-Full FAQ/Walkthrough for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
-Sony Playstation 2
-Released November 16th, 2004
-Hosted at GameFAQs
 LionHart627 - MGS summary, walkthrough, game basics
 (plus some more things)
 an00bis - Metal Gear summary
 Genji Masamune - Game basics
 Turducken:  Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake summary, MGS2 summary, 
 Snake VS Monkey walkthrough

Copyright 2004 Lestat Jones

Version 1.0 November 22, 2004

Guide submitted. Virtuous Mission walkthrough complete, Snake Eater done up to 
the Pain. Introduction, Basics, Weapons, Items, Characters, and General Tips 
are complete. Some secrets put in, and "The End" section finished.

Version 1.25

Walkthrough updated up to The Fear. Added Frog Locations. Corrected some 
spelling and grammar errors. Added 'Contact Information' to The End section.

Version 1.30

Not much of an update. Just a small one. Added first summary (MG2:SS) and the 
Snake VS Monkey walkthrough. Added some missing paints, and more secrets.

Table of Contents

01. Introduction
02. Basics of the Game
   2-1 Controls
   2-2 Game Basics
   2-3 Weapons
   2-4 Items
   2-5 Foods
   2-6 Characters
   2-7 General Tips
03. Metal Gear Solid 3
04. Walkthrough
   4-1 Virtuous Mission
   4-2 Operation Snake Eater
05. Secrets amd Locations
   5-1 Secrets
   5-2 Camouflage Locations
   5-3 Face Paint Locations
   5-4 Frog locations
   5-5 Snake VS Monkey
06. Frequently Asked Questions
07. The History of Metal Gear
 A. The Beginning
   A-1 Metal Gear
   A-2 Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
 B. The 'Solid'
   B-1 Metal Gear Solid
   B-2 Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
08. "The End"
   8-1 Legal Stuff
   8-2 Credits and Contributions
   8-3 Contact Information
   8-4 Final Notes


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is the final (for now) chapter in the Metal 
Gear Solid trilogy. This game, to me, is the best in the series. The gameplay 
is in depth, and realistic, the music, sound, and graphics are amazing, and 
the story is very good.

The goal of this guide is to provide a help source for the stealth based action
game that is MGS3. Read with caution. I have done my best to minimize the 
spoilers in this guide.

Furthermore, if this is your first MGS experience, detailed
summaries of the previous games in the Metal Gear universe have been included. 
Though I do recommend actually playing the games, if you're just looking to 
know the information, than look no further.

02.Basics of the Game

2-1   ;:Controls:;

Directional Pad: Stalking. This applies to walking and crawling. 
Left Analog Stick: Normal movement. Use this to move Snake, there are two
moving speeds, running and walking. Press this toward a wall to stick against
it. It is also used to navigate the menus.
Right Analog Stick: Camera movement. You can move the stick to orient the 
camera, in a way such that you can keep track of the action at hand. Once
you move the stick where you want to see, press R3 to hold the camera in 
place. Moves Snake on the radio screen.
Triangle: The action button. You use this to push barrels, climb trees/ladders,
open doors, etc. In cutscenes it is used to zoom in, use the left analog stick
while zoomed into move the camera around.
Square: The weapon button. You use this button to fire your gun, throw your
grenade, or attack with the knife. It's pressure sensitive, the function of
which differs from weapon to weapon. When barehanded, you can drag fallen
enemies by holding the button and using the left analog stick.
Circle: Confirm/CQC. You use it to confirm a selection in the menu, and to do
bare-handed techniques in-game. This includes CQC, grabbing in general, and 
knocking on walls. It is also used to call on the radio screen.
X: Crouch/Prone. New to MGS3 there are two levels to pressing this button.
While standing, a tap will make you crouch, another tap will make you stand 
back up, but if you hold the button, you're go straight into prone position.
This also works the other way around, a quick tap from prone puts you in 
crouch, but a hard press from prone will make you stand up. Moving while 
crouched will make you go prone and crawl. Pressing X while running will make 
you roll, rolling now goes over/onto any climbable object (waist-high). 
If you hold the button while rolling you'll go straight into prone position.
R1: First Person view. You cannot move while in first person, but you can
attack with any weapon, and crouch. When crawling through tall grass, you
will automatically go into first person view, you can move while this is
occuring. You can also use this button with first person weapons like the
sniper rifle, to strafe and stand on the tip of your toes.
R2: While holding this button you can use the left analog stick to choose from
the list of currently equipped weapons. While stuck up against a wall you can 
peek out from the right side. While in first person you can lean to the right.

R3: Used to hold the camera in place. Zooms in Snake in the radio screen.
L1: Using this, you can point your weapon in a fixed direction and move. Also,
you can raise the accuracy of some weapons using this button, as you hold the
weapon against your shoulder. When close, it auto-aims.
L2: While holding this button you can use the left analog stick to choose from
the list of currently equipped accessories. While stuck up against a wall you 
can peek out from the left side. While in first person you can lean to the 

L3: Interrogation. Used during CQC to get information out of the enemy.
Start: Use the start button to enter/exit the Survival Viewer.
Select: Use the select button to enter/exit the Radio screen.

2-2    ;:Game Basics:;

The bare-bones of MGS2 remains intact in this game, and in the indoor areas,
the gameplay is nearly the same, the following will be all the new techniques
you need to keep in mind while in a jungle situation.

Life Bar - Your Health, when this bar empties, you die. At the last 1/4 of the
bar, you begin to bleed. Enemies can track fallen blood, and your life will 
drop faster as a result of bleeding. You will hear a noise signifying that 
you're bleeding, crouching will put pressure on the wound and restore your 
health faster. New to MGS3, your health is always restoring, the rate of which
is determined by how much stamina you have,logically, the more the better.

Stamina Bar - New to MGS3, this encompassing feature controls many aspects of 
the game, limiting, and improving your abilities as well. Your stamina 
decreases depending on the intensity of your activity. Rolling, crouching, 
running, and stalking all drop your stamina quite quickly. The more your 
stamina decreases, the less efficient you become; your arms won't hold the gun
steadily, you won't be able to sneak as quietly, your stomach will growl, 
bringing attention to nearby enemies, etc. You increase your stamina by 
eating, the tastier the food, the more stamina you recover. Functions that 
previous relied on seperate items now rely on stamina, like the sniper rifle.

Eating - The majority of MGS3 takes place in a jungle, almost everything you 
need for the mission is procure-on-site, which means you find what you need,
this includes food. No longer can you rely on an abundance of rations, now
you must find or kill sustainance. This ranges from fruits and mushrooms, 
to snakes and frogs. Snake favors some foods over others, though sometimes,
even the ones he doesn't like, if you keep feeding it to him, he'll gain
an acquired taste for. The more he likes the food the more stamina he 
recovers. Food can spoil, or be poisonous from the get go. If it is, it makes 
Snake sick, and you have to heal him in the Cure menu.

Animals - Food isn't the only use for animals, you can also take them out by
tranqulizer. If you go into your BACKPACK and WEAPONS section, you can equip 
a caged animal, and throw it at an enemy for various effects, including
distractions and attacks.

Backpack - New to MGS3, as said above, you'll have to find everything you need
in the jungle yourself, this includes weapons and equipment. The relevance of
this is that you must choose wisely what you really want to have out at any
given time for immediate access. Every item has a weight assigned to it, 
if you equip too much at one time, the weight will make your stamina drop
quickly. You can only hold 8 weapons at a time, so make the best of that 

Battery - New to MGS3, because the jungle takes place in the 60s, features
that you used to take for granted are now scarse, and restricted. You no
longer have radar, but now have three alternatives, for example. Each one
has it's own advantage, with many disadvantages, and even then they come
at a price. All electronic items use a single battery that drains with use.
Therm goggles, Night Vision Goggles, Motion Detector, Sonar. The upside is 
that the battery isn't temporary. It's a bioelectric cell that uses the 
bodies eneergies to charge. The more you roll and do dramatic actions, the 
faster it restores. This obviously offsets stamina as far as rationing your 
actions, so be careful and choose wisely given the situation.

Stalking -  New to MGS3, this is a technique that involves using
the heel, outside edge of your feet, and tip of your toes, paired with looking
out for and avoiding nosie making obstructions in your path to avoid making a 
sound as much as possible. All you have to do is press the dpad. This is 
crucial for safe hold-ups and pulling off cqc, but be careful, this uses 
stamina the quickest of any other technique! Also remember this applies to all
form of movement, you can stalk-walk, and stalk-crawl.

CQC (Close Quarters Combat) - An important new technique that greatly increases
your options in close combat situations, and tactics in general. This is a 
series of moves used to take control of your opponent, assuming you're close 
to one, or many enemies, to keep control of the situation, or keep you moving 
in a potentially safe way. 

a.) Tapping the button 3 times does the old Punch-Punch-Kick combo. This kick
is now a sweep that can knock a crowd off it's feet in no time, it also hits 
enemies laying on the ground, for a quicker way to wake up unconcious enemies.

b.) Pressing the button while running toward an enemy will perform a powerful 
throw that knocks out the enemy immediately. 

c.) While not moving, lightly holding the button will enter a hold position, 
where you have them in a choke hold from behind. From here, many things can 

  1.) One non-lethal option is to press L3, this interrogates the enemy, at 
      which point they'll either retort in anger, or give you a piece of 
      information in fear. 

  2.) Moving the left analog stick in this position will let you drag the 
      enemy backwards, every few steps you'll tug hard, after three tugs the 
      enemy will become unconscious.

  3.) Tapping the button will do the old choke move, tap a few times to knock 
      the enemy out. Tap many times to break their neck and kill them.

  4.) Press the button hard to use your knife to slit the enemies throat.

  5.) Lightly press the button and a direction to throw the enemy to the 
      ground. If in this situation you have a gun equipped, quickly draw your 
      weapon to hold the enemy up on the ground. Move in front of them and 
      draw your weapon at their heads to make them give up an item. An enemy 
      from the attack squad will not drop any items, after trying to get an 
      item 3 times, on the 4th time, they'll get up quickly and counter-attack.
      The enemy will never get up from this attack unless another guard sees 
      them and has enough time to tell them to get back up.

Radio - The radio is how Major Tom, Para-Medic, and other characters will keep
in contact with you. It is basically like the codec from the past games, except
less advanced. You can also call them yourself for help, or advice.

Cure - A completely new feature to the series, the Cure menu allows you to heal
Snake. Over the course of the game, Snake will get injuries, ranging from gun-
shot wounds, cuts, burns, and some other nasty problems. It's your duty to keep
Snake healthy. Which means removing bullets, cleaning wounds, curing poison, 
and stomach aches, etc. The Cure menu allows you to do all of this. If you 
don't take care of your Snake, you run the risk of permanently shortening your
health bar.

2-3 ;:Weapons:;

SVD (Dragunov Sniper Rifle)
Press weapon or L1 to aim. Release weapon button to fire. Switch magnification
with triangle while aiming. Try to keep your stamina in the 4th bar to have 
capable aiming. With 1 bar aiming seemed impossible.

