Suikoden IV Faq/Walkthrough
by Ryvius (



Version 1.0 (January 5th, 2005)  - Initial release 
Version 1.1 (January 10th, 2005) - Added Minigames section
                                 - Added Window Set List
                                 - Added Tips & Tricks section
Version 1.2 (January 11th, 2005) - Added Special Sets section
Version 1.3 (January 15th, 2005) - Included treasure maps location in 
                                   the walkthrough


This FAQ/Walkthrough is based on Suikoden IV Japanese version. Feel free to 
email any questions or suggestions. Due to time constraints, do not expect a 
reply on email.

Disclaimer: This document may not be used for anything besides non-profit 
and any reproduction of this work, in part or whole, must give proper credit 
to the original author.

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