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If you want to use it on your site, ask me first. (C)2000 Hoppy Wesley ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Table of Contents 1 MPH: Welcome to the Midnight Club 2 MPH: Controls 3 MPH: The Story 4 MPH: Fellow Racers 5 MPH: Car Stats 6 MPH: Hints for Unlocking Your Road Rage 7 MPH: Locations of Secret Cars 8 MPH: New York 9 MPH: Emilio Sanchez 10 MPH: Larry Muller 11 MPH: Kieko Hatano 12 MPH: The New York Champ: Kareem Windross 13 MPH: London 14 MPH: Kareem Windcross 15 MPH: Emily Morton 16 MPH: Lucas Howell-Jones 17 MPH: London Champ: Darren Thurock 18 MPH: World Champ 19 MPH: Arcade Races Not In Career Mode 20 MPH: Sweet Stuff To Do In New York 21 MPH: Sweet Stuff To Do In London 22 MPH: Sequel Ideas 23 MPH: Special Thanks 24 MPH: Shameless Plugging and Self Promotion 25 MPH: High Score List ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 MPH: Welcome to the Midnight Club ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WASSSSSSSSUUUUP fellow Playstation 2 owners!! When I got the PS2 on October 26th, I got Smuggler's Run and Madden. I got Midnight Club on November 15th, but it's the first game I beat! I never would have got this FAQ done, but our school had three snow days in a row!!! WOOHOO! This FAQ should help, but if you have any further questions email me at crashdacoot@excite.com I reply to ALL emails, but try not to be TOO mean! In this FAQ you'll find a drive-through for every race in career mode (chapters 8-18), locations of all the hidden cars (chapter 7), drive-throughs for all the races that aren't in career mode (chapter 19), cool things to do (chapters 20-21), and a High Score board (chapter 25)!! Also, could somebody verify what cars you get for all the races against Darren and the World Champ in arcade mode? I don't want to give false information because I forgot!! Let's get rollin'! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2 MPH: Controls ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Digital Mode- Left Direction, Right Direction: Steers left or right respectively Up Direction: Honks Horn, Uses Nitros (on equipped cars) Down Direction: Not Used X Button: Accelerate Circle Button: Handbrake Triangle Button: Changes View Square Button: Brake, Reverse (when stopped) Start: Pause, Unpause Select: Zoom map in/out Analog Mode- Left Stick: Steer L3: Honk Horn, Use Nitros (on equipped cars) Right Stick Up: Accelerate Right Stick Down: Brake R3: Reverse (when stopped) All Other Buttons Are The Same [Note: You can use Digital Controls With The Analog Mode Turned On] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 MPH: The Story ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is the story, directly out of the book: Joining The Secret World Of The Midnight Club In secret gatherings around the world a mysterious group of urban street racers known as the Midnight Club race for pride, power, and glory in sleekly customized tricked-out sports cars. Racing through crowded streets, running red lights, terrorizing pedestrians, driving on sidewalks, and outrunning the cops are just the basics for the Midnight Club. Or so you've heard. While you're cruising through the dark streets, you spot a tricked out low rider speeding and weaving through traffic. Intrigued and looking for thrills, you make your presence known to him with a few of your own daring manuevers. After introducing himself with a sneer, he throws down the gauntlet and speeds off. Determined to get in the club, you race after him with reckless abandon. After following and matching your new adversary move for move on a mad chase through the city, he finally pulls over. He dares you to meet hime and his friends at midnight. You've got your shot. Having made it this far gets you into your first race. Victory will earn you membership in the club, which comes with pride, thrills, and glory. You're on your way... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 MPH: Fellow Racers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The manuel and game have slightly differant bio's, so I will write the one from the manuel, due to the fact that renters may not have it. -Emilio Sanchez- What The Manual Says: Emilio is an angry young man. An agressive driver, who sometimes lets his agressions get the better of him, he comes from Spanish Harlem, and races to prove his often questioned masculinity. What I Say: Emilio is a PUSHOVER! In career mode, clean out his cars first. Also, listen to him during a race. It's obvious why people question his masculinity! -Larry Muller- What The Manual Says: A warehouse manager with possible mafia connections, Muller is Queens to the Core. He doesn't mince his words, and he doesn't mince much. His style is simple and well-suited to Manhattan. Straight,and very fast. What I say: Larry can be a tough opponent. He seems to look out for you, warning you when the cops are after you. And you gotta love his," Think you've got a shot against the queen of ki.... I mean the king of Queens?" -Kieko Hatano- What The Manual Says: Kieko dresses in the best designer clothes and drives one of the best designer cars. She loves racing against men, and will use any trick, technical or emotional, to win the race. What I say: She is the hardest in New York besides Kareem. The first head-to-head race against her can be hard for beginners, mostly due to the fact that the course is so simple. -Kareem Windross- What The Manual Says: A self-made business mogul, he is the fastest in New York. Over-bearing arrogance may be his only weakness. Has never been defeated in America, and doesn't expect to be. Travels to London to race there for greater challenges. What I say: This guy is FAST!!! It will take you a few tries to beat him, but don't worry; he isn't this hard in London! -Emily Morton- What The Manual Says: Party Girl. Daughter of a disgraced government minister, twists men around her finger, especially fellow racers. Very fast, but very impetuous. Dangerous and reckless, she has had many accidents, some while driving. What I say: Twists men around her finger?!? Yeah, I love it when women call me a "Wanker"!! She is the slowest in London, in my opinion. -Lucas Howell-Jones- What The Manual Says: Well-Bred but thinks he's from the streets. Emotianally confused web designer. Takes his agressions out on other racers. Technically excellent, but prone to mistakes. Financed by Trust fund. What I say: The fastest in London, save Darren Thurock. Not quite has fast in the actual races, but hard to keep up with to Head to Head him. -Darren Thurock- What The Manual Says: Uncompromising. Hard. Rich. Left family trade, extortion, and made a fortune in mobile phones; now races cars for kicks. Drives what he thinks is the best car in the world, but knows he is only the second best driver. What I say: He is no good whatsoever. I beat this race in NO time!!!!! Don't sweat it on this race! It's the World Champ you need to worry about! -World Champion- What the Manual Says: All that is known is that this driver has never been beaten. This mysterious road warrior travels to the World's major cities, looking for challenges. Only possible weakness is boredom, as competiton is non-existant. What I say: I won't ruin the World Champion's look or attitude for those of you who haven't beat it, but I can say that this is a TOUGH RACE! I won because somebody crashed into the champ and the champ STILL almost caught me! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 MPH: Car Stats ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These are judged by approximately how many CM the bars are- Taxi Cabs- Taxi Top Speed- * Acceleration- * Handling- ***** Durability- **** Taxi Cabs- Super Taxi Top Speed- **** Acceleration- ****** Handling- ***** Durability- ***** Nitrous- 5 Taxi Cabs- Marauder Top Speed- *** Acceleration- ****** Handling- ***** Durability- ******** Crusero- Bueno Top Speed- * Acceleration- ** Handling- **** Durability- ******* Crusero- Excellente Top Speed- ** Acceleration- *** Handling- ***** Durability- ******* Crusero- Magnifico Top Speed- ** Acceleration- **** Handling- **** Durability- ******* Nitrous- 3 Jones- J400 Top Speed- ** Acceleration- **** Handling- ** Durability- ******** Jones- J420 Top Speed- *** Acceleration- *** Handling- **** Durability- ******* Jones- J450 Top Speed- *** Acceleration- ***** Handling- *** Durability- ******* Nitrous- 4 Piranha- PDQ Top Speed- * Acceleration- **** Handling- ******* Durability- *** Piranha- PDQ R Top Speed- * Acceleration- ***** Handling- ******* Durability- *** Piranha PDQ ARi Top Speed- ** Acceleration- ****** Handling- ****** Durability- ** Nitrous- 5 PT- Pheonix [Standard] Top Speed- *** Acceleration- ***** Handling- ***** Durability- ***** PT- Pheonix DDX Top Speed- ***** Acceleration- ****** Handling- ***** Durability- ***** Nitrous- 3 PT- Pheonix ICX Top Speed- **** Acceleration- ****** Handling- **** Durability- ****** Modicum- XSV Top Speed- **** Acceleration- ****** Handling- ****** Durability- *** Modicum- XSV.5 Top Speed- **** Acceleration- ****** Handling- ******* Durability- *** Modicum- XSV.25 Top Speed- ***** Acceleration- ******* Handling- ****** Durability- ** Nitrous- 5 Ascent- 235 Top Speed- ****** Acceleration- ***** Handling- *** Durability- **** Ascent- 237si Top Speed- ****** Acceleration- ****** Handling- **** Durability- **** Ascent- 470ds Top Speed- ****** Acceleration- ******* Handling- *** Durability- **** Nitrous- 4 Amata- Fiorenza Top Speed- ***** Acceleration- ***** Handling- ** Durability- * Amata-Fiorenza II Top Speed- ****** Acceleration- ****** Handling- ** Durability- * Amata- Crescendo Top Speed- ***** Acceleration- ******** Handling- *** Durability- ** Nitrous- 15 Zender- Alpha Top Speed- ******* Acceleration- ******* Handling- * Durability- * Zender- Beta Top Speed- ******** Acceleration- ******** Handling- * Durability- * Zender- Type-S Top Speed- ******* Acceleration- ******* Handling- * Durability- * Karuma- Fassuto GR Top Speed- ***** Acceleration- ****** Handling- *** Durability- * Karuma- Fassuto GS Top Speed- ***** Acceleration- ***** Handling- ** Durability- * Karuma- Fassuto GT Top Speed- ******* Acceleration- ******* Handling- * Durability- * Manhattan Bonus- Bus Top Speed- * Acceleration- * Handling- * Durability- ******** Manhattan Bonus- Ice Cream Truck Top Speed- *** Acceleration- *** Handling- **** Durability- ******* Manhattan Bonus- Meter Maid Top Speed- * Acceleration- ****** Handling- ******** Durability- ** London Bonus- Double Decker Top Speed- * Acceleration- * Handling- * Durability- ******** London Bonus- Black Cab Top Speed- **** Acceleration- ***** Handling- ****** Durability- **** London Bonus- Crown Mail Top Speed- **** Acceleration- ***** Handling- **** Durability- *** Manhattan PD- Patrol Car 1 Top Speed- ****** Acceleration- ****** Handling- **** Durability- ****** Manhattan PD- Patrol Car 2 Top Speed- ******* Acceleration- ****** Handling- **** Durability- ****** Manahattan PD- Patrol SUV Top Speed- ***** Acceleration- ******* Handling- *** Durability- ******* London PD- Police Car Top Speed- ******** Acceleration- ******* Handling- ***** Durability- ****** London PD- Police Van Top Speed- ****** Acceleration- ***** Handling- ** Durability- ******* London PD- Police Wagon Top Speed- ****** Acceleration- ******** Handling- ** Durability- ******* Smuggler's Run- Baha Buggy Top Speed- *** Acceleration- ***** Handling- ****** Durability- **** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 MPH: Hints For Unlocking Your Road Rage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *The races in arcade mode often open after you get by them in Career mode, or you beat some in London to unlock some in New York. I'm not sure when each are opened. All I know is that Championships are opened after beating championships!! The rest you'll have to figure out. *Do not let a CPU controlled car have it's hood near your rear tire. They will hit you there and spin you out. *With quick opponents or Champion races, try your best to snake thier line (cut them off). *If you and a CPU car are tied up, and he/she tries to push you into a wall, hold the directional button towards the other racer. Niether of you will get pushed. *This game is interesting because the CPU isn't perfect. Many times you'll see CPU cars spin out or smash into a hard object. Take full advantage!! *If a CPU car has spun out and is sideways from the direction you are coming, nail that precious rear wheel!! You can almost knock an opponent out of the race doing that!! *Buses are rock solid. Rarely will you see a better chance to turn then when a bus is at a red light. Powerslide and sideswipe the bus and then be off on your way. *In Waypoint races, take a few runs just to figure out the route the winner takes. Just follow him and let him win. Then the next time, blast him!! *In this game more than other games like this, the traffic will TRY to hit you!!! I've had buses swerve off the road into parking garages to get me! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7 MPH: Locations of Secret Cars ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Secret Cars Can Only Be Unlocked In Arcade Mode! --New York-- *Super Taxi- Go to the aircraft carrier (the little blue space in the water to the right from your starting point). Now, look on the other side of the road at the warehouses. One warehouse has a ramp that goes up and crashes out a window. The next warehouse (pointing in the direction the ramp was), has another ramp but this one swings around the warehouse. When you get pointing towards a window here, gun it! Crash out the window going between 60-70 MPH and crash through a second story window! See the little space of glass on the second story that has a wall in-between it and the rest?? Aim for that. It is on the right side of the building. Drive slowly through the pink beam. *Marauder- Go to the rounded side of Manhattan. Don't go into the FDR tunnel, but instead go on-top of it to a park. Look around until you find a fort with a large ramp in it. Back WAAAAAAAAY up. You'll need some serious speed. Hit the ramp has fast has possible and sail across to a small building's roof. Look around on it for the beam. --London-- *Karuma Fassuto GR- From the "Cruise" starting point turn around 180 degrees towards the blue sign that says "Speed". When you get to the sign, turn right. Keep on this street until you see a building on your left that has a rounded top. Go under the round top and break through the glass. Theres the beam!! Go get it!! Good dog! *Karuma Fassuto GS- From your "Cruise" starting point, turn around 180 degrees towards the sign that says "Speed" above the "Midnight Club" sign. Head for that has fast has you can go and go up the ramp under them. At the top, turn slightly to the right. If you were going fast enough, you should land on a roof. Search it for the beam. *Karuma Fassuto GT- Go to the area of London that is a large area of water. It is on one of the ends. Find the subway that is blockaded off and smash through. Once you get to the end of it, keep going straight down the alley and then the street across from the alley. At the end of that street hand a right. Try not to get blown backwards by the surprise of the colorful orange building. Drive around it to the left and hang a right at it's corner. You should see a grey ramp connected to it. Slowl drive up it and at the top go straight. You should be going about 20-25 MPH. Now look right. Beam me up, Scotty! -------Race Unlockables------- --New York-- *Bus- Come in first on Waypoint race 12 "Rabid Transit" *Ice Cream Truck- Come in first on Waypoint race 13 "Midnight