MK-22 Hush Puppy (Mk22) *CQC able*
Tranquilizer gun. Press square to aim. Release to fire. Attach suppressor with
circle button while window is open. 

M1911A1 *CQC able*
.45 Handgun. Press square to aim, release to fire. Attach suppressor with
circle button while window is open.
Press L1 button in first person view for shoulder aim. Rotate firing mode with
triangle button. Attach suppressor with circle button while window is open.

12 gauge shotgun. Press square button to aim. Release to fire. Direct hit in
close range will blow enemy away.

An assault rifle. Press the L1 button to aim from the shoulder. Can be set for
semi-auto or full-auto fire.

Survival Knife (KNIFE) *CQC able*
For close combat. Press square button to stab. Press square button repeatedly
to make a combo attack.

Barehand *CQC able*
Press circle button to punch. Press repeatedly for a combo. Press square near
a fallen enemy to pick him up and drag him around.

Press square button to hold, release to throw. How strong button is pressed
determines the distance it will be thrown. 

Stun Grenade (STUN G)
Grenade that stuns enemy soldiers temporarily. Press square button to hold, 
release to throw. How hard button is pressed determines the distance it will 
be thrown.

White Phosphorus Grenade (WP G)
An incendiary grendade. Upon detonation, bursts into flames and burns enemies 
in the surrounding area. Fires caused on the ground will continue to burn for a
set period of time. Press the Square button to ready the grenade, release to 
throw it. The distance depends on how long the Square button is pressed. 

Smoke Grenade (SMOKE G)
A smoke-producing grenade. Creates a smoke screen that blocks the enemy's 
vision and renders them unable to fight. If Snake is caught in a smoke screen, 
he will cough violently for a while. Use the same way you use the other 

Empty magazine. Press square button to hold, release to throw. How hard button
is pressed determines the distance it will be thrown.

Directional Mic (MIC)
Microphone that can pick up small sounds. Hold in first person view, move with
left analog stick.

Easygun (EZGUN)
A tranquilizer gun for novices. Can be used with CQC. Equipped with suppressor 
function, and laser point sight. Press the L1 button to zoom in/out. Available 
on VERY EASY difficulty setting only. Equipping it prevents your camo index 
from dropping below 80, and speeds stamina recovery.

A light, hip fired machine gun.

Mosin Nagant (MOSIN N)
A sniper rifle that fires tranquilizer rounds. Automatically switches to FPV 
when equipped. Press the L1 button to look through the scope. Scope magnif-
ication can be set to 3X or 10X.

A rocket launcher. Automatically switches to FPV when equipped. Press the L1 
button to look through the scope. Extreme firepower, but takes a while to re-

Cigarette-Shaped Narcosis Gun (CIG SPRAY) *CQC Able*
A sleep gas spray disguised as a cigar. Press once for a single spray. Must be
reloaded after five sprays.

Knockout Handkerchief (HANDKER) *CQC Able*
A handkerchief soaked in anesthetic. Press the Square button to wave the hand-
kerchief and spread the anesthetic around. Can be used to knock out enemies 
captured with CQC. The number of remaining uses goes down each time the Square
button is pressed or the handkerchief is used in CQC.

A small, hip-fired machine gun. Equipped with laser pointer sight. Can be set 
for semi-auto or full-auto fire.

Single Action Army (SAA)
A revolver. Takes some time to reload. Bullets ricochet when fired.

Fork *CQC Able*
Used the same way as a knife. Press the Square button lightly to swing the 
fork; press harder to thrust.

A switch operated bomb. After planting the bomb using the Square button, press 
the Circle button to detonate it. Bombs can only be detonated when TNT is 

Claymore Mine (CLAYMORE)
A directional mine. Press the Square button to plant. Detonates when an enemy 
soldier or Snake enters the trigger zone. Claymores can be picked up by 
crawling over them.

Used for a variety of purposes - to light up an area, to attack, to start 
fires, or to fend off enemies. Press the Square button to light/extinguish the
torch. It can also be used as a club. When lit, press the Circle button 
repeatedly to shoo away bats and other pests. Press the Circle button to swing
the torch like a club. Touch and hold the lit end against and enemy to set the
enemy on fire.

A book filled with sexy photos. Press the Square button to place on the ground.
Distracts enemies who come upon it.

A stationary trap for catching live prey. Press the Square button to set. Traps
can be picked up by crawling over them. Trapped animals turned into food items;
the cheese serving as bait is used up.

2-4 ;:Items:;

Highly addictive and hazordous to your health.

Binoculars (SCOPE)
Military binoculars allowing long distance reconnaissance. Press the triangle
button to zoom in, and square button to zoom out.

Thermal Goggles (THERM G)
Visualizes heat source distribution. Equip it to use, allows one to see in the

Night Vision Goggles (NVG)
Electronically amplifies weak dim light for visualization. Equip it to use,
allows one to see in the dark.

Motion Detector (MOTION D)
Detects object's movement. Only moving objects can be detected. Consumes
battery power while in use.

Active Sonar (SONAR)
Detects lifeform's positions. Press L3 to emit sonic wave. Consumes battery

Anti-Personal Sensor (AP SENSOR)
Sensor detecting lifeforms. Vibrates on enemy approach. All other vibrations
will be OFF when sensor is activated.

LIFE Medicine (LF MED)
A medicine that restores LIFE. Open the item window, and press Circle to use.

A camera for taking photos. Press the Triangle button to zoom in. The Square 
button to zoom out.

Mine Detector (MINE D)
Detects Claymore mines. Makes a warning sound when a Claymore is nearby. Uses 
battery power when equipped.

A key to open a locked door. There are several different keys.

Fake Death Pill (F.DEATH.P)
A drug that produces a temporary state of death. Open the item window and 
press circle to use.

Revival Pill (REVIVAL.P)
The remedy for the Fake Death Pill. Can only be used after taking the Fake 
Death Pill. Can be used an unlimited number of times.

A drug that reduces hand trembling, when using guns, for a set period of time.

Bug Juice
A press-and-spray insect repellent. Open the item window and press the Circle 
button to spray it on Snake's body. Each use consumes one unit of spray.

Cardboard Box (C BOX)
Equip to hide under a cardboard box and fool the enemy (This will not work 
sometimes, based on the location). Snake can move around while equipped with 
the Cardboard Box. There are several varieties.

Crocodile Cap (CROC CAP)
A cap resembling a crocodile. When Snake equips this and hides bewlow the 
surface of the water, the enemy will not notice him.

2-7 ;:Foods:;

New to the MGS series is a feature that adds a very realistic element to the 
game. Eating. You must hunt for food. It can be anywhere, and comes in several 
different varieties.


There are several kinds of snake in this game. Reticulated Python, King Cobra, 
Green Tree Python, etc. They offer anywhere from mid, to very high stamina 
recovery. In the final boss fight, there are three white snakes crawling 
around. They restore stamina fully. See if you recognise their names...


You can also find several different animals in the jungle, including  Markhor 
goats, Flying Squirrels, Rabbits, Rats, and some birds, like Vultures and 
Magpies. The smaller animals like Rats and Magpies give low stamina recovery, 
while the Goats and Vulture give about a bar and a half of stamina recovery. 
Amazingly, the Rabbits and Flying Squirrels give a very high stamina recovery.


There is actual food in the game. Instant Noodles, and Calorie Mates. They 
restore about three bars of stamina.

-Water Dwellers-

Crocodiles and fish can be found in water/swamp areas. Fish give a low amount 
of stamina, and crocodiles give about a bar and a half.

2-6 ;:Characters:;

-Naked Snake-

Naked Snake is the man you play as. You'll get to know him as you progress.

-Major Tom

Major Tom is basically the equivelant of Colonel Roy Campbell. He is your 
mission advisor. Call him for advice.

-The Boss-

The Boss is a legendary soldier, and Snake's mentor. She taught him everything 
he knows about being a soldier.


Para-Medic talks to you about food, and medical supplies. She also records your
mission data, and is an avid movie fan.


Volgin plays the roll of the main villain in this game. He has 10 million volts
of electricity running through his body, and he has a thing for hurting people.


The creator of the Shagohod, Sokolov, is the person you are sent to rescue in 
Virtuous Mission.


Ocelot is not the revolver loving, scratchy voiced, torturer. He is but a young
man. Very arrogant, but he is also very skilled.


Eva is a spy working for the KGB. You first meet her in Operation Snake Eater, 
and she assists Snake throughout the game.

-Mr. Sigint-

Mr. Sigint is an expert on weapons, and electronic devices. He is also pretty 
funny to talk to. Call him up a few times wearing certain things.

-The Cobra Unit-

The Cobra Unit is made up of six members. The Pain, The Fear, The Sorrow, The 
Fury, The End, and The Joy. The Boss is The Joy. The Cobra Unit are the people 
you will fight in boss battles.


Granin is another scientist. He hates Sokolov because Volgin chose Sokolov's 
project over his own. He designed the first bi-pedal, nuclear equipped, battle 
tank. You may recognise it.

2-6 General Tips

-Always answer radio calls. Also, if you become stuck or unsure of something,
call your contacts for advice.

-Avoid combat as much as possible. The last thing you want is some enemies 
taking a big chunk out of your health right before a boss battle

-Use the best camo and paint for the job. Go into your menu and determine which
is best used for that area.

-If you must attack enemy soldiers, do so from afar.

03.Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

From the world-renowned, critically-acclaimed creator and producer of the Metal
Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima, comes the newest and most exciting installment
in the popular franchise Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Introducing new 
gameplay, a new era and a new setting, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater changes 
the dynamics of stealth action to reach a new benchmark in action gaming.  Set
in the 1960s when two world powers struggle for global supremacy, an elite 
tactical soldier is sent on a dangerous mission to infiltrate a heavily guarded
enemy territory and uncover highly coveted secrets behind a newly created 
weapon of mass destruction.  Survival within these natural jungle environments
and often unpredictable settings will require relying on basic animal 
instincts, as well as finely honed combat and hunting skills to succeed in the
ultimate espionage mission.  


This walkthrough was written using the Normal difficulty setting. Begin your 
game, and let's get started.

4-1 ;:Virtuous Mission:;

Dremuchij South

-Good Eats-

Tree frogs can be found in the tall grass near where you landed, and mushrooms
can be found growing on the bottom of the trees in that area as well. But the
real prize here is the Giant Anaconda just a bit north of the climbable tree.
Tranq it, or kill it, but make sure to get it. It recovers lots of stamina.


A Life Medicine needle can be found at the top of the hill.


After a fascinating intro, where Snake is dropped right into enemy territory
via a Halo jump, we start off. Either go right, around, and up the hill, or go
left, climb under the log to get to the tree holding your backpack. Climb up 
the tree, walk across the branch, then hang down. Snake should automatically 
get the backpack, and then you will be treated to a lengthy radio call from 
Major Tom. Once this is over, head north to the next area.

-Interesting Information-

Depending on what answer you gave on the questionaire when you started off your
game, several things may happen. Those who chose the MGS2 option are in for a
neat surprise.

