball) into Diablo's mouth, then pull his
right arm to make him launch his Fireball Attack. Diablo is leader of the
Destructive Dinos (bad guys).
    Diablo is the only PR action figure whose special feature wouldn't
work for me. The lava rocks wouldn't fit in the launcher within his mouth,
and the launch mechanism itself didn't seem to be working. I don't know
whether it's a defect in my particular figure, an oversight in the figure
design, or merely my innate clumsiness. Diablo's mouth will still go
chomp-chomp-chomp when I pull his arm.

   -Sauron looks the most like his arcade counterpart. He's deep yellow
with royal purple stripes; his eyes are yellow with slitted pupils. He has
moveable joints at the jaw, shoulders, hips, and tail base. You have to
"plug in" his tail, a task that requires strong hands. ^_^ For
accessories, he has Clip-on Carnage Chewing Jaws, Earthquake Stomping
Claws, and a worshiper. Special features: pull on his right arm to make
his jaws open and shut, in the Bone Bash attack. Sauron is a Virtuous
Beast (good guy).

   -Talon is deep orange with white crest, underbelly, and feet. He has a
pattern of hollow black diamonds outlined with white striping his back,
tail, and legs; the second half of his tail is all black. His eyes are red
with slitted pupils. He has moveable joints at the shoulders, hips, and
tail base. You have to "plug in" his tail, a task that requires strong
hands. ^_^ For accessories, he has Ripper Wrist Claws, Frantic Fury Foot
Claws, and a worshiper. Special features: pull up on his arms until they
lock, then push his one of his legs back to make him whip down his arms in
the Slasher Attack. Talon is a Virtuous Beast (good guy).

   -Vertigo is deep blue with green tinges and aqua stripes/splotches. Her
eyes are purple with slitted pupils. She has moveable joints at the jaw,
shoulders, hips, and tail base. You have to "plug in" her tail, a task
that requires strong hands. ^_^ For accessories, she has the Voodoo Spell
Staff, Scorpion Sting Tail, and a worshiper. Special features: put her
head underwater and squeeze her body to fill her up. Then point her head
and squeeze her again for her Venom Spit. Vertie can squirt water farther
than Chaos can (up to a yard or more)! Since she's designed to squirt
water, her head and midsection are soft rubber instead of hard plastic.
Vertie is a Destructive Dino (bad gal).

The Feb '96 issue of "Lee's Action Figure News & Toy Review" suggests that
a special set of larger PR action figures is coming soon:
   "The Super Rage assortment will contain both good and bad dino-beasts,
and will be done in a larger 9" format. Figures will include: Primal Rage
Sauron, Diablo, Blizzard, and Talon.
   "Each Super Rage figure will be individually numbered and come on a
blister card, with Exclusive Primal Rage Collector Game Card Starter
Packs, accessories and Mini-Loyal Follower Action Figure (for Mmmm... good
dino dinin')."

For more on Playmates' PR toys, check out their World Wide Web site at 


///8.3 PR cards & cardgame rules///

There were a few PR cards in an issue of Game Players magazine from at
least a year ago; good luck finding it. They had a picture of each
character's head on the front and a few moves on the back (some of them
incorrect). The pictures are the most fascinating thing about them;
they're not typical game-screen or action-figure shots. Though the
critters are colored like the action figures, they're more detailed; for
example, you can see each individual feather in Talon's crest.

Now, about the PR card game. The PR action figures each come with two Rage
cards, one of the figure's char, one of a randomly selected other char.
The cards each have a picture of the critter with some text describing
him/her on the front. Each PR critter has two cards devoted to him/her,
with slightly different pictures and identical text. Players can collect
these cards and use them to play the Rage! game, by the following rules:

   1) The game can be played by two or more players.
   2) Shuffle and deal all of the cards face down in front of each player.
Begin with the player to the left of the dealer.
   3) Each player takes the top card on their pile, turns it face up and
adds it to a pile in the middle of the players.
   4) If a matched pair of characters appears, the first player to shout
"RAGE!" takes the pile of cards in the middle and places these cards at
the bottom of the pile in front of them.
   5) If two players shout "RAGE!" at the same time, the players must face
off in head to head battle where they play each other. The first player to
shout "RAGE!" dominates and takes both piles of cards.
   6) A player who shouts "RAGE!" when there is no match, places all their
cards face up in the pile in the middle of the players.
   7) The game is over when the other players are out of cards, and the
last player who has collected all the cards dominates the new "Urth."

