ODT - Some hints, tips and help.

I played this game with Corporal Ike Hawkins so my observations may be
different with different characters.

I just finished the game and here are some of my observations. I can't
remember where I found everything as I don't have a great memory so I will
put down what I can remember. Feel free to email me if you have any
questions as you may be able to jog my memory.

Sorry some of the stuff is out of order or sequence but better than
nothing. :)

If you are looking for secret rooms etc. stand beside a wall and scroll
sideways as the walls break up when doing this and you can sometimes see

The wall mounted guns can be spun with the twister spell and then when they
are spinning shoot them or run up and kick the colored globe under the gun
to stop it from shooting. The gun will still track you but it can't shoot
as you destroyed it's ammo.

You will come too an area where there is a life crystal some spell crystals
and other stuff up in an alcove high above the floor over a trench full of
spikes. Just move the boxes you find in this area and push them over the
edge of the floor onto the spikes and on top of each other until you can
jump up into the alcove.

There are partially raised gates in the game you can crawl under.

There is an area in the game where you have to jump across a bunch of
pillars to get a key and other things. The pillars go basiclly in a circle
around a central pillar. On the far side of the pillar you can break
through the wall to get a life crystal.

Later in the game I found the energy spell, the mana spell and the ghost
spells to be the most usefull spells. As far as the energy abd mana spells
go I don't know the correlation between when they exactly became the most
effective but when I did start to use them I had maxed out spirit energy
and three stars for each of the two spells. At this point the energy spell
gave me more energy than the mana used to cast the spell and the mana spell
took less energy than the mana given so at any safe point in the game I 
could alternate between the two spells and max out my energy and almost max 
out my mana.

The other most useful spell is the ghost spell which literaly turns you 
into a ghost. The only disadvantage to this spell is you can't pick things
up but you are impervious to damage from enemy weapons or spells and can 
still use your weapons and spells and break things by kicking them. Once I 
started using the ghost spell not even the bosses hurt me including the 
last level boss. It works so good I got bored the odd time and fought 
without the ghost spell just for the challenge. You can also cast your 
energy and mana spells while ghosted which is handy if no safe area around. 
By safe area I mean any place where there are no enemies around. Beware 
though you can still take damage from hot steam, knives, spikes etc. and if 
you fall into a void you are dead.

The freeze spell works well on a lot of enemies.

The fire weapon does more damage when your are fairly close to the enemy
and fire it like a semi-automatic weapon instead of holding the fire button

When you have maxed out your spirit, weapon and armour bottles the
experience bottle still keeps filling, when it is full you will get an
extra life.

When you are fighting an enemy and your health goes down to zero if you
have any extra energy you will use it automatically. Not so for the mana,
you have to go into inventory to increase your mana.

There are lots of secret areas in this game including secrets in secrets.
Look for irregularities in the walls like cracks or things out of order
like in Doom. You will notice that the walls follow cetian patterns. You
had better get used to finding the secret areas as keys etc. are hidden in
them. Also grates in the walls at floor level some of them can be broken,
you will be able to see through them. Most secret areas you will be able to
kick them to get in, in some cases they are up high and you will have to
shoot them. Fans can be broken to find secret areas. Near the end of the
game the secret areas are at ground level with just a slight crack to show
them. In this area I found lots of secret areas plus at least one area with
three secrets in one. This area is to the left of where you come to the
area with all the small pillars you have to jump onto to get to the next
areas. You will know this area by the small pillars and the green next
sector arrow immediately to your right. In the area to the left after
jumping across the pillars is where I found the door to use the psikey. It
is in a secret area, I don't remember where exactly but once you get used
to finding the secret areas in this area you will find it. It was in a
secret within a secret. I think I broke through at least three walls to
find it. Unfortunetly I never got in there as I missed one piece for the
psikey. You will see the secret area when running around that area as you
can see it through some steel bars but to get too it you will need to find
the walls you can break. Also there is a secret area in a room you will
enter with a table in the middle of the floor and six buttons three on each
wall. The switches cause tables to slide out like in a morgue. Three of
these storage areas have enemies. When you enter this area push the first
button to your right this will bring out a carcass, this is like the one
you will have to push later in the game. Then push the third one on the
right to get a key then go over and push the middle button on the left side
for grenades. Now go back to the middle button on the right and push it you
can either kill this enemy or draw him away then jump on the table and
crawl inside for a secret area.