Dremuchij Swampland

-Good Eats-

Lots of food here. A total of six alligators, which when killed drop three 
Indian Gavials each. It's a bit tough, but they can be killed with the knife.
A hornet's nest is in the tree on the island in the very middle of the mud.
Keep your distance when you shoot it down, though. After the muddy area, you 
can find a Retilicated Python in the grass, or shoot some fruit off the trees.
I highly recommend getting the Hornet's Nest, and at least six Indian Gavial 


Some grenades can be found on the right patch of land, a supressor for the MK22
on the left patch of land, and some burn ointment on the island.


Nothing much here. A few items, as well as food can be found, but other than 
that, there's nothing for you to do, except go to the next area. Don't die in 
the mud.

Dremuchij North

-Good Eats-

If you go immediatly right after entering Dremuchij North, you will find a 
"secret area" of sorts. A Reticulated Python can be found here. If you go into
the big grass field, you can find a Giant Anaconda crawling it's way around the


If you into the "secret area" that is to the immediate right of the entrance, 
you will also find an SVD Dragonuv sniper rifle. If you go back to the entrance
of Dremuchij North and go straight ahead, you'll find a hollowed tree with a 
box of Grenades. If you go into the grassy field, another hollowed tree can be
found, this time with ammo for the MK22 Hush Puppy. In that same grassy field,
a hollowed log is laying on the ground. Inside it are Thermal Goggles.


Ah, you're first time in contact with the enemies. While it is possible to 
just take them all down with your hush puppy, I find it much more satisfying to
use the camouflage. I recommend you use the Leaf camo, and Woodland paint for
best results.  I prefer to crawl into the open log, and wait until the first 
enemy walks by, before proceeding. When you get to where the enemies were 
standing in the cutscene wait until the guard making a circle around the area 
cannot see you before proceeding. After that, it's just a matter of getting by
the last guard, which shouldn't be too hard.


-Good Eats-

Two Hornet's Nests in the same area!


Once across the bridge, you may notice a little ledge below it. There are two 
ways to get to that ledge. 1. Hang off the bridge then, fall and catch the 
branch. 2. Make your way around, put your back to the wall and slowly shimmey 
to the ledge. On this ledge you'll find the XM16E1, which is an assault rifle,
as well as Pentazemin, and Hush Puppy ammo.


The cutscene should have give you a good idea of what to do here. Whip out your
Hush Puppy, and fire at the Hornet's Nest. Not only does it scare of the guard,
but it also allows you to take the Nest. Make your away across the bridge, once
on the other side, you should see another guard start to move towards you. If 
you don't act fast, he'll see you. Above him is yet another Hornet's Nest (Use
the Thermal Goggles if you can't see it), shoot it to scare him off, then grab
the nest.


-Good Eats-

While technically not good, rats can be found crawling just about everywhere in
this area.


An M37 Shotgun can be found behind some boxes in the bottom west corner of the
facility. If you go up the stairs, you will find a supressor for the XM16E1, as
well as ammo for it. A Life Medicine can be found in the room to the left of 


This area is tricky to write a FAQ for, because there are so many ways to go 
through it (And believe me, there are many more areas like this). Areas like 
this are the reason this walkthrough has multiple authors. So you can have more
options for strategies. My (LionHart) preferable way to go through this is as 

1. There should be a guard in front of you. Either get close to him, and tranq 
him, or if your aim is good do it from afar.
2. Go right, and hug the fence as you run. To the northeast there should be two
barrels, one standing, one laying. If a guard is standing near the barrels, 
tranq him. If not, move quietly to the grass next to the barrels and wait for 
the guard to pass. Once he does, head north and climb the ladder that is on the
3. Across the rooftop, there should be a support. You can walk on this support.
Once you are on it, you can aim at and tranq the guards below you. After that, 
just walk to the door with Sokolov. Watch the long cutscenes that follow.

-Interesting Information-

Try shooting the unconscious Ocelot in the head (with a fatal weapon of course)
to be greeted with a time paradox, and Colonel Campbell yelling at you for 
changing the future.


That's right, go back. As soon as you go into Dolinovodno, another long cut-
scene starts. Meet the Cobras, and Volgin.

Dolinovodno Riverbank

This is your first time using the Cure menu. The only wounds Snake has right 
now are cuts and broken bones. Four cuts, and two broken bones to be precise. 
For the cuts, you must use Disinfectant, Styptic, Suture Kit, and a bandage, 
in no particular order. For the broken bones, you use a Splint, and a bandage, 
again in no particular order. Watch the cutscene, and that is the end....of 
Virtuous Mission that is. Now, you move on to Operation Snake Eater.

4-2 ;:Operation Snake Eater:;

-Interesting Information-

When given the option to look in first person view, do so and look directly up.
Someone sure loves their hot girl posters.

Dremuchij East

-Good Eats-

There is a Reticulated Python to the immediate left of your starting point. 
After passing between the two big rocks, stand there for a bit and wait for a 
Japanese Flying Squirrel to crawl across the ground, and up the tree. Just left
of that squirrel, is another Reticulated Python. And in the grass area that's 
directly before the area where you leave the screen, yet another Reticulated 
Python can be found. Eat Snakes Indeed.


Basically just head north, then west from your current location.

Dremuchij North

-Good Eats-

Tired of snakes, yet? I hope not. Immediatly after jumping off the cliff, you 
should see another Reticulated Python. A bit North of him, hiding in the grass,
is yet another. As you're going down the path, around the time you hear the 
horse, you should spot a snake hanging on a tree. That is a Green Tree Python,
and it's quite nice to have.


This area should seem familiar. You were just here on Virtuos Mission. Head up,
then left and jump off the cliff. Keep going northwest until the cutscene 

Dremuchij North

-Good Eats-

The animals here are the same, and in the same places, as they were in the 
Virtuous Mission.


Yes, we're still here. This time however, we are in a different part of it, and
there are guards. If you want to do things the stealthy way, go off to the 
right and hide in the grass. You don't have any weapons except the knife, so 
killing the guards isn't such a good idea. While the Leaf camo works well, the 
Black camo works even better, suprisingly. Just sit there and wait. Two guards 
appear. At one point, they will both run close to the drone, and pause in front
of it, looking at it. This is your chance, be quick, and head north to more 
grass. Here will be an intersection, one left, one up. By going up, you don't 
have to deal with another enemy, but by going left you get a Giant Anaconda 
(But you have lots of snakes now, if you've been using this, so you don't 
really need it.


-Good Eats-

If you manage to somehow have a gun, whether it be from this being your second 
time through the game, or by playing on Very Easy, you can shoot down a 
Hornet's Nest from a two trees on each side of the bridge.


Remember that area under the bridge? Let's go back to that. Here you can find 
a Life Medicine, some Smoke Grenades, and your first new camo...RAINDROP! Not 
very useful, but it looks pretty cool.


This place is kinda tricky now, considering you have no weapon. Lay low in the 
grass at the top, and use Black camo. As he begins to walk on the bridge, you 
can slide down the hill, and quietly approach him for a nice CQC kill, or knock
out, whichever you prefer. Cross the bridge, and wait in the grass. Another 
guard should appear. Either stealth kill him, or sneak past. Then head north to
the next area.


-Good Eats-

There are rats crawling all over the place, and two Reticulated Pythons in the 
grass in front of the red wall on the south side of the building.


Many items in this place. First off, head up the two stairways to find an AK-47
assault rifle. If you go to the room that is to the left of where Sokolov was 
being held, you can climb some crates and get the Cardboard Box A (Yes, it is 
back!). Directly behind the room where Sokolov was being held, you can find the
Zombie face paint. Another not very useful one, but it looks badass. In 
Sokolov's room, in the locker, you can find some Thermal Goggles.


No enemies here. There are some handy items here, so I suggest you scroll down,
see what they are, and get them. Go in to Sokolov's room, then exit for the 
cutscene to start.

After the cutscene, in the morning, Ocelot guards are surrounding you. There 
are some pretty good items in the area that you can get before the cutscene 
with Eva starts, so scroll down a bit and see what they are. You have to take 
out all nine guards. You can kill them, knock them unconscious, or tranq them.

-Interesting Information-

Gotten to know Mr. Sigint yet? Do so. Call him once. Then call him with no 
shirt on. After that, call him with the zombie face paint. And finally, for the
funniest one, call him while wearing the box. Also, when the game suggests you 
to, press R1 after meeting Eva...

Chyomyj Prud

-Good Eats-

After entering, travel right a bit to find a Retilucated Python. And there are 
crocodiles, and fish in the murky water.


The items here are a little tricky. Go west, and into the water, and continue 
north. Dive underwater and keep going Northwest. You should see a gap under a 
log. Swim under it, then onto shore. Go north, and you should find a climb-able
tree. Climb up the branch, then hang, and cross the wire. You'll see another 
tree and another wire. Do a drop catch (X to drop, then Triangle to catch the 
second wire) and continue crossing on the second wire. You'll see a cliff, with
an item on it. Drop down and grab the item. It is the Croc Cap. After that, 
go east, and slide down the cliff. Keep going east, and then go into the water.
Either look in first person view until you see the name of it, or use Thermal 
Goggles to see the item under the water. It is the GA-KO camo uniform.


Well basically you just have to get to the other side of the lake. Once on the 
other side, equip your Thermal Goggles. You'll see a red line going across two 
trees. While you can see this line without them, it's easier to use the 
goggles. Crawl under the line, the continue on.

-Interesting Information-

If you don't mind continues, have Snake go near a croc, or touch a croc.

Bolshaya Past South


Once you're past the second electric fence, and heading right, you should see 
two pools of quickmud. Beyond those pools are a ledge. Climb up, the press 
your back to the rock, and wall-walk across. On the other side you will find 
the Splitter camo uniform. After that camo is a third electric fence with a 
hole in it. Crawl under and head west a little. You should spot a hollowed 
tree. In the tree is the Choco Chip camo uniform.


Get close to the east side of the fence. It's an electric fence, so don't touch
it. On the east side, there is a gap at the bottom. You can crawl under it. 
Stay on your stomach and continue crawling forward. You're staying on the 
ground because there are landmines in that area, and so you're not seen. You 
may spot some guards or dogs on the other side of the fence. If so, shoot them,
quietly. Head west until you notice a hole in the fence. Alternatively, you can
climb the tree and jump down on the other side. Head west first, and equip your
Thermal Goggles. You should see 2 or 3 guards. With your Mk22, or your M19, 
aim for the head and take them down. 

Then backtrack, go up the unexplored east path. Stay on the ground, and use 
your Leaf camo. A guard should be very close to one of the two pools of quick-
mud. Take him before moving on. If you took out the guards on the other side, 
like I suggested, there should only be one remaining. Tranq, or kill him, or 
wait til you're on the otherside of the fence to sneak past him. This fence has
yet another hole in it. After crawling under, head Northwest, or Northeast. 
Both lead to the next area.