Treat" *Meter Maid- Come in first on Waypoint race 14 "Meter Maid's Revenge" *Manhattan PD cars- Come in on time in Head to Head 10 "I Smell Bacon..." *Fiorenza - Come in first in Waypoint race 15 "Manhattan Loop" *Beta- Come in first in Waypoint 11 "Rapidly Intrepid" --London-- *Double Decker- Come in first in Waypoint 12 "River Run" *Black Cab- Come in first in Waypoint 13 "Black as Night" *Crown Mail- Come in first in Waypoint 14 "Speedy Delivery" London PD cars- Come in on time in Head to Head 10 "Yard-O-Rama" *Crescendo- Come in first in Waypoint race 15 "Jump the Thames" ----------Miscellanious----------- *Baja Buggy- Use a Memory Card with Smuggler's Run save data on it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8 MPH: New York ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to New York!! This is where the story from the manual picks up, with Emilio being the driver from the story. Has soon as the camera starts to go down towards your car, hold down the accelerator, because Emilio takes off without warning. This is what you need to do in New York: (A) Follow all three hookmen until they stop. (B) Beat them in the Waypoint race to get thier Cell Phone number (C) Call them and race them Head to Head three times to get all thier cars (D) If you want to get all the cars at the end of the game, follow all the hookmen and beat them in Waypoint races and Head to Head until they disappear off of the map. Otherwise, you can't get the Zender Type-S Remember to race them Waypoint three times and Head to Head three times to make them disappear. You only have to make two disappear to race the Champ, but if you don't make all three disappear, you won't get the Type-S at the end of the game. Also, when following a hookman to Waypoint race him, be careful at turns. If he misses his turn, he will turn around and then turn. You have to be careful here. Know where he will go, otherwise when you stop to wait for him, he'll blast you. Don't follow them so closely that you will mess up thier turning! And when you want to find a Hookman: (A) Emilio is near the aircraft carrier. (B) Larry is the hookman straight North from your starting point. (C) Kieko patrols the park. (D) Kareem (after arriving) drives along the outskirts. Lets go!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9 MPH: Emilio Sanchez ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After an enlightening conversation, Emilio burns off. Do your best to keep up with him in your beat up Taxi. When he finally stops, he'll invite you to meet him and his homeboys at midnight. Lets go!! ------------------Emilio-Waypoint-Race-1-Beginners Luck----------------------- Car I Used: Taxi It's almost a straight shot down and to the park. To keep your taxi at full speed, get it on a straight course and ease your turns. The Analog sticks make it easy to ease around traffic and turn. Be sure to get close enough to the lights to turn them red. When you get to the park, you can choose to go up a larg rock ramp, or go around it and paddle through the creek. If you have any lead at all, you should be able to hit the creek hard and flip across the finish. If Emilio is bumper to bumper with you, barely miss the tree on your right and hope you ramp up the rock. Be careful here. It's easy to crash off the rock or onto the side of it. ------------------Emilio-Waypoint-Race-2-Race of Clubs------------------------ Car I Used: Taxi First, just follow Emilio. He has the best route. You'll know him because his arrow is a darker red. After you are comfortable with his path, forget him and just burn him. On one street, if you are in first place, you will pick up a tail. You should lose them pretty quick, but watch out for a red car coming from the other direction. When you get good, you can cut some corners to further paste Emilio. You should end up winning by so much you can drive up the stairs and crash through the glass at the end driving like a Sunday driver! --------------Emilio-Waypoint-Race-3-Manhattan Madness------------------------ Car I Used: Taxi Again, Emilio seems to have the best path. There is a street here with a cop, and if Emilio get sto him first, he makes Emilio's life a living hell. Here to make your life a living hell, however, are all the traffic cars. I think everyone of them tried to hit me!! Just give them some room so they don't swerve and nail you head-on!! I beat this with the Taxi, but I recomend a beginner to use at least Emilio's first car. After you beat this, Emilio disappears from the map. You can still call him if you don't have all of his cars. ---------------------Emilio-Head-To-Head-Race-1-Fast Break-------------------- Car I Used: Taxi Just hold down that accelerator. Don't steer at all has you go through the building. It may look like you're going to hit a wall, but you shouldn't. If you hold your course, you should be a little more than bumper to bumper by the time you smash through the glass to exit the building. When converting onto the street, make sure you don't hit a street light. It will slow you down BIG time. Again, give the cars some room in case they try to swerve into you. Drive into the basketball arena at the end. Congrats! You've won your first Midnight Club car! -------------------Emilio-Head-To-Head-2-Assault On Battery------------------- Car I Used: Bueno This one can be hard or easy. Don't forget to cut through truck garage, and definitly don't forget to turn right after exiting the garage. Every now and then, Emilio will get into a huge pileup. Drive by, mock him, then finish the race. You may want to get Larry's first car to help you here if you're having trouble. Maybe even the Taxi, though I've never tried that. --------------------Emilio-Head-To-Head-3-Get Down To Win--------------------- Car I Used: Excellente At the beginning, you should pull ahead of Emilio. And look on the sidewalk! A cop and a construction worker walking down side by side! Y-M-C-A!! Don't gawk too long because Emilio is angry! Cut across the park and gun down that street ahead. When you get to the point that you need to turn right, don't do it immediatly. The ground slopes and you'll flip your car. Once to the otherside, take the alley fast. If Emilio bothers you, nail him in the side a bunch of times and watch him crash!! When you get to the park keep going straight even though Emilio doesn't. Just before you reach the pond, you should slow just a little bit and drop down onto a road that cuts through the park. But stay aimed forward, and you'll go through a secret tunnel, and you should pass Emilio (who goes around the lake). Congrats! You've milked Emilio for all he's worth, on to Larry!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10 MPH: Larry Muller ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Larry can be a tough opponent, or an easy one. He'll usually warn you when cops are about, and give you props when you win. Larry's 3rd car is the only one that can even hope to win against Kieko's first Head to Head. --------------------Larry-Waypoint-1-Long Island Sprint----------------------- Car I Used: Magnifico It's a straight shot until the now infamous dip in the road. Skirt it and hit the next waypoint. At the last waypoint hang a left and go around the building to win. Nothin' to it!! Also, theres two places to pick up tails, niether of which should pose much of a problem. ----------------------Larry-Waypoint-2-Lucky Seven---------------------------- Car I used: Magnifico Feel like making a big circle? Then lets get crackin'! Follow Larry for the best route. You should be able to strike out on your own, however. Remember that after the third waypoint, cut through the basketball court. Slow down immensely though. Larry should have crashed on the turn before it so take your time. Hit the the lights along the water and swing up for number five. After five, cut through the truck garage and from there its easy. Just follow your map. Also, don't forget that the Magnifico has three nitrous! --------------------Larry-Waypoint-3-Three and Out!