NBA Street Vol. 2
Strategy guide with spoilers
Author: Chris Gee
(Copyright 2003 Christopher Gee)

Table of Contents

I.    Version History
II.   Introduction
III.  Controls
IV.   Game Features
      1. Edit Baller
      2. Edit Baller's Moves
      3. Pick up Game
      4. NBA Challenge
      5. Be A Legend
         a. Reaching a new rep level
         b. Cities and their rewards
      6. Street School
V.    How to Acquire Milestones and Throwback Jersey List
VI.   How to acquire Street Legends and NBA Legends
VII.  The Beats AKA EA Trax
VIII. Frequently asked questions
IX.   Contact me
X.    Legal Stuff
XI.   Special Thanks


Version 1.1 - 5/11/03
I took out the descriptions for the various dunks and tricks because there 
were so many that were similiar.  Also it became hard to describe some of them.
There's not much more to add except for any random email questions that aren't
addressed in the Faqs.  Enjoy your game!

vERSION 1.0 - 5/11/03
Major updates added to the faqs.  For the most part, its completed.  Street 
School, Game Features, Controls and Edit menus all added.  I may add more 
emailed questions at a later date.  Enjoy!

Version .05 - 5/7/03
I've added the moves from the "Edit Moves" screen.  I will describe them briefly
once I have more time.  Its 12PM and I've been so busy that I'm eating breakfast
right now.  Tomorrow, they will be posted with the Street school.

Version .025 - 5/6/03
I've updated most of the Milestones descriptions.  There are a few that I 
haven't accomplished yet but I'll have them by tomorrow.  I also updated the 
reward points on the Street Legends section and started detailing the NBA 
Challenge section.  I'm going to add all the players for every team and include
the NBA Legends that you have to face at the end of the Division.

Version .02 - 5/5/03
This is my first strategy guide so please bear with me.  I will add the good
stuff first and work my way backwards to the basic stuff that is in the book,
which was included with the game.  Besides, people read strategy guides for the 
stuff that they don't know, not the stuff that is given to you before you even
start playing.  I hope you enjoy it when it done.  I will be updating it very
frequently since I've been playing the game every day since the day I bought it.
And being a New York Street Baller, I have seen and played on most of the New
York courts.


I'll be brief.  NBA Street is all about basketball from the street ball 
perspective.  This is not a 5 on 5 game with substitutions and time outs.  If
you've played the original NBA Street, then the game will be easy to pick up on.
If you're new to NBA Street, then there are certain things that you need to know
in order to win.  First, there are no fouls, just like in real street ball, so 
hack, chop, push, hook, whatever...its all good.  Most of these tactics are 
pulled off by doing tricks (fancy dribbling and incredible dunks).  Second, 
there are no game clocks except for the 24 Second shot clock.  So you don't 
have to worry about 3 seconds in the paint, 10 second call to get across the 
half or time running out in a quarter or half.  Third, the game is based on 
having fun!  Do lots of tricks, embarrass your friends in Vs play, dunk on your
older brother and shoot Granny's eyes out with spectacular jump shots.


For more details on the controls, the the Street school section below


Left analog/D-button - control character
X -  pass
Square - trick move
Triangle - N/A
Circle - shoot
R1, R2, L1, L2 - turbos
R3 (press in Right analog) - strategy (pick)
start - Pause
select - pocket GB (see Street school for more)

Left analog/D-button - control character
X - change players
Square - steal
Triangle - block/rebound
Circle - N/A
R1, R2, L1, L2 - turbo
R3 (press in Right analog) - strategy (double team)
start - pause


- This is where it all happens.  The GAMEPLAY!  Play a friend in PICK UP mode, 
      take on the NBA teams of today in NBA challenge, try to make your created
      baller a street legend in BE A LEGEND mode or practice (or learn) all the
      moves in Street school taught by Old School streel legend, Stretch Monroe

- this is where you create your baller, edit your created players moves and 
      looks, or create your team for the NBA challenge

- View all the Street Legends, NBA Legends, Courts and Jerseys. You can 
      purchase them with reward points earned from winning games or earn them
      from unique scenarios (See sections below on how to earn them).  You can
      also purchase Developmental points for your created baller with reward
      points from winning games.