Bolshaya Past Base


There is the Water camo uniform on the roof. Inside the building, in the second
room you, can find a suppressor for your M19. Under the beds are a mousetrap, 
and Mk22 ammo. There is a shack to the north of the building. Inside you can 
find a Russian Ration, an R.C Mate, and a mousetrap. After exiting the shack, 
head west, and jump into the trench. You will come across a wooden board placed
over it. Under the board is the face paint Snow pattern. In the northeast, 
there is a small building. Inside are some medical supplies. A Bandage, 
Digestive Medicine, Antidote, and a Life Medicine.


Take out your gun and shoot the guard standing to the north. Move west until 
you are parallel with the door that is being guarded. Shoot the guard there, 
then move your aim to the left and shoot another guard who should be standing 
around there. Go to the door that was being guarded, but don't go in yet. Use 
the ladder that is right there and claim to the roof. Equip Olive Drab camo, 
move to the east edge of the roof, and get down on your knee. This gives you a 
pretty good view on the whole area, and allows you to take out the enemies all 
of the enemies. Once you're done, climb back down, or jump off, and head north 
to the next area.

Bolshaya Past Crevice

-Good Eats-

You can find several animals on this battlefield, including rabbits, and King 


There is M19 ammo, Grenades, and Mk22 ammo here. If 
you take away Ocelot's stamina bar (by using the Mk22) a special Animal
camo uniform will be waiting for you in the cave below.

-Ocelot Boss Battle-

This fight is pretty straight forward. When you find an opening, shoot him. If 
you hit him in the head, it does more damage. When one of his troops says 
they'll do something, stay completely still, and their shots will miss. Can't 
really give a strategy, because there's not very many options. You can hide 
behind one of the rocks, and shoot him from there. It provides adequate cover 
from his shots, but he does richochet bullets which can still hit you.

Chyomaya Peschera Branch


The Torch (how to get it is explained below), some Bug Juice (after the Bat 
encounter), and an Animal camo uniform (Only if you drained Ocelot's stamina 
bar, if you did, it will be at your starting point) are in this cave area.

-Good Eats-

While not fufilling, Vampire Bats can be found here, as well as a new type of 
snake (while crawling through the small tunnel)


The bad thing about this area isn't it's long and hard to spell name, it's the 
fact that the area is nearly completely dark. The only light you'll have for 
now is your cigar. Equip that and go on. Now it's hard to see, so you'll have 
to feel your way around sometimes. First off, go right (your right). Hug the 
wall and keep going until you reach a path. Don't go down it. Instead, go west 
from you current position. You'll find a second path. This will lead to a place
with two waterfalls. In between these waterfalls, is a crevice. A torch is in 
the crevice. Get it, light it, backtrack. After exiting the passage you just 
came from, move east a little. You should spot a small hole in the rock. Get 
down and crawl through it. You'll end up on top of the waterfalls. Go through 
the passage on top of the waterfalls. Half way through, you'll be attacked by 
bats. Either ignore them and move on, or kill them and move on.

Chyomaya Peschera Cave


M37 Shotgun, Smoke Grenades, Snow camo


Upon entering this area, you are greeted with a fork in the path. 

The left path takes you straight to the next area. 

If you take the right path instead (which I recommend) you find an M37 Shotgun.
After finding the shotgun, get down immediatly and crawl north. You'll find 
yourself under the rock. Keep crawling til you find a crawlspace, and crawl 
through that. Once you reach the end of that, you'll be in a small area. In 
this area, you can pick up the Snow camo uniform. Very handy later on. North of
the camo, is another crawl space. Crawl through and you'll be on the left path.
Pick up the Smoke Grenades and move on.

Chyomaya Peschera Cave

-Good Eats-

There are fish in the water that you can kill and eat.


The Pain's Hornet Stripe camo uniform. Ak ammo. Mk22 ammo. M37 ammo.

-Boss Battle: The Pain-

First, pull out whatever gun you prefer to use, and shoot him twice in the 
head. I'd choose either your Mk22, or the shotgun. Once you do that, he'll 
call his bees to him, and surround him like a shield. At this point, I suggest 
moving to the second main platform. It's northeast to your current position.

You cannot hit him while the bees are on him. You can either wait until he 
sends them towards you, or you can use a Smoke Grenade (which, if you've been 
following this, you should have) to make them get off his body. Once the Smoke 
Grenade explodes, put on the Thermal Goggles, and shoot him in the head as many
times as you can. If he sends bees after you, jump in the water. If he sends a 
grenade, shoot it with the shotgun before the bees get it carried over. If he 
does a Tommy Gun attack, hide deep in the water til it's over.

Once you get his health, or stamina bar, halfway down, he removes his mask and 
lets the "Bullet Bees" loose. He still keeps his other usual attacks though. 
If you're hit by a "Bullet Bee" you have to go to the Cure menu, dig it out 
with a knife, use a Styptic and a Disinfectant. Just keep using the same 
strategy as the first phase, and you should be fine.

If you defeat the Pain by lowering his Stamina Bar, you get his camo. Sometimes
this camo winds up staying on the platform he was on, and it may seem 
impossible to get to. Don't worry. If you head for the exit, there is a small 
walk way to the right. You can run along this onto a ledge, then jump onto the 
platform and get the camo.

Once you defeat him, head to the exit, which should be north of the second

Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance

-Good Eats-

There are some Golovas on the ground after the cutscene, and some rats as well.
In the second clearing, you'll see two snakes on the ground. They are Thai 
Cobras, and provide a moderate stamina boost.


After the cutscene, you'll find a gap in the rock wall. The Mine Detector is 
there. In the second clearling, there is a small cave to the west that holds 
AK ammo, M19 ammo, and Mk22 ammo.


Head north from your position until a cutscene starts. I know what you're 
thinking. Hovercrafts in the 60s? They did exist. Not in the advanced way they 
do in the game, but they did exist. I believe Sigint can you fill you in on it.
After the cutscene keep heading north to a cliff. Find the paths and walk your 
way down. The head north some more into the next area.

Ponizovje South

-Good Eats-

Score some fish from under the water if you're low on food.


There are some Chaff Grenades under water, at the north end of the screen.


There are two hovercraft guards patrolling this area. They can and will see 
you if you try and cross the normal way. I suggest equipping the Croc Cap, and 
using the Water camo (If you've been using this guide, you should have both). 
Once you reach the other side, you'll see two paths. One is barely noticeable 
and is to the northwest. The other is directly north. Let's head to the north-
west one, just for a new weapon.

Ponizovje West


SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle in the room, along with TNT, Grenades, Mk22, Ak-47, 
and M37 ammo. There is also an M19 suppressor deep under the water in the 
south of the area, and an Mk22 suppressor behind some boxes next 
to the room the SVD is in. There is also Mk22 and AK ammo on the south boat, 
and some Stun Grenades and WP Grenades on the north boat.


There are two guards in this area. One is standing to the north, and one to 
the west. You're coming from the east, so the one to the west will be directly 
in front of you. Take him out with a suppressed weapon, swim until you can see 
the guard to the north, and take him out as well. Climb up onto the pier and 
make your way to the door. Inside, you will find an SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle, 
some TNT and Grenades, as well as AK, Mk22, and M37 ammo. Backtrack to 
Ponizovje South, then take the unexplored path to the north.

Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior

-Good Eats-

Still fish...


There are two docks in this area. An east one and a west one. On the west one, 
you can find NVG, Night Vision Goggles. These are helpful during a boss battle 
later. There are also two boats docked at the west pier. One has Mk22 ammo and 
Stun Grenades, the other has AK ammo. In the water, you can find SVD ammo, M37 
ammo, a suppressor for the M19, and M19 ammo.


"You got a sniper rifle? You can use that against Wolf! Hurry up, and save 
Meryl!" Just kidding. But this is a great oppurtunity to try it out. While I 
prefer the sniper rifle, you don't have to use it. The M19, Mk22, and the AK 
all work as well. There should be a guard standing on the dock to the 
immediate north of you. Take him out. You can either swim to that dock and 
shoot the second guard from there, or you can wait for him to catch a glimpse 
of the first guards corpse, and move to investigate. Either way, once they are 
both dead/asleep, climb onto the pier and enter the hallway to go to the next 

-Interesting Information-

You have the sniper rifle, right? Well immediatly after the cutscene, equip it 
and look through the lens. You should see The End in his wheelchair. If you 
want to skip the boss fight with him, you can shoot him a few times here. Just 
remember to dodge that wheel when it comes flying at you.

Ponizovje Warehouse


After entering the warehouse from the hall, directly south of you is some 
Antidote, and some Serum. The Desert face paint can be found behind a box, in 
the south part of this warehouse. On the second floor, you will find some 
Styptic, and some Disinfectant. In the room, you will find a Calorie Mate, and 
some Instant Noodles, both very helpful. You'll also find a Mousetrap. 
Considerably less helpful. Now, I know what you're thinking. You want that 
item on the boxes on the first floor, but you don't know how to get to it, 
right? Just go the second floor, hang on the rail, drop down and claim your 
Mk22 Suppressor.


The best camo for this area is the Splitter, along with Splitter face paint. 
It only gives you 40% when moving slow or standing still, and 55% when 
crouching, so while it is the best in the area, it's not guaranteed to keep 
you unseen. The way I go through here is, after coming out of the hall, crouch 
at the top of the stairs and wait with your gun drawn. Take out the guard as 
he approaches. Move to the south area, where the Desert face paint can be 
found, and aim up. You should spot a guard at the very top level. Take him 
out, climb the stairs, and head to the next area.

Graniny Gorki South

-Good Eats-

There aren't any good foods here. Just the stuff you know about, Retilucated 
Pythons, and fruit. The reason I included this though, is to warn you. Do not 
eat the mushrooms. They are poisonous. Plus, they will be helpful in an 
upcoming battle, so leave them be.


You can find a Life Medicine below a pit trap in a raised area to the east of 
your starting point.


There are no enemies here, but there are many traps. Covered pits, snares, 
logs with spikes, wire traps, landmines, and quickmud. With your trusty 
Thermal Goggles, you should be able to avoid just about every trap. The exit 
to this area is directly north of your starting position. You just have to 
maneuver past the traps.

Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Walls


After crawling under the fence, directly ahead of you is a Suppressor for the 


From the moment you enter, equip your Thermal Goggles. There should be one 
guard to the right, and a guard and a dog to the left. I used SVD to take out 
the guard on the right, as well as the dog, and second guard. Once they are 
all taken care of, head west until you can't go any farther, and look at the 
fence. You should see a hole at the bottom of it. You know what to do. Once 
on the other side, there are two ways you can get it. You can crawl through a 
hole in the wall on the side you are currently on, or you can head east, to 
the other side of the building, and knock on the door. A guard will hear you 
and let you in. If you choose the latter option, back away from the door and 
kill the guard. You don't want an Alert.

Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls


There is a small building in the northeast, to the right of the main lab 
building. In it you can find rge XM16E1 assault rifle, some TNT, SVD ammo and 
AK-47 and M37 ammo. 

If you go into the ventilation shaft, you can get the Oyama face paint.