--------------------------- Car I Used: Magnifico This one is AWESOME! Follow Larry's route all the way up until the second last searchlight. After that one, look on the left and you'll see the entrance to a warehouse. Shoot up the ramp inside it and smash out the window. Leap off the roof through a searchlight and land on the next roof. Now go to the very corner of this roof near the finish lights. Shoot off the corner barely missing the building across the road and drive in style across the line. This one has my vote for the most Hollywood-Esque waypoint race found in Career mode! Guess what? Now you can race Kareem, the Champ! But don't yet. You still have to get Larry's cars and clean Kieko out. Lets ride!! ---------------Larry-Head-To-Head-1-U.N. Invitational------------------------- Car I Used: Magnifico Take it fast and straight. If Larry gets pushy, push him back. In these tight streets, theres bound to be a crash or two or three or..... If you go straight, you'll come to an alley. After shooting down it, turn right and cut across the grass. Then hang a left down the street until you are to the street where the finish lights are. Swing onto it and gun it. Nitrous would help. Larry took another path and nitrous would ensure you beat him to the lights. ---------------Larry-Head-To-Head-2-Times Square Take-Off--------------------- Car I Used: Magnifico Use a nitro at 30 MPH and pull ahead. Then take it hard and fast. Learn the path by watching Larry or just looking at your map. But don't forget to cut across the grass at the big dark building. A nitro on the home stretch helps put Larry away. -------------------Larry-Head-To-Head-3-Station Showdown---------------------- Car I Used: J420 This race is extremely difficult!! Theres heat all over the place, and Larry's driving the fastest car we've seen yet. After coming out of the building, on your way up the slope if you don't swerve at the top, a taxi will hit you in your always vulnerable rear tire. Bash him in the alley and out-turn him at the end of the alley. Now gun it! After the next turn, it is wall to wall cops! Prey that Larry gets tripped up and stay one step ahead of them. Congrats! Larry is clean! On to Kieko, and then, the Champ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11 MPH: Kieko Hatano ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kieko isn't too difficult, but her first head to head race can be brutal for beginners. Lock and load and hope you don't hear that infernal "Kieko Wins! Kieko Wins!" too much!! -----------------------Kieko-Waypoint-1-Village Slalom------------------------ Car I Used: J450 At the beginning, don't overlook Kieko's route. She cuts through the warehouse that is dead ahead. Slalom up and down the roads, but watch out for the heat!! Also, use the J450's four nitrous wisely!! ESPECIALLY on turns! ----------------------Kieko-Waypoint-2-Off Broadway--------------------------- Car I Used: J450 Just follow Kieko tight. Watch out for cars on differant routes that fly through intersections in front of you. If you are still behind near the end of the race, use the rest of nitrous on that final stretch, just keep your car under control. ---------------------Kieko-Waypoint-3-Shortcut Mania-------------------------- Car I Used: PDQ ARi To beat this one, I highly suggest getting all of Kieko's cars first. If you can get ahead of Kieko and her boys by the time you get to the building that you have to crash through, you porbably will win. Slow down BIG TIME before that jump though, or you can kiss control, and the race, goodbye. Use your map to find the last couple lights, then use up your nitrous on your way to victory!!!!! ---------------------Kieko-Head-to-Head-1-Uptown Slalom----------------------- Car I Used: J450 This one can be hard for beginners. Take the corners hard and fast. Tap, don't hold, the handbrake button. Take advantage of Kieko's wide turns by swinging around and using a nitro!! Shouldn't be too difficult in the trusty J450, huh? -------------------Kieko-Head-to-Head-2-Club Crash Midtown-------------------- Car I Used: PDQ Use the car you earned in the last race here. Kieko will pull ahead early, but stay with here. Follow here route precisely when crashing through the bar. Otherwise, you'll hit a table and spin out. You should be able to get in front of her when she slows down to turn at one of the turns. Remember to look for the glass to drive through after one of the lights, and watch out for the trees in the park after that!! -------------------Kieko-Head-to-Head-3-Financial Troubles-------------------- Car I Used: PDQ R This one can be hard. Just stay behind her and hope she messes up. Let her have all the heat. Watch out for that drop into the freeway. It can hurt if you aren't careful. Just hold down that accelerator from the freeway light on. Me and Kieko came in a millisecond apart..... literally!! So don't give up and hope you edge her out on the final stretch!!!!! Kieko's clean, unless you haven't done that last waypoint race. If not, do that now and it's off to the champ!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12 MPH: The New York Champ: Kareem Windross ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here it is: The last race in New York, and it's a tough one!! Kareem runs along the freeway. What you want to do is get a little bit in front of him and run around the freeway yourself. Trust me: He'll catch you. Once he's aware of you, he'll turn into the city. Once he does this, he's easier to follow. Stick to him like glue!!! When he finally stops, it's time to really race him!! Doh! --------------------Kareem-The New York Championship-------------------------- Car I Used: PDQ ARi This race is REALLY, REALLY difficult. I got help to beat this level from the GameFAQS message board. Somebody said to start, "use one nitro at about 30 MPH and another at 60 MPH. Get in front of Kareem and let him push you until your first turn." This is really good advice! Now, my experience will take over. Take that first turn hard and fast and nitro out of it. You should have two nitrous left, if you're using the PDQ ARi. Follow Kareem's path, but watch out for that confounded fountain!! If all has gone well, you should barely be ahead of Kareem and Kieko. Now, when you get to the light where you have to spin around and head up the freeway, NITRO!! That will be your only chance to distance yourself from Kareem. Screech up the freeway at top speed. Watch out for Emilio coming around a bend. He is moving fast and reckless. Fortunately, Kareem won't always be spared of his wrath, and often times you may see him nail Kareem on your map. Don't get disoriented up on the last couple lights. I have ended up on a concrete basketball court, the other side of the freeway, etc. Have an idea of where you're going. Use that last nitro after getting the last light and cruise in to the finish lights. New York has a new champ!!!! Now, when the menu bar comes up, select "Fly To London". You're on your way!! {NOTE: There has been some talk of glitches, where Kareem gets stuck under the road, or the option to fly to London doesn't appear. I don't know what to do, has this has never happened to me. Just beware.} ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13 MPH: London ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to London, mate! You want to take down Kareem, then Emily, then Lucas. Be careful with these crazy hookmen. They have the wierdest problems!! Missing turns and stopping is at an all time high here. Once, Kareem drove into a park and just spun donuts for fifteen minutes!! Also, if you're having trouble finding that last car in arcade mode, Lucas's path goes by it so keep your eyes open for a large orange building with signs everywhere. Due to the confusing nature of the map, I suggest cruising for a while to just to get the feel of it! This city is very differant from New York. Let's kick the tires and light the fires! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14 MPH: Kareem Windcross ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ahhhhhhhhhh. Our ol' Yank chap!! Not nearly has hard as in New York, his cars can smoke Emily. I did him first because when I played I just wanted to see what his cars looked like. Lock n' Load Team! ------------------------Kareem-Waypoint-1-Zig or Zag?------------------------- Car I Used: PDQ ARi With the PDQ ARi's five nitrous, this should be a breeze. Kareem spins out in the park at the beginning. Take the oppurtunity and strike out on your own!! It's easy to get lost after the second light, however. Zoom your map in and find the route. Or wait for Kareem to catch up. In any case, once you get that third light and are heading for the fourth, look out for two cars coming from the opposite direction. The narrow streets may make them hard to avoid, however. I hit the nitro and made a hole in between them. We all came out worse for the wear, bt at least I remained pointing forward. ------------------------Kareem-Waypoint-2-London Loop------------------------- Car I Used: PDQ ARi This one can be pretty difficult. At the beginning turn right and follow the green car. The green and red cars take the opposite of Kareem's path, and it's faster. Keep driving fast!! When you get to the park with the creek in it, cut across the park, but not across the water. And on your way across the bridge after that grassy park be careful of Kareem's bunch coming from the other direction. And a little be later, be sure you don't hit any trees in the congested park there. Now gun it across the freeway. If you look on your map, Kareem's gang will probably be about has far from the finish has you. Put your foot down and fly across first!! ------------------------Kareem-Waypoint-3-River Rat--------------------------- Car I Used: PDQ ARi This ones easy enough. Your level three car against his level three car. Fortunately, yours has nitrous. Stick with Kareem has tight as possible. Shove his boys into the double deckers if the need be. If he has been leading since the beginning he should have picked up some cops. I ended up passing him just before the last light. When you get to the finish light, turn onto that end area has soon as possible. Look at the building there and drive through the glass under it. Kareem goes all the way around the dock there. Onto Kareem's cars!! ------------------------Kareem-Head-to-Head-1-A40 Drag------------------------ Car I Used: J450 Take a break from the good 'ol PDQ ARi. It doesn't have the top speed to stay ahead when Kareem gets his beast up to speed. Shoot across London being mindful of the traffic. If you avoid all the traffic, you'll win. Now the beast is yours!! --------------------Kareem-Head-to-Head-2-Canary to Kensington---------------- Car I Used: Pheonix This one is SIMPLE!! Unless you have a major collision, you should fly through it. At the very beginning 95% of the time Kareem hits a traffic car then runs smack into a wall. Again, drive by, mock him, and keep going!! You can break just before your turn towards the last light has you are considerably ahead. Kareem goes through town to get to the light, but I like to go by the Thames and then turn up. Your only opponent is the timer. Kareem will DNF, so you just need to worry about time. --------------------Kareem-Head-to-Head-3-Southbank Shuffle------------------- Car I Used: Pheonix DDX This race is relatively straight and VERY fast. The heat will pick up on Kareem and probably mess him up near the end. Remember when you get to the big orange building take it kind of wide around the grey building. There is a dip next to it (and I'm not talking about a pedestrian!!). Lets all say it togethor now, "You wasted my damn time! You ain't no good!!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15 MPH: Emily Morton ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Emily can be difficult, if only because she drives a London car and you have a New York car. Get at least her first car ASAP, then try everything else. Shouldn't be too difficult, if you have a decent car. ---------------------------Emily-Waypoint-1-London---------------------------- Car I Used: Pheonix DDX A simple enough route, but made difficult by the narrow streets. Just keep up with her until the park when, golly be!! Somebody flew that rock from New York to London!! All the opponents will take that rock perfectly, but if you aren't dead center when you jump you'll flip. If you have trouble, take the slower water route. ----------------------Emily-Waypoint-2-Shortcut in SOHO----------------------- Car I Used: 237si We're gonna get wet!! You're going to want to get the 237si before this race. It's Emily's second car. It's heavy enough to stay in a minimum of control on the slick roads.Take off and drive fast. Use gentle touches on the analog sticks to keep your car under control. Emily really picks up the pace at the end of the race, so hope you're way ahead of her by then. Guess where this race ends? In front of the giant orange building!! Found it, yet?!? -----------------------Emily-Waypoint-3-Crazy Curvy--------------------------- Car I Used: 470ds Heard of "fight fire with fire"? Fight a 470ds with a 470ds. It's Emily's last car and after you clean it out, this race is the last thing standing. Due to the ds's massive speed and handling, you'll be jerking around like a flying squirrel. Do your best to avoid the traffic and street lights. Getting tired of these narrow streets yet? Once you get to the freeway, you should have a miniscule lead on Emily. At this point use all the nitrous you have left and go, baby, go!! ----------------------Emily-Head-to-Head-1-Camdenton Curl--------------------- Car I Used: Pheonix DDX This can be hard or easy. Take off and use a nitro at 30 MPH (which you should do in every race tsk,tsk). Shoot down the road here. Be careful at the next narrow road of the car coming down it. Once across the bridge, look for a alley in between two buildings. If you miss it, you can kiss the race buh-bye. Now shoot fast and straight to the finish. At the building (Buckingham Palace?) just before the finish, break through the fence and drive under the arches. Good job!! ----------------------Emily-Head-to-Head-2-Tunnel Run------------------------- Car I Used: 235 Not that hard really. Cut Emily off at the first turn. If she tries to pass you in the tunnel give her a solid sideswipe. She will still probably pass you. There is a very hard turn that she crashes on. Overtake her here. Then breeze to the finish. Keep one eye on your map though, or you could get turned around by the powerstation. Take that Emily! --------------------Emily-Head-to-Head-3-Piccadilly Power Slide--------------- Car I Used: 237si Follow Emily tight. At one point, she slows down BIG time. Overtake her and continue on your merry way. After getting the last light look in front of it to your right. GLASS!!!! You know what that means!! Smash through it and come out pointing forward. Hang a left at the bridge and cruise in. Once in a while Emily will flub the jump out of the building and skid on her side giving you an easy path to victory!