- Choose your difficulty
- set your controller's layout
- manage game data (save, load, delete created players, etc)
- check out the music in EA Trax
- set your audio options to match your sound system
- control speech, music and SFX volume
- set how often you want the replays to show up during a game
- check out onscreen help
- turn visual effects on or off
- turn autosave on or off
- change the screen to widescreen
- adjust screen

- these are the scores put up by the NBA greats in the game or by you and your
      friends as you play

- What's New in 2: 5 unique videos narrated by Bobbito Garcia on all the new 
      things in the game
- The Moves: you can preview all the tricks and dunks in the game by scrolling
      through the menus and hitting the X button
- Bobbito Garcia: the real Bobbito (game commentator and NYC street ball 
      announcer) talks alittle about New York City ballin and Vol 2's impact
- Vol. 2 Trailer: this is the intro trailer from the game
- SSX 3 Preview: trailer video for the upcoming SSX game


There a lots of ways to hook up your baller in this game.  The biggest change
in the creating of your baller is that once you set their size (height and 
build), they remain this way for as long as you keep that player.  So there is
no making a 5'10" player in your likeness and later making him (or her) grow 
to 7'8".

Here are the things you can edit:

Gender - Male, Female or even a premade character (what fun is that)
Build - this changes depending on your players shape
     Stocky - M (5'9" 200 lbs)
              L (6'1" 220 lbs)
              XL (6'5" 240 lbs)
              XXL (6'9" 260lbs)
     Athletic - M (5'10" 185 lbs)
                L (6'2" 205 lbs)
                XL (6'6" 225 lbs)
                XXL (6'10" 240 lbs)
     Lean - M (5'11" 175 lbs)
            L (6'3" 200 lbs)
            XL (6'7" 215 lbs)
            XXL (6'11" 235 lbs)
     Massive - M (6'0" 210 lbs)
               L (6'4" 220 lbs)
               XL (6'8" 250 lbs)
               XXL (7'0" 275 lbs)
Look - choose any one from Look A to Look R
Hair - there are 18 different styles to choose from
Facial hair - you have 23 different styles to choose from (not available when
     creating a female)
Outfit - You have from outfit A to outfit I to choose from.  Each of these
     comes in 3 colors but to change to those alternate colors, you must spend
     some developmental points (which are earned from playing Be A Legend mode
     or bought with Reward points from Pick Up Game or NBA Challenge mode).
     There are also unlockable old school jerseys which you earn in different
     ways (see Jersey section below)
Skills - you can adjust your shots, dunks, power, blocks, steals, handles, 
Name - You get 8 characters to choose the players first and last name
Baller Icon - there are 7 baller icons to choose from

YAY!  You have created your baller!!

There is one more thing you can edit about your baller's appearance, which 
     becomes available when you go back to edit your baller

Edit shoes - there are a bunch of different shoes here ranging from old school
     to new (style A to style T).  You will have to purchase the shoes with 
     DP (developmental points) just like the outfits.


There are several trick moves, jump shots and dunks that can be changed for 
your player.  I will list them.

SHOTS: they are usually done by pressing 2 turbos and the shoot button.  Make
       sure you are not driving towards the hoop or they it will trigger a 
       dunk instead.

Tear Drop
The Legend

Dunk Level 3: These are accomplished by pressing 2 turbos and the shot button
              while moving toward the backet.

Spin da LP
Put it Home
Look out Below
Two Scoops
Around The way
Take that
Hang Time
Around The World
Da Hangman
High Time
Jet Stream
Special Delivery

Dunk Level 4: This time it's 3 turbos and the shoot button while moving towards
              the basket.

Mamma Jamma
Air Raid
Jam City
Honey Dip
The Hammer
Through wit it
Wake up Call
Going Dolo
The Glide
The Hawk 
Chocolate Thunder
The Doctor
Big Dipper

Dunk Level 5: All turbos and the shoot while driving STRAIGHT down the lane to
              the basket.

Dinner's Served
Nerve Damage
Krunk Junk

Trick Level 3: First thing you need is a player with handling skills.  Bust 
               these moves with 2 turbos and the trick button

Double Dutch
Back to The Lab
Gotcha Open
Hip Drop
Left No Right
Breakin you Off
The Grampa
Getting Bent

Trick Level 4: You'll need 3 turbos, the trick button and a good ball handler 
               for these

Through the Cut
Da Treadmill
Check yo Bags
Baking Biscuits
Cha Cha
Head Banger
Fro Fake
Biggie Little
Droppin' Dimes
The Oz
The Pistol
Kick it Ova Heea
Steady Rockin'
Getting Krunk

Trick Level 5: All the turbo buttons and the trick button are used to pull this

Slip 'n' Slide
On da Low Low
Heads or Tails


Play an exhibition game against a friend.  You can use any players that have 
been unlocked and any courts that you have access to.  After you pick you team,
you also have the option to change the rules of the game.

>>>My Rules