There are three guards in this area. I entered from the door on the east. 
After going around the small building, there is a guard to the north. Take him 
out. Go to where he was standing and look west. There should be another guard 
all the way across the field. I took him out with the sniper rifle. Keep the 
rifle out and wait until you see the third guard approaching the downed guard. 
Shoot him as well.

Now here is what I did when I entered from the hole in the fence. If you look 
north/northeast you'll see two guards. The first one is close enough to be 
taken down by the M19 or Mk22, but the third is farther away. Use the Ak with 
zoom, or the rifle. The third guard is across the field. Again, the rifle 
works wonders here. 

Now before doing anything, equip the Scientist uniform and 
take off any face paint you may have on. There are two ways to enter the lab. 
You can use a hole in the wall that leads to some ventilation shafts, and into 
an outdoor part of the lab, or you can just go through the door. Either works, 
just keep that disguise on.

Graniny Gorki Lab 1F


If you're entering from the main door, instead of ignoring the hallway, head 
through it. The first door you'll come to is a small library like room. Be 
careful. There is a scientist in here. There are also some medical supplies, 
including Bandages, a Suture Kit, some Serum, and Ointment. If you entered 
from the vent, this will be the room directly below you. Head up the stairs to 
the second floor.

There many doors here. The first one to the north is a room with a Mk22 
Supressor in it. The one above it is a bathroom. The third stall is locked. 
Punch it open, and go inside and you'll get the Fly camo. There is a door 
across from the bathroom door. It leads to outside. If you missed the Choco 
Chip camo earlier, this is your second, and last time to be able to get it. 
It's on the balcony. Exploring the other rooms on the top floor, you will find 
Instant Noodles, a Calorie Mate, and a Book. If you go to the bottom floor, 
you will find a Life Medicine.


First off, DO NOT GET NEAR ANY SCIENTISTS. While the guards can't tell you 
apart from the rest, the other scientists can. If a scientist looks at you, 
but it doesn't go into alert mode, either turn your back and press triangle 
(it makes Snake push his glasses up, like the other scientists) or run away.

If you entered from the door...

Go past the main desk and head north, past the hall, to a door on the right. 
Go through it. Go through the room and down the stairs.

If you entered from the ventilation shaft...

Go through the door directly in front of you. When you're in the building, 
head south, then left til the end of the hallway. The north, and left again. 
You'll be in the main hallway past the main desk. Go north and through the 
door on the right hand side. Go through the room and down the stairs.

Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West


Once you're through the hall, there are two doors. One on the west wall and 
one on the east. In the east room there is Cigar Gas-Spray. 

In the lab, there is an Mk22 Supressor, and a Battery.


You should still have the scientist disguise on. Go down the hall and enter 
the door on the west wall. There is a scientist in here. You must avoid him.
The next room is a lab. If you just run through the room, you will be able to 
avoid the two scientists. Run north, then west and go through the door. Go 
through the second door, and watch the cutscene.

When the cutscenes are over, go all the way back to Graniny Gorki South. The 
enemy placements are the exact same as they were on the way here, and there 
are no new items to get, so there is no reason for me to guide you all the way 
back there.

-Interesting Information-

There is a Metal Gear RAY model in Granin's room. The design he shows you is 
the design for Metal Gear Rex, and if you look closely at the wall, you'll see 
a picture of Granin standing with a certain man in glasses. That man is most 
likely Hal "Otacon" Emmerich's father.

Graniny Gorki South

-The Fear Boss Battle-

First thing's first, we have to heal you up. Immediatly go to the Cure menu. 
For the poison, use a serum. For the bolt in your leg, use the Knife, the 
Disinfectant, the Styptic and the Bandage.

Now, you're healed. Time for the fight to begin. Equip your Thermal Goggles 
and look up straight, but up a little. The Fear is in the tree in front of you.
If you plan on killing him, it's best to shoot him twice with the shotgun. If 
you plan on tranqing him, it's best to shoot him twice with the Mk22. He'll 
begin to jump from tree to tree. Instead of attacking him directly right now, 
go around your battle area and shoot all the mushrooms growing at the foot of 
the trees. Shoot any frogs you see as well. Do not pick any of this up, leave 
it laying there. It is all poisonous. The Fear wastes his stamina quickly, by 
jumping from branch to branch, plus using his camo. Once it's down to two bars 
he begins looking for food. He'll usually eat whatever is out already for him 
to eat, in this case it would be all the poison food. When he is poisoned, he 
is no longer invisible, and he loses healthy quickly. 

Every chance you get, whether he is in a tree, or on the ground, shoot him. 
Once in a while, he will stop jumping, and you can hear him get his crossbow. 
You should start running around, constantly moving. It's very hard for him to 
hit a moving target. Occasionally he will shoot a bolt with poison on it. To 
cure it, just do what you did with the first bolt. As long as you have the 
Thermal Goggles, and have him poisoned, the battle is very easy.

If you choose to bring his stamina meter instead of his health, you get a 
special camo uniform, Spider. It gives you stealth capability, but lowers 
your stamina very quickly.

More to Come

05.Secrets and Locations

5-1 ;:Secrets:;

-Title Screen Fun-

Press the R and L buttons, along with the triangle button to do several things 
to the title screen. (The one with Snake using CQC)

-Intro Wackiness-

Press the following during the intro 'Snake Eater' movie is playing

Press R3 to change the symbols, and rotate the right stick to make them move 
and appear on screen

Press L3 to change the language of the credits, and rotate the left stick to 
make them wave around.
Press any D-pad direction to make little circles come up on the screen. 

Press R1 to hear the singer whisper "Snake Eater".

-Snake's Nightmare-

When you're in the cell, save the game. When you load it, you'll be able to 
play a mini game where you slash at creatures with swords.

-Rai-"Shh, don't say my name. People will stop reading this here"-

Choose "I liked MGS2!" when given the option, and you'll receive quite a shock 
at your intro.

-Completed Game Prizes-

When you complete a game of Metal Gear Solid 3 you get several things.


A Bond like suit, that can be found in the camouflage menu.


The gun The Boss used. It has unlimited ammo, and it never needs to reload.

=Extreme Difficulty=

If it's your first time beating MGS3, you unlock the Extreme difficulty 


A revolver, the Single Action Army. Unlike the other rewards, you don't always 
get this. You must choose the gun on the right when you face Ocelot in the 
duel on the plane. 

=Stealth Camouflage=

There are two ways to get this. 1. Shoot all 64 Kerotan frogs. 2. Get the 
Chameleon rank. To get the Chameleon rank, you must have no alerts, and no 

=Infinity Face Paint=

This face paint gives infinite ammo. To get it, you must complete the game in 
under five hours, have 25 or less saves, no continues, no alerts, no kills, 
and no special items, such as Stealth Camouflage or the EZ Gun.


Pick up the camera in the jail cell area, and complete the game with it. You 
will have it on all subsequent playthroughs.

=Snake VS Monkey levels 4 and 5=

And finally, completing the game will unlock the last two 'Saltha' missions.

5-2 ;:Camouflage Locations:;

Naked - From the start.

Olive Drab - From the start.

Tiger Stripe - From the start.

Leaf - From the start.

Tree Bark - From the start.

Squares - From the start.

Black - From the start.

Splitter - Bolshaya Past South, on a ledge after the first fence that you must 
crawl under.

Raindrop - In an area under the bridge in Dolinovodno. Operation Snake Eater 

Water - Bolshaya Past Base, on the roof of the main building.

Choco Chip - Bolshaya Past South, in a hollowed tree after the second electric 
fence that you must crawl under.

Snow - In the caves, in a crawlspace that starts where you get the shotgun. 
It's hard to see at first.

Fly - In the third locked bathroom stall on the second floor, in the building 
where Granin is.

Animals - Beat Ocelot by bringing his stamina down to nothing.

Hornet's Stripe - Beat The Pain by bringing his stamina down to nothing. 

Spider - Beat The Fear by bringing his stamina down to nothing. 

Moss - Sneak up on The End and hold him up with a high powered weapon (like 
the shotgun). He'll get on the ground. Point the gun at his head. He'll 
refuse you twice, but on the third time he'll give you the camo.

Fire - Beat The Fury by bringing his stamina down to nothing.

Spirit - You always get it after the Sorrow battle.

Cold War - In the hand to hand fight with Volgin, bring his stamina down to 

Snake - Bring The Boss' stamina meter down to nothing.

Sneaking Suit - Can only be found the second time you're at the locker room 
where you stuffed Raikov. Open the locker where he was and the suit is there.

Maintenance - In one of the lockers across from the Raidenovich locker.

Scientist - Eva gives it to you.

Officer - You get this by knocking out/killing Raikov

Tuxedo - You get this by beating the game.

Banana - You get this by getting first place in each level of the Snake VS 
Monkey missions.

Mummy - Download

Grenade - Download

5-3 ;:Face Paint Locations:;

No Paint - From the start

Woodland - From the start

Black - From the start

Water - After beating the Fear, go back past the warehouse, and to the river 
where you first encountered the hover guards. At the far end, under the water, 
you will find this paint.

Desert - Can be found in Ponizovje Warehouse. It's in the south of the 
building, by a red double door.

Splitter - From the start.

Snow - Bolshaya Past Base, in the trench to the left of the main building 

Kabuki - After meeting with Eva under the waterfall, go back out of the 
cave, and dive into the small body of water there. At the bottom is the Kabuki 
face paint.

Oyama - It's in a vent on the outside left of the building Granin is in.

Zombie - Behind the room Sokolov was being held in in Virtuous Mission.

Mask - From the start.

5-4 ;:Frog Locations:;

There 61 toy frogs scattered throughout the game.

1. Dremuchij South - Immediately from your starting position, head right and 
then go up into a narrow grassy path. Once you're at the very top, the frog is 
visible to your left on top of a hill.

2. Dremuchij Swamp - Past the swamp, when you're in the second patch of tall 
grass it's on a hill directly to your right.

3. Dremuchij North - From your starting position, head forward and take the 
second right. Head through the fields of tall grass until you get to a 
hollowed-out log next to the wall. The frog is on top of this log, but you 
have to be in front of the log to see it.

4. Dolinovodno - High up on top of the left post of the Southern end of the 

5. Rassvet 1F - Directly to the left of the stairs there is a hole in the 
wall. Look through the hole. The frog is there. Shoot him.

;:Operation Snake Eater Frogs:;

6. Dremuchij East - Under some logs in the middle-left of the map.

7. Dremuchij North - Find the climbable tree in the middle horizontal path of 
this map. Climb it, then look left. The frog is on top of a hill.

-You're going to have to backtrack to two previous areas now, because the rest
of the game never forces you to go back here. Head south from Dremuchij North.-

8. Dremuchij Swampland - Get to the island in the middle. Now head left to the 
little outcropping of land (you may want to kill the alligators, since they 
will only hinder your search. Plus, they're ugly. Ugly little bastards). In 
this patch of land, look behind the northern-most tree. Aha! There's the 

-Keep heading south.-

9. Dremuchij South - Left of where you landed during the Virtuous Mission, 
hop over the log and then head into the top-left corner of this little area. 
Our friend is sitting on top of the hill there (you can see him even in third-
person mode). Plant a bullet between his eyes.