If anyone out there wants to trade Primal Rage/Mortal Kombat/Street
Fighter cards, please
do e-mail me at vctr113062@aol.com! ^_^

///8.4 PR soundtrack is out!!!///

You probably won't find it on store shelves, but you can mail-order a CD
soundtrack of remixed PR music from Rage On Records! "All the Rage" is one
of my favorite music CDS (along with my Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat,
and Tekken soundtracks ^_^).
   The soundtrack is produced by Jeanne Parson (creator of all music and
sound effects for arcade PR!) and Lisa Jaime. Since many PR background
music themes are fairly short, they've been extended/mixed with additional
melody, percussion, instruments, and occasionally lyrics. For example,
Talon's song has a violin melody above the drumbeat rhythm of his usual
background music. In addition to the background tunes of the seven chars,
there are three brand-new songs, for a total of ten hits.
   The PR soundtrack costs $15; shipping may be extra if you live outside
the USA. Checks should be made out to Rage On Records and sent to

Rage On Records
P.O. Box 56382
Hayward, CA 94545

You can e-mail Rage On Records at RageOnRecs@aol.com. I'd suggest doing so
before sending your order, if only to be sure they still have "All the
Rage" in stock!

++++++++++++ 9.  The Latest and Greatest++++++++++++

///9.1 How to get this FAQ///

1) From the newsgroups

I post the FAQ to comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action, rec.games.video.3do,
rec.games.video.arcade, rec.games.video.atari, rec.games.video.nintendo,
rec.games.video.sega, and rec.games.video.sony whenever I've updated it.
When someone requests a repost, I repost the FAQ to the newsgroup on which
the request was made. 

2)  By ftp

Type the following commands to get the latest version of this FAQ :-)

> ftp ftp.netcom.com
> Login:- anonymous
> Password:- [Your e-mail address, e.g. eqr5maliki@clstr.unl.ac.uk]
> cd pub/vidgames/faqs
> hash
> get [filename]
> quit

if you can't get into netcom by ftp, use their e-mail server.. it used to
quite fast : ftp-request@netcom.com

3)  By WWW

Check out the ProPage area in Game Zero Magazine's new World Wide Web
site! They've got many other video game FAQs in addition to this one.


4)  By e-mail

If you want this guide by e-mail then send me (Victar, vctr113062@aol.com)
your e-mail address and I'll e-mail you a copy. I'll attach it as a file
in ASCII text unless you specify some other WordPerfect compatible format.

Other PR documents you can find from these sources:

The PR condensed movelist (squeezing all joystick moves onto four pages)
The PR for Game Boy/Game Gear movelist (now with Diablo's fatality!)
The PR for IBM PC FAQ (includes all moves for the keyboard)

///9.2  Send me e-mail and nobody gets hurt! ^_^///

If you find any additional information, corrections, confirmations, or
combos (especially Chaos' BOUNCER combos! :), please e-mail 'em to me at
vctr113062@aol.com. I'm sometimes sluggish with the replies, but I do read
all my e-mail, I promise!

+++++++++++++++++ 10.  Credits++++++++++++++++++


Extra Special Thanks to UNDERMIND (imfacyc@prism.gatech.edu) for
the v1.7 moves since he owns a few arcades of his own!  Go visit Mardi
Gras Games!