Also you can push things in this game to find secret areas or to get to a
higher place. In one area there is a carcass laying on a table, you can
break the table and then push the carcass to jump up onto the smaller of
two hanging platforms to get into the alcove high up in the wall where you
can't jump to.

As far as how I defeated bosses I am telling you how I did it, there are 
probably other ways to do it.

Before you meet below boss in the wide open area by the pool of acid with
the floating platforms, go up the stairs the enemy was on and blow through
the wall. There is also a secret area to find the black key to exit this
area. you will see it floating out of reach above your head by a wall with
a floor on top of it to your right as you enter the open area. I believe 
there is a mechanical gun mounted by the wall. To get into that area blow
through the cracked wall by the teleporter.

The first boss, the big tall stone dude that comes out from behind the huge
steel door. This is just after jumping across the floating platforms in the
acid. I had a lot of trouble with this guy until I figured it out and this
brings up one of my sore points with this game, when you die to a boss and
go to the checkpoint to restart he is back at full energy and the ammo you
used while fighting him is not restored to where it was when you went through
the checkpoint, including any used energy or mana. Though one good thing 
about the checkpoints, anything you picked up after a checkpoint you still 
keep in your inventory if you die and go back to the checkpoint. Anyway I 
defeated the first boss by using the twister spell and while he was
spinning I nailed him with the fire weapon (yellow).

The next boss is a ghost you can defeat him with mines or freeze spell. Go
up too his coffin from the side you enter the room and push the lid off.
When he gets out let him near you then set a mine and roll away. After
that keep a pillar between him and you or you will get zapt by poisonous
lightning you can either use an antidote spell to heal yourself or the
antidote bottles or just live with it as it doesn't last long. It will take
three mines alltogether too kill him. So for the other two mines line
yourself up behind a pillar but on an angle where you have room too roll
away and then wait for him too walk through the pillar then set a mine and
roll away, do once more or you can freeze him if you have the spell then
kick, shoot or blow him up.

The stuff you pick up in the area with the ghost goes on floor switches to
open up the doors for the prisoners and to get the tetris piece to get
through the gate. This is how the pieces go. By the way for saving the
prisoners you get a spell which in my case sucked as I couldn't learn it
anyway as my spirit was maxed out. In the area where there are two switches
across from each other over a hole in the floor. On the right one (this
will depend on which hall you came down to get here, you will find out
which is right and left quick enough) put down the triangular gold piece
and the wooden piece. On the left switch put down one wooden piece and one
rectangular concrete piece. In the room with the two switches (there is a
secret area in the wall directly across from the switches) when facing the
switches put a triangular gold piece and a rectangular concrete piece on
the left switch on the right switch put a wooden piece and the half
circular piece of concrete. In the area where you shimmy across the chasm
on the pipe put two rectangular concrete pieces on this switch. Shimmy
across the pipe with your back to you or you will fall off the other end to
your death.