-Now return to Dremuchij North and then proceed normally from there.-

10. Dolinovodno - Now it's on top of the post on the OTHER side of the bridge.

11. Rassvet 1F - Under the stairwell, to the right of the big cylinders.

12. Chyomij Prud - This little bastard is underwater. To find him, head 
straight north through the water and find a big grey tree that's sticking out 
of the water. It's hugging the north wall, so the it may blend in a litte, but 
it's there. Looking at the map, it's right in the middle between the two 
northern paths out of this area. Dive, and the frog will be to the left of the 
base of the tree. Shoot him twice just for good measure.

13. Bolshaya Past South - Head north until you get to the big fence with a gap 
in the middle. Go to where the gap is, but stay on the southern side of the 
fence. Now head right, staying along the fence, until you find a multi-trunked 
tree on this side of the fence. In the middle of the cluster is your green 
little target.

14. Bolshaya Past Base - Go into the building and find the room with all the 
beds. The frog is under a desk at the bottom of this room.

15. Bolshaya Past Crevice - From your starting position, run all the way to 
the right until you hit a wall. Then turn around so you're facing the camera 
and go into first-person view. The frog is right there.

16. Chyomaya Pschera Cave Branch - This is a toughie. Make your way to the 
waterfalls. Directly across from the little alcove where you got the torch is 
a passageway; go through it. Follow it until it dead ends, and then crawl into 
the crack in the wall. Follow the crack until you get to another open area, 
where directly across from the opening you just exited is ANOTHER crack in the 
bottom of the wall. Go through this until you come out in a room with a big 
hole in the floor. Go into first-person mode. Right across the hole from you 
is the frog. ELIMINATE HIM.

17. Chyomaya Peschera Cave - There's a small island to the south of this area. 
Swim behind it, go into first-person view, and look up. There's a big hole in 
the ceiling right above The Pain, and the frog is chillin' like a villain at 
the top of that hole.

18. Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance - About midway through the area, there is 
a cave on the left, enter it (be careful, as there are mines), and once you're 
inside, face the cave's entrance and look up in first-person view. The frog is 
hiding above the archway.

19. Ponizovje South - Just a little ways forward from the starting point, the 
frog is on dry land to your left, slightly obscured by a rock. Without going 
into first-person, you can see it as a little whitish speck against a tree 

-Ponizovje West is easy to miss by accident. Right before the river begins to 
narrow in Ponizovje South, there's a semi-hidden passage to the left. Go there 

20. Ponizovje West - Swim to the northwest corner of this pool. Then dive. 
There's a frog behind that grate. Piece of cake.

21. Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior - Get on top of the docks and run over to 
where the two boats are. Go to the end of that pier, face the camera, and go 
into first-person mode. In first-person mode, look right. See those red doors? 
See that frog on top of the red doors? Waste 'im.

22. Ponizovje Warehouse 1F - You see those white crates in the southeast 
corner of the room? Climb on top of those, then crouch and face north. Look 
way up to the right in the rafters, above the stairs. There's a little froggie 
head up there just begging to be sniped.

23. Graniny Gorki South Easy one. Run all the way up to the northern exit, 
then look up to your left. Itís sitting on a tree branch. Crafty little frog.

24. Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Walls Starting out, crawl all the way 
+to the east of the area. Then shoot the electrical box and crawl under the 
fence. Get safely out of site behind the building. See that gap in the wall? 
Thatís how you get into the lab. But we donít give a damn about that, weíre 
here to kill statues. Stand up and press your back against the wall. Go into 
first-person mode. The frog is in between two tree trunks slightly to the left.

25. Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls To the far right of this area 
there is a big building with a boarded-up door, and to the right of this door 
is a window. Thereís a frog sitting in the window, and heís looking mighty 
hungry. Why donít you feed him a lead sandwich?

26. Graniny Gorky Lab 1F  Follow the hallways until you find a cluster of four 
lockers near the stairs to 2F. On top of the locker closest to the camera, 
there is a frog. You have to be in first-person to see it, as itís sort of 
hiding in the corner.

27. Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West - This is the basement section with several 
rooms in it. Run into the back room with a television and a single scientist 
walking around inside. Thereís a frog in the northwest corner on top of a desk 
by two lockers.

28. Graniny Gorki Lab B1 East - This is the basement section with several 
prison cells in it. You can find a frog in the cell at the very end of the 
hallway. Why is the frog in jail? Your guess is as good as mine. Probably 
picking up hookers or something. You know how frogs are.

29. Svyatogernyj South - Immediately after entering this area, just run 
forward until you get into the first patch of high grass. Then turn around and 
look back at the entrance. At the top, where the concrete meets the dirt, 
sitting on the very corner is a frog.

30. Svyatogernyj West ñ Head forward and bit until you come to a hollowed-out 
log laying on the ground. On the hill directly in front of this log is a frog.

-Make SURE you take the northeastern exit out of Svyatogernyj West, NOT the 
northwestern one. This next area is totally optional and, much like Ponizovje 
West, easily overlooked. -

31. Svyatogernyj East ñ Go forward and ALWAYS stick to the left path. 
Eventually youíll come out on top of a small shack. Jump off the roof and run 
straight towards the larger building in front of you. Go up the stairs, and 
you should see a door. To the left of the door, there should be a window, and 
you should be able to see a frog sitting on the shelf inside. Shoot it through 
the window.

-Now backtrack back to Svyatogernyj West and take the northwestern exit this 

32. Sokrevenno South In the northwestern corner of this map there is a 
building. Run up the ramp to the building, then walk around to the side. From 
here, you can look at the hill directly behind the building, and a frog is 

33. Sokrevenno West ñ Follow the stream all the way south, then duck and look 
at the opening in the wall where the water is flowing into. Thereís a frog in 
there. Thatís sort of its natural habitat, I guess. Now shoot it.

34. Sokrevenno North ñ Start out at the middle-south exit. Now hug the left 
wall and run, following it as it curves around. Pretty soon, youíll come to a 
hollowed-out log. Now, keep following the wall, and look behind the VERY NEXT 
tree that is growing right up against the wall.

35. Krasnogorje Tunnel ñ Right away, you see that arch in the middle of the 
hallway? The frog is on the ground behind it, on the left side.

36. Krasnogorje Mountain Base ñ Run all the way to the northwest corner of the 
map. Still in third-person mode, you can see the frog up on a hill directly in 
front of you. However, you canít get a good angle at him from here, so run 
back a little bit to some high ground and whip out the sniper rifle. Thatíll 
do him in.

37. Krasnogorje Mountanside - In the shack at the top of the mountain with 3 
rations and a calorie mate. You have to shoot this one from afar because the 
angle is quite bad. So bust out something with a scope.

38. Krasnogorje Mountaintop - Go to the lowest stationary turret gun and look 
at the cliff across from it in first person view. I'd use the turret to blow 
this frog away, but you might attract some unwanted attention.

39. Krasnogorje Mountaintop Behind Ruins ñ Right in front of you, there is a 
radio tower. Use the sniper rifle to locate the frog about midway up the 
tower. I guess frogs arenít afraid of heights, but a bullet to the head 
oughta make him squeal.

40. Krasnogorje Mountaintop Ruins ñ Run down the stairs and into the room with 
the bed in it. Face the bed, and go into first-person. The frog is on a shelf 
above the bed. Put his voyeuristic activities to a permanent end.

41.Groznyj Grad Underground Tunnel: End of the right center... on a red pipe 
(this is the BOSS FIGHT with the Fury)

42.Groznyj Grad 1F (With tank hangars): Middle West building... look in the 
doors... on the turret

43.Groznyj Grad 1F (With the jail BUILDING): On top of building at the 
Southeast corner of the jail building.

44.Groznyj Grad 1F (INSIDE Jail building): Under near eastern desk in the 
northern room

45.Groznyj Grad 1F (West side): On some stairs in the midwest of the map... 
jump on the crates

46.Groznyj Grad 1F (Northeast): Behind a grate in the vents

47.Groznyj Grad 2F (Building with Raidenovich): 2nd floor Northwest side on 
top of shelf

48.(connecting bridge between 2f after you get disguise): Look out the window 
to the left - it is sitting up top there

49.(AFTER you beat the Sorrow): Look at the right side of the log at the very 
bottom of the river (south)

50.(BEHIND waterfall - near the end with ladder): Turn around when you reach 
the ladder and look to the south-west corner of the room on a pipe

51. (Building with Sagohod): At the FAR LEFT of the screen near the first bomb 
destination (it's the one in HIGHER elevation - and thus LOWER on the map from 
top to bottom) - look right at the sagohod and you should see it at your feet.

52. (Boss fight with Volgin): Look to the UPPER LEFT. It's staring down at you.

-The following eight frogs are in the bike sequence. You can, and should save 
each time the bike enters a new area.-

53 .In the first area... it's in a tower in the tank area, look behidn you 
when Eva stops...

54. In second, sitting in one of the forklifts

-These next 2 are the Hardest in the game - sniper rifle or rocket launcher 
seem to work best)

55. In first runway, on one of the boxes on the left, AFTER Eva makes the turn.

56. In second runway, on box on RIGHT, near beginning (i think it was the 6th 
or so box).

57. On bridge sniper part, You have to STAND UP to see it. It's on one of the 

58. During Shagohod Fight, it is in the tower on yourr left when you begin.

59. Jungle part, it is between the first barricades near the end.

60. Jungle part 2, in frotn of a rock on the ground, on the RIGHT. Near the 

61. Jungle part 3, on top of rock on LEFT. over the first hill at the 

-End bike sequence-

62. In the first area after the wreck, go to the log bridge on the lower left 
side, and its INSIDE the gap, on a ledge on the left of you.

63. In the second, look at the map, and you see that big circular island in 
betweent he two big areas... its in the southern path area. Behind a tree 

64. During the fight with The Boss, it's on top of a tree. use the SVD to get 

You have now gotten all 64 Kerotan frogs. If you nailed them all, upon 
completion of your game, you will receive the Stealth Camouflage. It is the 
same one as in MGS and MGS2, and it is an item, not an actual camo uniform.

5-5 ;:Snake VS Monkey:;

'Operation Ape Snake'

A very amusing and enjoyable mini-game to be found in MGS3: Snake Eater, Snake
vs Monkey (yes, monkeys, or, as I call them, and will thus forth pepper in,
salthas) is ready to go from the start. It combines the fun of the Ape Escape 
games with the characters and environments of Snake Eater.

A very lightheartened game indeed, this is suitable for even little kids. No
swearing outta anyone, no killing (even in the Dremuchij South level you can't
drop Snake off the cliff. It won't let you), it's just good clean saltha
snagging fun for the whole family.