Special Thanks to the following people who contributed towards the making
this FAQ :-)

Zargon a.k.a. Master Lao ................................PR 1.7 FAQ
Pericom (eqr5maliki@clustr.unl.north-london.ac.uk)....PR 1.7 FAQ
Baron Von Riesenberger (Production Coordinator Team Rage).....Initial
Moves, Combos
Tony Cannon  (wanderer@leland.stanford.edu)..........A Whole Slew of
Luis Vigo.......................................................Other
Chris Caniano  (v096mhqb@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu)..................Other
Jason Hunt  (jason.hunt@nitelog.com)..................All Endings and
Todd "hawk"Bauman...............................................Other
Raymundo E Arras  (rarras@mason1.gmu.edu).......................Other
Rob Williams  (Ray's manager at Timeout)........................Other
James Belcher  (WILDGAMER@aol.com)..............................Other
Dave Nguyen  (st93prpw@dunx1.ocs.drexel.edu)....................Other
Boingo Lover  (boingo@netcom.com)...............................Other
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James Melki  (jmelki@mcc.mott.edu)..............................Other
Doug McClendon  (dmc@falcon.cc.ukans.edu)....................Text and
Salvatore D. Tepedino 
Christopher Alan Moon 
Evan John Gridley  (ejg1@cornell.edu)(hey, that's me!)......Info and
Victar (vctr113062@aol.com) [yeah, me & what Armie? :)]...PR 2.3 FAQ
Jin Im 
Paul Hurlbut 
Kurt Van Thomme 
Douglas William Cole
Chris McCullough 
John Bailon, Southern Hills Golfland (H20ORSNO@aol.com)...Info
Eric Ching 
Bernard Ryan......................................Miscellaneous
Casey Barton  (cebarton@napier.uwaterloo.ca)..Making a WWW page of this
Andy Eddy  (vidgames@netcom.com).................Keeping this FAQ
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Shane Knighton (sknighto@acs5).........................Confirmations
Jason Davis (jdavis@iglou.com)...........................Confirmations &
Carnage (scott@inbox.wash.inmet.com)...............PR home release dates
Frank Kuan (kuan@agames.com).........................Simultaneous Attack
Crunchy T. Frog (igwnxl0r@umiami.ir.miami.edu)...........Confirmations &
Todd Sinclair (todd.sinclair@castles.com)........................Combos &
Dmitheon (lennad@nuge115.its.rpi.edu)...........................Combos &
Patrick Joseph Coffman (urmom@mcl.ucsb.edu)..............Combos
Jeff Fairman (sa39041@odin.mda.uth.tmc.edu).................Corrections
Chris Tang (TANG@agames.com)....................................Info &
Matt (FARNEYMP@udavxb.oca.udayton.edu).................Combos
JKnight (jknight@csra.net).....................................Corrections
& Combos
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master young (d8young@sbcc.cc.ca.us)............................Combos
Intelligent Gamer
Mr A J Collier (SIBAJC@upe.ac.za)....................................Info,
Sir Galahad (ermac@imap1.asu.edu).................Combos & Combo names
Todd Sinclair (ace@community.net)..................Info
cwh.......................................................lotsa Combos!!!
Rajesh Nanda (s001rhn@alpha.wright.edu)...........Combos
Michelle Ringer (s005mlr@desire.wright.edu).......Combos
Peter Bott (peter.bott@swcbbs.com).....................SNES, PSX PR info
"Tomart's Action Figure Digest" magazine.............action figure info
Charles Anstey (anstey@sun.soe.clarkson.edu)......3DO PR info
Scott Fitzpatrick (sfitz@oico.com)........................3DO PR info
Adam Houkal (ahoukal@rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu).....PSX PR info
William Longworth (Gameboy@ix.netcom.com)...PSX, Jaguar PR info
Il Oh (il@teleport.com).........................................Jaguar PR
Josh Andler (richie@primenet.com).......................32X PR info
Andrew Stefanski (stefansk@evansville.edu)..........Jaguar PR info
Brian Wayne Johnson (brian.wayne.johnson@mwcs.mb.ca)...GB/GG PR info
Chun Tham (ctham@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca)................3DO PR info
Raptor (rganuza@luna.cas.usf.edu)..................move correction, PR
soundtrack info
Cool Daddy D (derryl@agames.com)......sending me action figures!!! :-) :-)
Rage On Records (RageOnRecs@aol.com)...sellin' a rockin' PR soundtrack!
John Fisher, Steve Reisenberger, & the guys at GamePro.....writin' a
kickin' PR Guide!
John Fisher with Allan McGraw................writin' a bitin' PR for home
systems Guide!
GamePro again.......................publishing all the new fatalities &
cheat codes in their magazine! 

and anyone else I've forgotten! (sorry! :)

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