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16 MPH: Lucas Howell-Jones ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ H-J is hard to catch at the beginning when he is a hookman. His car is relatively fast, but has a tendency to flip when it hits a wall. -------------------Lucas-Waypoint-1-Trafalgar Troubles------------------------ Car I Used: 470ds This level is easy! Just use the path that HJ takes. Use thos nitrous on the final stretch and put Lucas in his place!! If you really want to be tricky, you can crash through the glass just before the second last light, but you don't have to if you have any lead at all....... --------------------Lucas-Waypoint-2-Confusion at the Wharf------------------- Car I Used: 470ds This one is definitly named right! This'ns confusin'!! Follow Lucas's path into the subway, and then at the end of the subway make a hard right onto the street and through the light. Now keep moving collecting lights, but I swear I think that like the fourth or fifth (forgot which) is confusing! It is in the most confusing part of town! Drive around until you find it. You should have a demanding lead so you've got some time. Good luck, mate! -------------------Lucas-Waypoint-3-Six-Pack in the Park---------------------- Car I Used: 470ds This one is pretty easy, due to the fact that the path you should take is pretty clear. Stay ahead of Lucas, or follow him to find your way. Remember, if you follow him, you can always blast by him at the end when you know where to go. Also, be mindful of your car damage. I haven't even thought about that until I noticed I almost damaged out of this race. Three head to heads then the London champ is falling down!!!! --------------------Lucas-Head-to-Head-1-Clock Tower Power-------------------- Car I Used: 470ds This one is easy, especially if Lucas spins out near the beginning. Just take the lights nice and easy, but not too easy mind you. We all tend to forget we're being timed. Time up and you're out! --------------------Lucas-Head-to-Head-2-Parliament Squared------------------- Car I Used: 470ds This is pretty easy..... up to the third light. After that, I don't know where to go exactly. Just blaze your own trail. Anything that beats Lucas and the clock should do just dandy. "That was a bloody fluke!!" Then why do I do it every single time, mate? --------------------Lucas-Head-to-Head-3-Southbank Spiral--------------------- Car I Used: 470ds Ever feel like you're going in circles? Well in this race, you are!! Take off around the bend and then hang a right. If you don't turn sharp enough, you'll end up inside the walls of the powerstation. See that oil tank? Make sure you go to the right side of it, or else you won't be on the right course! After going through the second light, go up the ramp in the building just ahead on your right. That will quickly get you back on the road and give you a step on Lucas. Now head hell-bent to Southbank. And drive around it, starting on the left side. You've been to this orange building so many times now, you should know where to get that secret car in Cruise mode!! In any case, congrats! Now its off to face the London champ! First New York, then London, then the WORLD!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 17 MPH: London Champ: Darren Thurock ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ He isn't THAT bad! Just stay in his face and use Nitros when you need to, mate! He actually isn't good at all!! This race is a walk in the park!! ----------------------Darren-The London Championship-------------------------- Car I Used: 470ds Ahhhhhh. The good 'ol 470ds. It can put this guy down quick, fast, and in a hurry. Follow Darren's path through the level. You should be able to strike out on your own after the first couple lights, has they get easy to tell the fastest route. Darren's in a weak car has well. 75% of the time he DNF's!! Just drive fast and sweet. Leave him in the dust, then get your beast in the garage cooling. The World Champion is coming to play. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 18 MPH: The World Champ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is it! What all your driving up to this point means! Put on your game face and get out there! This is going to be one wild ride! Just pretend you're Nicholas Cage in Gone in Sixty Seconds. Ah yes, and get that victory dance ready!!! ------------------------Champion-The World Championship----------------------- Car I Used: 470ds Now THIS is a race up to our standards!!! Hope for some big time luck here! Take off down the alley at the beginning and nitro once at 30 MPH and then again at 60. On that first left angle turn, give the champ a kiss (ain't you a nice chap). Now shoot off into the night. Your lead will be shortlived, however..... UNLESS- Theres somebody coming in the opposite direction here. If they were to crash into the champ, you just might win. If not fly down the streets and prey! Remember, practice makes perfect. It took me an hour to beat the champ. Also remember, controllers and TV's aren't cheap. Try not to hit the TV too hard. And the Midnight Club disk should ABSOLUTELY NEVER be used as a frisbee!!! Good luck, mate! If you beat this mission and made all the hookmen disappear you'll unlock: (A) The Zender Alpha or Beta (forgot which) (B) The Zender Type-S LSTYD had this to say: "The second turn in the race is a left turn. If you time it right, you can sideswipe the World Champ and knock that car into the the "alley" missing the turn. The Champ will lose a few second just getting back on course. Just watch out near the river for the one racer heading your way and you'll win by a few seconds." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 19 MPH: Arcade Races Not In Career Mode ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Some races aren't included in the Career mode, but you have to beat them in Arcade mode to unlock everything. I'll highlight those here, along with what they unlock. Unfortunately, it's been so long I forgot what some of them unlock! Mainly, what Amata cars you get for each. Could somebody who remembers email me this info? And what car do you get when you beat the World Champ? Alpha or Beta? crashdacoot@excite.com --------------------------------NEW YORK-------------------------------------- -----------------------Head-to-Head-I Smell Bacon....------------------------- Car I Used: 470ds Aye Caramba!!!!! This level is HAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!! I used the 470ds, but you may want to opt for a more high end sports car from Zender or Amata. They are so weak though I could never use them for this race. The path isn't that hard to figure out, but the time limit is so tight it will be HARD!!!! Just keep saying to yourself "NYPD, NYPD, NYPD" The cars are definitly worth it has well. Good luck!! Cars Unlocked: Manhattan PD- Patrol Car 1, Patrol Car 2, Patrol SUV -----------------------Waypoint-11-Rapidly Intrepid--------------------------- Car I Used: Police Car YEEHA CONAN!! YEEHA! Ya gots ta jump on the aircraft carrier, Conan! Ya gotsta! Anyway, you, the World Champ, and a couple others race on and off the carrier. Make sure you aren't getting bumped around on the ramp up or you won't make it. Theres always at least on car DNF. Your only competition is the Champ so get moving!! Just be careful! Car Unlocked: Zender- Alpha or Beta (whichever you don't get when you beat the champ in career mode) -----------------------Waypoint-12-Rabid Transit------------------------------ Car I Used: Patrol Car 2 Take it hard, fast, and careful. Running into a bus equals running into a brick wall. Shoot down the straight shot streets. The buses have an uncanny knack for wedging for making you have to plow through them to get by. Hit them near the front or back. Never in the middle. Use a car like the Patrol Car 2 that has good speed and durability. Car Unlocked: Manhattan Bonus- Bus -----------------------Waypoint-13-Midnight Treat----------------------------- Car I Used: Crescendo Good luck here! This race is really hard! It seems a differant route wins each time, so pick a root and hope it works. Move fast, and total your car. Those confounded ice cream trucks