The intro is a hilarious Codec conversation between Solid Snake and Colonel Roy
Campbell. You really have to hear it yourself, but keep an ear open for
references to the Ape Escape games and other stealth games. Your goal, as Roy
explains, is to infiltrate the jungle and capture all of the monkeys. In order
to do so, you are issued the following equipment:

["Monkey Shaker"]. A gun identical to the Very Easy regular game's EZ Gun
(except it is yellow, like a banana!). It has a laser sight, is silent, and has
infinite ammo. It puts you in a saltha catching mood! So go catch 'em!

[Stun Grenade]. A very, very useful tool for dizzying large clumps of the lil
critters all at once. Vital for getting 1st place times. You get 36 of these
per stage. Keep that in mind.

[Scope (Binoculars)]. Excellent for scouting to area to find those pesky apes.

[Banana Camo]. Yeah, this is your camo. A sneaking suit it is not.

In addition, you can pick up more items during the levels, and will have them
to use from then on in any level of the mini-game. They are:

[Directional Microphone]. Found in Stage 1, Escape From The Jungle. Picks up
even the smallest sounds. Kinda useful for sniffin' out some salthas.

[Active Sonar]. Found in Stage 2, Dragnet Of The Apes. Works just like in the
main game. Equip it and give L3 a click to get a good bead on all nearby apes.
Very handy.

[Thermal Goggles]. They're in Stage 3, Dawn Of The Apes. Watch that battery.

Stages 1-3 are available from the start, and can be played in any order. To get
stages 4 and 5, beat the main game. Note that any items found in a level are
usable on any level. They do carry over. Here we go!

Stage 1: Escape From The Jungle

Dremuchij South

Times To Beat:
1st 1:00:36
2nd 1:20:36
3rd 1:50:36

My (that'd be Turducken, dood!) Best Time: 0:59:66

Additonal Equipment To Collect:
[D. Mic]. Directly West from your starting point.

Salthas To Capture:

Let's Catch Some Apes (Strategy For Beating First Place Time):

What your going to want to do is this. Grab the D. Mic, first off. It will be
added to your permenant inventory for all levels. Right after you do that, go
into FPV and pop the monkey you'll see due South (#1) and go GOTCHA! him. Look
off to the North West a little. There's one on the ground (#2) ripe for the
picking, along with one a little further North West, by the log, on top of the
rocky area (#3). So grab them both up and hop on the log. Pop the saltha that
you'll see slightly downwards in the grassy area to the West (#4). With those 4
GOTCHA'd, wind your way on back to the grassy hill that is on the East of the
starting point (the hill you can go up on your way to get the bakpakku in the
main game).

You will see a saltha walking up and down this hill (#5). Pop and snag, then
head to the top, where you'll find another for easy capture (#6). While here,
look at the very tiptop of the climbable tree that you collect your bakpakku in
in the main game. There's one (#7)! Send him earthwards, and look at the branch
you pick up the bakpakku in to find another (#8). There's the last one on the
ground slightly South of the tree (#9). Shoot them all from the hilltop, and by
the time you slide down to the tree, they'll all be ripe for the pickin'.
Watch Snake dance!

Stage 2: Dragnet Of The Apes

Dremuchij North

Times To Beat:
1st 1:45:36
2nd 2:15:36
3rd 3:00:36

My Best Time:

Additional Equipment To Collect:
[Active Sonar]. Between the two grassy patches near the start.

Salthas To Capture:
Be Vewy Vewy Qwiet. I'm Huntin Sawfas. (Strategy For Beating First Place Time):

Go ahead and grab the sonar. It'll help a lot in future levels, and for sheer
completionismistness. Go North, and you'll see one in a hollowed out tree
stump, going potty (#1). Tag and snag his ass, then grab the guy a little
North of that. He's on top of a tree stump, looking rather depressed, if I
do say so myself (#2). Slightly South East of him you'll find another (#3). Go
a little further East to find two near the sign barring your exit. Hit them
with a stunner (#4 and #5). There's one last guy near those 2 (#6) but your
stunner most likely won't nail him, so shake 'im instead.

Now look up, toward the South of the area. On the top of a rock formation is a
monkey (#7). It may be a bit tough to hit him, but you can do it if I can. And
I did! He'll fall behind a tree South East of your position, so on your way to
GOTCHAing him, aim up in said tree for a guy sitting around in the branches

Now turn East and check on and possibly around the logs. #9 will be there. East
of that in another of those hollowed out jobs is #10, and South West-y of that
(a bit) is #11. Now head West to find a cluster of 3 (#12, 13, and 14) all
goofing off. But they have their backs turned! They'll never see a stun grenade
comin'! The foolish salthas! Last is #15, who is up in the climbable tree right
by that trio. Just shoot him down and watch Snake boogie!

Stage 3: Dawn Of The Apes


Times To Beat:
1st 2:00:36
2nd 2:30:36
3rd 3:15:36

My Best Time:

Additional Equipment To Collect:
[Thermal Goggles]. Head right on North. There they are.

Salthas To Capture:

Check Every Outhouse, Whorehouse, Crackhouse... (Strategy For Beating First
Place Time):

Okay, of course for starters, let's snag those thermys there. Now, head along
the dirt path and follow it East a little. Go into FPV and nail the saltha
sitting by the tree (use the sonar if you can't get a bead on him), and capture
that lil such and such (#1). From him, there'll be another one to the South
East (#2), and then a lively group of 9 in the North (#3-11). Use a stunner for
them, obviously. No music listening allowed, monkeys! From there head East,
along the outside of the factory.

You'll see one in the window on the left (#12), by the drums, and another
walking down by the tree (#13). Shoot 'em both. Climb the ladder, and shake the
guy laying on top of the building (#14).

Toss a stunner on down to the left, hop down, and snag up two more monkeys
(#15 and 16). Go into the Sokolov room for another (#17). Out ya go
and head North West to find a saltha (#18). Now go South and look up. There'll
be one on the girder. Shoot 'im down (#19).

Head West from there and look up a little to find one hanging by his shorts
from a girder (#20), so shoot him down too. Free him! Last one's at the top of
the staircase, by the explosive canisters (#21). Dance, damn you, daaaance!!

Stage 4: Ape Fear

Bolshaya Past Base

Times To Beat:
1st 3:00:36
2nd 3:30:36
3rd 4:30:36

My Best Time:

Additional Equipment To Collect:
Tain't none in this one, laddie.

Fun Facts:
There's a giant robot monkey in this stage referred to as Mesal Gear. On it is
a monkey with an eye patch. Hmm. Eek Boss, perhaps?!

Salthas To Capture:

Mesal Gear?! It's Already Active! (Strategy For Beating First Place Time):

Okay, from the get-go, there'll be a tree very nearby east of you. Look up, and
see the saltha in it. Bring him down! Shake him out (#1)! Now off to the East
from that guy will be another one. Pop and grab that sucka (#2). Heading North
a little ways (the main base and wooden bridge across the trench). There will
be an ape crawling around in the trench, likely heading under the bridge. If
you can nail him before he heads under it, awesome (#3). If not, just nail him,
and crawl under after him (you'll still beat first place, don'tcha worry).

Now, there's yet another ape patrolling on front of the doorway to the main
base, so you know what to do. He's by the bottom of the ladder, usually (#4).
As for that ladder, let's climb up and pop the guy on top of the building (#5).
Okay, while we're up here, stand in the North West corner and look down. You
oughta see a saltha crawling around in the trench, so shake him and hop down,
then GOTCHA! him (#6).

Now double on back to the entry door to the main base. See those 3 on the 
table, dancing the night away? Give 'em a stun grenade snack and collect all 3
lickity-split (#7, 8, and 9).

Immediately after, aim into the East room and pop the saltha in the doorway.
His back should be turned (#10). After getting him, you'll find #11 due North,
sitting in a porch-like dealie.

Time to head East and get Eek Boss offa the top of Mesal Gear, which thankfully
won't attack you (#12). Go on up North to what I've dubbed the sub-building.
There, you'll find #13 behind the broken remains of a wall, #14 on top of the
building itself (no ladder, just shoot him down). Head ever North East, to a
sub-sub building. You'll encounter #15 and 16 on the way. #17 has a shield, and
is hiding behind those wooden boxes.

Now double back to the West, keep outside the fence perimeter and continue West
to nab one who's chillin' in the North West corner of the map (#18). And it's
dance time again.

Stage 5: Gone With The Apes

Graniny Gorki Lab 1F

Times To Beat:
1st 2:30:36
2nd 3:00:36
3rd 3:45:36

My Best Time:

Additional Equipment To Collect:
Tain't nothin' in here, neither.

Salthas To Capture:

This Is It, The Last Batch! Get 'em! (Strategy For Beating First Place Time):

Go! Go and finish your mission! Do it for Roy, Otacon, Spike, Jimmy, Sam, and
Gabe! Do it for Eek Boss!

Head West straightaway. Two are in this first room, one behind the front desk
(#1) and one on couch by the desk (#2). Now head into the hall that is North,
to find #3 lounging at the North/East intersection. After you get him, head
into the large Northern room. Using a deftly thrown stun grenade to a hair
North East, you can pick up apes #4 and 5 easy. Now, look look! Up on the
second floor balcony! The Western part holds another saltha (#6). Make sure to
pop him when he's around the middle of the balcony. Do not hit him when he's on
a corner or he will not fall down to the first floor. Now run East by the
downward stairwell and sign for another guy (#7).

Return to the North/East intersection and go East. You'll meet a monkey in the
hall waiting to be all shook up (#8), and #9 very near to the Eastern office
that is at the end of the hallway. Go into the office. You'll find ape #10
sitting on the desk, and #11 dancing in front of a girlie mag. That crazy lil

Anyhoo, head on back out, and approach the stairs, but go into the outdoor
gardeny area before you go up. Here you can nail 2 (#12 and 13): one on the
ground, and one that can be seen from small garden by looking to the North East
high up. Shoot him, and he'll fall down within grasp. Now it's time to head up
to the second floor.

Wind around the hall and run into the bathroom to find a saltha on the can at
the far right end (#14). Looks like the poor SOB is having some gastro-
intestinal troubles. Now go into the locker room for #15. Head back to the hall
and make your way West, taking out the guy in the middle of the hall, staring
at some picture (#16). Follow the hall to the South, to its end, making sure to
pop the guys at its end, by the doorway, on both sides of it (#17 and 18).

Mission COMPREET. Dance one last dance, for great justice.

Beat All The First Place Times To Use This In The Main Game!!
[Banana Camo]. Same camo Snake wore in the mini-game. In main game, makes all
food as tasty as possible for the best stamina recovery that food can provide.

Beat All The Levels Once To Use This In The Main Game!!

[Monkey Mask]. Uh, makes ya look like a saltha? And that's damn keen! It is not
a facepaint, it is an item, and can be found in your bakpakku. Good luck
FPV'ing with this thing on.

06. Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Who is the main character?
Answer 1: The main character is Naked Snake. At the end of the game, he is 
given the codename Big Boss.

Q2: Is Solid Snake in this game?
A2: He is not in the main game, but you do play as Solid Snake in the Ape 
Escape mini game. It is unlocked from the start.