Hm, I think I am out of sequence with my bosses but anyway there is a
mechanical boss you meet after the area with the big drills coming out of
the walls. When you first start this area you will come into it by a red
arrow and there will be a lever to your left and a river of something or
other. In the middle of the room there are stairs going to a platform. You
will eventually enter a large room with wall mounted weapons shooting at
you (three I think) and there are stairs and platforms as well as a central
tower. Get up on this tower and quickly shoot the three weapons firing at
you, be quick and accurate as the ammo is limited. On the platform to your
right as you entered the room there are some barrels, shoot them and enter
the hole in the wall. This is a secret area enter it and push the green
eyes they will turn red or the other way around. This will be helpful when
fighting the boss for this area. There is also another secret area where
there are two large drills side by side. run into the opening the first
drill is drilling into. Press the eyes in here as well. What this does is
keep the platforms from receeding into the wall after firing the rocket
launcher when fighting the boss. At this point you will only be able to
keep two of the platforms from receeding into the wall as I never found the
secret area with the other set of eyes. In the room you fight the
mechanical monster you pick uo two rockets to almost kill him with. You
need to get up on top of the third upper platform and put the rocket in the
rocket launcher. As I didn't find the third secret area with the other set
of eyes too push this platform will slide back into the wall. All you have
too do is get up on the second platform and stand next too the skull
nearest the third platform and shoot it with the blue ammo. This will cause
the platform to slide back out and you can get him with the second rocket. 
You will have too stay away from him too finish him off as he now will get 
you with poisonous lightning. I went into the room where you enter this
area from and killed him from there. You will have too manually aim at his 
head too finish him off as the gun won't auto target from inside the room.

Another boss you meet I call the Kung Fu boss. He has sort of martial arts
moves. When you first see him he is bent over in a crouched position. He
has only one arm and some wierd things growing out of his mid-section. To
kill him you need to get to the switches that blow up the four metal bars
in the middle of the room. These bars release the floor and it splits in
half and the boss falls into a pool of lava. You have to pull four
switches. To get at the switches you need too knock the boss down five
times. I never did figure out exactly what caused him to be knocked over.
All I did was run around the outside of the room until he stopped chasing
me then turn and shoot him a few times, then roll out of the way shoot him
again and then run around somemore etc. I knocked him down with all the
weapons so you can use whatever you have the most off. Though the blue ammo
is the best. I knocked him down from close up and from across the room and
never did figured out exactly what caused him to go down. After you knock
him down twice you will have access to the first switch and a cubbyhole you
can use as a breather, you will notice the floor lower when he is knocked
over. Keep your health up as when he falls over it cause you damage. I 
never used the ghost spell here so you can try it out if you have it. I 
also had my mana and energy spells at three stars each so I would run into 
an alcove to recharge. I never found any spells that would work on him.

Then there is the butcher boss. When you first see him he is chopping a
carcass with meat cleavers and he is levitated by small fan like motors.
Don't smash or blow up the chairs and tables in the first room you see him
in, these will help you out The tables keep him from getting too close too
you when you run down the hallway to relax or recharge. To defeat him you
have to lead him through the double rotating knives that go in and out of
the walls in the narrow area between this room and the next. Be careful you
don't go through the knives yourself they are nasty. So your best route is
to run to the right around the table and chairs then to your left and
momentarily stand on the floor that is not moving then run through the
blades on the side that will get you through without damage. When the boss
gets through the knives run back to the room with the tables and chairs and
jump the tables and go down the hallway you came from and recharge if you
have to. I noticed that when I was down this using the mana and energy
spells to top myself up the blue flickering light that engulfs you when
casting a spell protects you from the meat cleavers being thrown at you.
Again I did not use the ghost spell here either as I hadn't tried it yet.
So here is a good place to see how it works if you have it. Then you just
keep running back and forth through the knives until the boss is dead. You
can crawl under the double set of spinning knives to get at the stuff
behind them. You will have to start crawling aways from the knives so the
moving floor puts you in the right spot to crawl under

After this you will enter the water area, sort of like Roman baths. Pay
attention to the fish murals if they are discolored you can break through
the walls. You will pick up an anchor you will need this to get to the
hidden save spot. Also you will get a spanner in the watery room with the
levitating lizard thingy, the boxes and the pirhanas. The spanner is in the
wooden box up on the raised portion in the corner of this room to the
right. As you progress through this area you will come across an area with
an empty pool and to your left there will be a drawbridge the wall directly
ahead of you as you face the empty pool can be broken through to reveal a
valve handle. To lower the drawbridge stand on the rectangular pattern on
the floor near the drawbridge. This will lower the drawbridge then go drop
your anchor on the rectangular pattern on the floor on the other side. Now
run back across the drawbridge and stand on the first rectangular pattern
then go pick up your anchor and you will have access to the save spot. You
can loose the anchor as you don't use it again. You will come to a pool
with floating switches, you need to fill the water column to the red mark,
I never really figured out the proper sequence just played around until I
got it. However when you get the water to two graduated marks above the red
line the second switch in from the edge of the middle set of buttons as you
enter this area will lower the water two marks.