are more persistant than the buses, so you are going to need some serious patience. Again, good luck!! Car Unlocked: Manhattan Bonus- Ice Cream Truck ----------------------Waypoint-14-Meter Maid's Revenge------------------------ Car I Used: Patrol Car 2 Fast and easy this one is. Race by the meter maids following right behind Homeboy 0. Sometimes she'll crash in the building. Overtake her there or at that second last turn. If theres one thing that will make you lose this race, it's laughing. Do your best to hold back the laughter when sirens go off and you look behind you to see a meter maid chasing you!! Is that not the funniest thing you've seen in your life?!?!?!?! And if you're a sadist who hates meter maids, forget racing and just play this level with Marauder!!! PARTY!!! Car Unlocked: Manhattan Bonus- Meter Maid ---------------------Waypoint-15-Manhattan Loop------------------------------- Car I Used: Police Car This one is hard. It's a blistering fast run across the Manhattan loop. In fact its so fast at the "S" turn, sometimes some of the cars will flip off the freeway and be out of the race!!! What kept messing me up was at the very end that last turn..... I would wrap myself around a lightpole, then be out of it. Try to avoid my bad fortune, and be careful there. Car Unlocked: Amata- Fiorenza II (?) -----------------------------LONDON------------------------------------------- ------------------------Head-to-Head-10-Yard-o-Rama!-------------------------- Car I Used: Patrol Car 2 This one is relatively hard as well. I used the Patrol Car 2 and finished with around three seconds to spare!! Don't get caught up in the tunnel at the end, however. And watch out for the cops. This is the only level in the game that the ones that chase you pose a problem. These guys are like the "Driver" cops! Cars Unlocked: London PD- Police Car, Police Van, Police Wagon ------------------------Waypoint-12-River Run--------------------------------- Car I Used: Super Taxi Its an easy race that you should win by a mile, if you can avoid damaging out! At that first turn go right, Emilio will go left. Now "tour" that building straight ahead of that first light now swing through those streets with reckless abandon!! But make sure to hit the brakes if you can't avoid a bus to minimize the damage. You've got the time, trust me. Don't get lost after cutting behind Big Ben though. Know where you're going. Also, you may want to use tougher car than the Super Taxi. A tank with mortar shells would work good here. Car Unlocked: London Bonus- Double Decker ------------------------Waypoint-13-Black as Night---------------------------- Car I Used: Marauder This one can be hard, if only because it is so confusing. Have an idea of your path on the loading screen, and then carry it out. The black cabs here have no chance against Marauder, so take it fast and furious. Keep one eye on your map at all times, though, or else you'll get lost! Good luck!!!! Car Unlocked: Black Cab ------------------------Waypoint-14-Speedy Delivery--------------------------- Car I Used: Super Taxi This race is easy. The streets aren't that congested, so just chill. Follow either Homeboy 0 or the one that goes with him for a while then breaks away. Just follow your instincts and keep that map zoomed out so you can see what the next light should be. Car Unlocked: Crown Mail ------------------------Waypoint-15-Jump the Thames--------------------------- Car I Used: Fiorenza II This is FUN! I have been jumping the Thames since I got the game and found that ramp. Now, its in a race! Take the "London Runway" has I call it (the loop that goes around just before the ramp) has fast as possible. Try to be ahead of everyone else at this point or you could bellyflop... literally! Shoot across and hope for a miracle. Usually, I hit, bounce up, and land pointing in the direction I need to go. Also, see if you can make the Legendary "Perfect River Jump". The only car I've ever accomplished that with was the good 'ol Patrol Car 2. Good luck, and have fun! Car Unlocked: Crescendo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 20 MPH: Sweet Stuff to Do In New York ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Obviously, go onto the aircraft carrier. *Get a friend and pretend you're in the Midnight Club. For instance, stage a race from the FDR Tunnel all the way around New York and back to the tunnel, via the freeway. *Take the ramp in that one warehouse and jump up on the other warehouse's roof with a friend. Now, have a bump fest and see who falls off first!! *Play tag. *Play "Meter Maid's Revenge" using the Marauder. *Play "Rapidly Intrepid" just to see how many guys you can make DNF. See if you can get a perfect score!! *See if you can slalom between the tombstones next to the church. *Race across the freeway with traffic turned off and with a friend. Bump and shove each other, and first person to lose controls loses!! *Got any ideas? Email me!! I might put it here! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 21 MPH: Sweet Stuff to Do In London ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Use that large ramp behind you when you start to just investigate the rooftops. *Try to make the Legendary "Perfect River Jump". * There is also a river jump over at the Wharf. Go in there and find the building that you can smash through the glass. Find the ramp, then back up into the subway and go for it! You need monster speed though! *Do some window shopping. One store has a picture of a guy and girl in thier scivvies! (no, I'm not British, but I still haven't recovered from the London part of the drivethrough!) *Get in the Black Cab and drive along the sidewalks chanting,"I am the hearse!" (Only for the disturbed!) *Get in the Crown Mail car and try to drive up to all the mailboxes in town (only for the truly bored!!!!) *Play "Jump the Thames" just to see how many people you can make DNF! *Got a good one? Email it to me and I might put it here! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22 MPH: Sequel Ideas ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Okay, what would you all like to see in Midnight Club 2 or 3? Email me and tell me, then I'll add it here! *In Manhattan, I'd like to see David Letterman's studio, or Conan O' Briens. *Yet more cars!! Some of the races maybe need to be toned down a bit. *Easier to control cars at top speed. *Traffic that doesn't swerve out of it's way to hit you!!! *More Secret areas and driveable buildings! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 23 MPH: Special Thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Rockstar and Angel Studios- For giving me a really awesome game!!!!! *Me- For writing this *Mom and Dad- For getting me my Playstation 2 and Midnight Club *CJayC- For having the best videogame strategy site on the net *GameFAQS- For being the best videogame strategy on the net *My little sister Lesley- For showing me how bad some people are at games. *LSTYD- For giving me that strategy for the World Champ *Samurai- Just cause they're cool. *Sony- For making the PS2 *All the guys/gals on the GameFAQS Midnight Club board. I couldn't have finished the game without 'em!