Q3: Apes? Wtf?
A3: That's right, apes. Konami and Sony made a crossover deal. Ape Escape apes 
appear in the Snake VS Monkey mini game, and Solid Snake makes an appearance in
the new Ape Escape game.

Q4: Why does the game package say online?
A4: In MGS3, you can download certain camos. That is the only online function 
available in the game.

Q5: What new features does this have?
A5: Tons of em. Cure menu, Backpack, Survival Viewer, Camouflage, CQC. Read the
Game Basic section to get a good grasp on the new stuff.

06: Are the Patriots in this game?
A6: As in MGS2, the Patriots do play a big role in the plot. They aren't as... 
"there" as they were in MGS2, but they still play a big role.

Q7: Is Johnny Sasaki in this?
A7: Why don't you ask that guy guarding Snake's cell? Throw food at him a 
couple times and see what he knows...

Q8: How do you beat The Sorrow?
A8: I've been flooded with this question. YOU DON'T. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT 
the battle, however, and I list those in my strategy for him.

Currently all there is. If I get questions that are asked often, I'll put more 

07. The History of Metal Gear

A. The Beginning

A-1   -Metal Gear-

*Coming Soon*

A-2    -Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake-

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake Summary

by Turducken (Justin Olsen)

-Background Info-

MG2:SS was the sequel to Hideo Kojima's original Metal Gear. Both of these
games were for an old computer dealie called the MSX. Now, while the NES got
MG1 in a mutatified screw-job of sorts, it never ever got to see the
awesomosity that was MG2. Instead, it got Snake's Revenge, which is generally
loathed by fans of the series, though I think in many cases these people have
not even played the game and are just buying into its bad rep.

I have no opinion in Snake's Revenge because I've barely played it. All I can
say is this: Lt. Solid Snake is a martial arts master. And: This is Big Boss.
You destroyed Metal Gear 1 (that's 1, not TX-55, mind you...) and made me a
cyborg. Now I want revenge.

Even so, this isn't about Snake's Revenge, so who cares? It's about MG2, which
is an awesome game that is ripped off in every Metal Gear game to come after.
Let's do this thang.


Basically, to sum it up, it's 4 years after Solid Snake completed his Outer
Heaven mission (Operation Intrude N313), bringing down his former FOX-HOUND
commader Big Boss. But now, a nation called Zanzibar Land is up to some
dastardly schemes. They have raided nuclear arms facilities the world over,
stealing them, and have kidnapped Dr. Kio Marv, whose Oilix organism
revolutionizes energy producing as it secreates high-quality oil like we
sweat. They have this organism in their possession as well.

Not good. Not good at all.

So our hero, Colonel Roy Campbell, gets a hold of some Solid Snake guy (heh,
okay, but Roy's awesome). Anyway, Roy brings Snake back into action to rescue
Marv, retrieve the Oilix, and bring Zanzibar down.

-Operation Intrude FO14-

Snake infiltrates Zanzibar Land by climbing a sheer rock wall. Due to FOX-HOUND
budget cuts, Snake begins with nothing but a pack of cigs, the radar, a 
transceiver, and his trusty bandanna. Hissupport staff over the transceiver
consists of Roy, Snake's friend and survival mentor Master McDonnel Miller, and
FOX-HOUND strategist and advisor George Kessler.

Their fortress looms in the distance. Snake makes his way in front of it,
through winding fences and evading all the patrols. Makign his way inside, he
soon makes contact with Agent Holly White, who provides Solid with valuable
information from then on.

Making his way up to the third floor, Snake finds Dr. Marv there, but of course
things wouldn't be that easy. It's a trap! In reality, this Marv is an impostor
named Black Color (lame...)! With his teleporting and ninja star throwing
trickery, can Snake win??

Course he can, and does.

Post-victory, it's revealed Black Color is an old ally of Snake's: Kyle
Schneider, who assisted him (somewhat) during Outer Heaven. He rambles a bit
and dies, and maybe he took a note from the Cobras, because he freaking

Time to find the real Marv, which Snake attempts by following the only guard in
the building that wears a green hat. Through a forest-y maze, he comes to a
building with a knocking sound inside, which is the tap code for a radio

So Einstein, er, Petrovich answers. Where the hell is Marv? He blabs a whole
lot, before it becomes apparent that Big Boss is behind these shennanigans. So
Marv finally shuts up and tells Snake to forget him and save Marv. But one more
thing! You need the frequency of one Yozef Norden for...something. He likes
animals, but not like-like, okay?

Wandering off in a drunken stupor, Solid finds himself in a sandy field. But
not just any field, a minefield! Some mysterious caller clues you into that,
which is a familiar occurence in Metal Gear games.

Who is he? As always, just "One of your fans." Tee-rific.

After crossign a deadly swmap of deadliness, Snake runs into Running Man. And
then Running Man runs into numerous land mines. So he's dead, and yeah, he goes

Snake next takes on a helicopter. An attack helicopter. A Hind-B? C? Nope, of
course, it's a Hind-D! Again! Like almost every other Metal Gear game, ever!

But decisive use of Stinger Missiles drops the chopper like a ton of...metal

Snake infiltrates a communication tower and Holly calls him. The dumb broad got
herself captured, so Snake has to go bail her butt out, naturally. So yeah, he
finds her down in the basement examining the water meter or some such.
Actually, she's behind a destroyable wall. How the Zanzibarians (?) managed to
wall her in in such a short time in beyond me, but whatever.

She expalins Marv is okay and a carrier pidgeon he released is vital to finding
him, so yeah, Snake has to go hunt the stupid bird down. It's on the roof, so
up Snake goes. Up a really, really, REALLY long elevator ride, at the top of
which he is attacked by Red Blaster! Who is not wearing green, oddly enough.
Snake gives him a tasty breakfast of "green pineapples" and moves on. The
pidgeon is nabbed by Snake, and he gets Marv's radio frequency at last.

But sucks to be Snake, cuz Marv don't speak-a no English, or any of the other
languages Solid allegedly knows. Petrovich tells Snake that Marv only knows
Czech and Slovak, and to find Natasha, who can act as a translator.

Hey, JUST LIKE Meryl in MGS, Natasha is disguised in an enemy outfit, and Snake
gets to find a ladies' room to get in contact with her. Back in the main
building, he...um, does, and stuff. Turns out out Natasha (not Nastasha) used
to be a figure skater. Figure skater to spy.

Logical career change.

Anyhoo, she chats with Marv, and then she and Snake take an elevator (that...
was in the bathroom) down to some sewer-y place and locate Petrovich.

Now it's off to find Marv at last! Until Petrovich tires out after walking for
about 4 minutes. Gives Natasha a chance to spill her life story on Snake, name
dropping one Frank Jaeger, which is pretty funny, because she's killed at a
bridge about 5 minutes later.

Blown away by Metal Gear D, plioted by Franky himself, aka Gray Fox. Christ,
that dude doesn't handle breakups well. He and Snake have a little verbal
parry-thrust, and Fox makes off with the science dweeb. Damn.

Holly informs Snake he needs a hang-glider to cross the hole in the bridge, so
yak yak, he goes to get one. But an elevator ride turns dangerous when Fox
calls, says he and Snake aren't buddies anymore (Yeah, I kinda figured when you
blew up your ex) and sics Ultra Box on him.


Despite their big talk, Snake shoots 'em dead. Bah, but the stupid elevator
falls and Snake has to run up many, many flights of stairs with guards right on
his ass (just like in MGS...). So blah blah, he goes across with the glider.

Along the way on the North side of the bridge, Snake encounters Predator, and
subsequently kills him. I think it's largely due to this master of camouflage
wearing a green uniform against a brownish background.

Continuing his journey brings Solid to a detention camp. Inside he encounters
the silent assassin, Night Sight. Night Sight is invisible. Night Sight carries
an almost entirely silent gun.

Not good, but Snake perseveres. Afterward, he meets up with Marv and Petrovich
in their cell, but Marv is dead...and Holly clues you in that Petrovich killed

Petrovich tries to do Snake in next, but um...he's just a feeble old fart, so
Snake shreds him like an Enron document, then locates Marv's locker and grabs
the data cartridge inside. That contains the Oilix info.

Petrovich is still barely alive, and informs Solid of Metal Gear D's weakness
(its legs) before he dies for good.

Finally, Snake comes to Metal Gear D, piloted by his old friend Gray Fox. He
makes good use of Petrovich's advice, and grenades the hell out of the giant,
wang-gun equipped robot.

With MGD destroyed, Fox makes his escape, snagging the data catridge. Somehow
Snake's equipment ends up on fire (?), so he has to discard it all.

He tails Fox to a mine-lined room, where they have their showdown, hand-to-
hand. It's a tough fight, but Snake manages to overcome his buddy, beatng the
snot out of him. Fox gives a death speech while Solid retrieves the cartridge.

Only one obstacle left. The big man. Big Boss. He and Snake talk a bit before
BB decides to try and kill him. Kessler (remember him?) informs Snake that BB
is now rumored to be part Snatcher (a cyborg). That would make sense; BB's
awfully spry considering the last time he and Snake met, he ate several

As it stands, Big Boss is armed with a machine gun, and Snake has diddly squat.
That's real fair, Big Boss, real fair. Using his mad MacGyver skills, Snake
whips up a mini-flamethrower from a spray can and lighter he finds. And that
spells the end of Big Boss, at last.

Snake radios a chopper, and recieves a handgun from Holly, who shows up post-
battle. She had the foresight the load the gun with infinte ammo for him. Aw.
So they run to the evac point, Snake leading the way, taking out any guards
they run across.

At the evac point, the infinite ammo gun runs...out of ammo. Snake and Holly 
are surrounded by guards, but the chopper shoots 'em, and that's pretty much 
that. They escape, yay. And later, Snake ditches Holly, rather than go out to 
dinner with her. That cad! He reitres from FOX-HOUND, and disappears into the 
Alaskan wilderness, to get away for a while.

Note that even though it isn't brought up in MG2:SS, apparently during their
final battle BB lets Snake in on the fact that he's his dad.

B. The 'Solid'

B-1    -Metal Gear Solid-

*Coming Soon*

B-2    -Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty-

*Coming Soon*

08. "The End"

8-1 ;:Legal Stuff:;

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8-2 ;:Credits and Contributions:;

This is basically where I kiss ass and thank people. While the authors listed 
are not done with the game summaries, they did help me a lot (Especially Genji 
and Turducken) with this guide.

I also would like to thank Hideo Kojima for making such a great game. I love 

I must also thank CJayC. Without him, there would be no GameFAQs.

I'd also like to thank Mountain Dew for keeping me up to play this game three 
full days in a row without sleep.

Thanks also go to board member alucard dracula, for removing his sig, and 
providing "moral support".

And one last final thanks to El Greco. He is a good FAQ writer.

Credits go to MangaMan505, Shalashaska13, TheWoodyD, pyscho mantis, and 
Magus12000 for finding the frogs.

lystrodom@gmail.com also gets some credits for pointing out that I had two of 
the frog locations mixed up.

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8-3 ;:Final Notes:;

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