You will eventually come to a floor mounted gun, it is actually a high
pressure water valve it will say it is blocked, use the spanner to get it
working then turn the water onto the fire and put it out. Then go into this
secret area and get the key to the gate.

Another gate you need to open involves moving some levers and valve
handles. The levers tip the gutters from left to right and the valve
handles move the gutters from left to right. The water runs from left to
right except for the second last gutter, the water needs to run from right
to left and hit the last gutter to go back too left to right to fall on the
waterwheel too turn it too open the gate.

When you enter the area after the waterfall kill the lizard thingy and
other enemies using the ghost spell and either fire or electrical energy.
After they are dead shoot the turning waterwheel with your fire weapon and
a piece will break off and float up against the gate by the upper walkway.
Go across the walkway and around the other side and open the gate with the
lever in the wooden hut. The broken waterwheel piece will float through and
then you can push it into the damaged one and it will turn and open the

When you get to the save point by the large indoor lake and the ferryman on 
the raft you will notice that the blue circles don't go away after you 
save and that the wooden box across from it when broken has three blue 
ammos in it. You can save and reload your game as many times as you want. I 
did it 15 times myself. Why would you do that. Because everytime you save
and reload your game the box will be back unbroken and you can pick up more 
blue ammo. Get as many as you need as you will need them. I left this area 
with forty. When you get on the raft the ferryman will start polling the 
raft, you will have to fight a large sea serpent here. Just use your ghost 
spell and blast him with the blue weapon.

After you leave the raft you will fight another boss, a two headed thing
missing one head. Don't pause on the floor leading to the walkway around
this area as it will collapse and you will die. To kill this boss use the
ghost spell and stand behind each of the four pillars until the monster
knocks them down on top of himself eventually killing himself and letting
you cross over to the doors.

In the area where you are carried from one walkway to another by overhead
cranes I don't have the pattern I wrote down anymore but it is easy enough
to figure out. Try all the routes as there are weapon power ups to find and
a life crystal. Also if you turned right to get here in the large open
hallway just before the ladder to go down to the crane area go back to that
open hallway as there is a save crystal down at the other end. So if you
keep dying in the crane area you won't have to go back so far. Also one of
the weapon power ups (yellow I think) in the crane area is on a crumbling
block, if you are quick enough you can get it and run and jump to a stable
platform before it collapses.

Also when you first encounter a crane and it takes you to a platform where
there are two cranes. The crane to the far left the one with the shorter
ride, when it lets you off look at the wall across the chasm. There is a
key in that room, or something that you need.

When you get near the end of the game after the river of lava with the
swinging pendulum knives you will jump over a gap and on the other side
where you pull up there are two steam valves shooting hot steam at you.
When you get past the steam there is a gap in the floor, drop down here as
there is a floor lower down and too your left when you drop down the wall
can be broken in. You will find the green pearl on the other side of this
wall down the hallway to the right. You will need the green pearl to defeat
the end boss.

To defeat the end boss first use the ghost spell and then place your green
pearl on the pedistal the boss was floating over top of. Then using your
blue ammo shoot out the four stained glass windows. After this the green
pearl will rise into the air and the boss will triple in size. Take a look
around and you will notice the outer walls are covered in mirrors, using 
your blue ammo bounce your shots of the mirrors into the boss. You will 
notice that the blue ammo turns red and then green. After the boss is dead
work your way up above on the platforms and too the end of the game and 
enjoy the full motion video. :)

Any questions email me at apaulo@bcsupernet.com.

Bye....Happy Happy Joy Joy =8^)

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