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 24 MPH: Shameless Plugging and Self Promotion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FAQS: On GameFAQS: -PS2- Midnight Club -PSX- Walt Disney World Magical Racing Tour Working On: Status: Smuggler's Run Possible ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 25 MPH: High Scores List ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please be truthful when sending me best times!! This covers Arcade and Career mode on one graph. You will proabablt have better times in Arcade mode due to the fact you can use better cars, but whatever. I'm listed as "Rushhr" Go see how fast you can go! I didn't use any really fast cars, so my times are easy to beat. Also, try to use your career times for the bosses. Just to see how ya did in Career mode. ------NEW YORK-------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 1: Fast Break ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 0:33:46 | Taxi _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 2: U.N. Invitational ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 0:53:38 | Bueno _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 3: Uptown Slalom ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 0:43:70 | J450 _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 3: Assault on Battery ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:11:09 | Bueno _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 5: Times Square Take-Off ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 0:45:94 | Excellente _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 6: Club Crash Midtown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 0:56:32 | J450 _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 7: Get Down To Win ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:02:92 | Excellente _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 8: Station Showdown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:25:72 | PDQ _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 9: Financial Troubles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:10:79 | PDQ R _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 10: I Smell Bacon... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:13:51 | 470ds _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 1: Beginner's Luck ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 0:30:02 | Zender Beta _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 2: Long Island Sprint ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:01:79 | Pheonix DDX _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 3: Village Slalom ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:01:00 | Marauder _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 4: Race of Clubs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:16:50 | Taxi _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 5: Lucky Seven ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:00:36 | Magnifico _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 6: Off Broadway ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 0:58:34 | Marauder _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 7: Manhattan Mayhem ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:47:81 | PDQ ARi _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 8: Three and Out! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:14:41 | Magnifico _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 9: Shortcut Mania ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:51:11 | PDQ ARi _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 10: New York Championship ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 2:48:07 | PDQ ARi _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 11: Rapidly Intrepid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:25:11 | Police Car _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 12: Rabid Transit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:19:94 | Patrol Car 2 _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 13: Midnight Treat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:48:90 | Crescendo _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 14: Meter Maid's Revenge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:14:76 | Patrol Car 2 _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 15: Manhattan Loop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:46:79 | Patrol Car 2 _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ --LONDON-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 1: A40 Drag ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 0:42:34 | J450 _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 2: Camdenton Curl ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:34:17 | Pheonix ICX _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 3: Clock Tower Power ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:11:23 | 470ds _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 4: Canary to Kensington ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:04:16 | Pheonix _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 5: Tunnel Run ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:35:58 | 235 _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 6: Parliament Squared ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:04:39 | 470ds _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 7: Southbank Shuffle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 0:48:24 | 470ds _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 8: Piccadilly Power Slide ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:11:97 | 237si _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 9: Southbank Spiral ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:24:97 | 470ds _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to Head 10: Yard-o-Rama ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:37:33 | Patrol Car 2 _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 1: Zig or Zag? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:37:12 | Super Taxi _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 2: London ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:50:86 | PDQ ARi _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 3: Trafalgar Troubles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:07:93 | 470ds _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 4: London Loop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 2:14:15 | XSV.25 _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 5: Shortcut in SOHO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:33:05 | 237si _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 6: Confusion at the Wharf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:38:55 | 470ds _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 7: River Rat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:42:86 | PDQ ARi _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 8: Crazy Curvy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:53:75 | 470ds _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 9: Six-Pack in the Park ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:56:92 | 470ds _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 10: London Championship ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 3:29:90 | 470ds _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 11: World Championship ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:32:91 | 470ds _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 12: River Run ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 2:44:14 | Super Taxi _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 13: Black as Night ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:55:67 | Marauder _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 14: Speedy Delivery ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 2:22:16 | Super Taxi _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Waypoint 15: Jump the Thames ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----Rank|-Name-------------------|----Time---|------------Car----------------- 1 | Rushhr | 1:47:53 | Fiorenze II _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 2 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 3 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 4 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________ 5 | | | _______|________________________|___________|________________________________