| III. - JILL VALENTINE | REBIRTH MODE | NORMAL                    |

1. The Mansion
After you reach the dining room Barry will go ahead. Follow him until you
Reach the fireplace with the blood. After he has talked to you, you should
Use the door near him.

Useless Secret:
You can also go back to Wesker.Then after you're back in the dining
Room you should again try to visit him. Barry will prevent you from doing
It. Then you can go to the clock and watch a cut scene with the zombie
Coming in. If you dothis, Kenneths body will be much more munched and he
WonÂ’t have the two handgun magazines in his body.

In this corridor turn left and head around the corner to face the
First zombie. Kill it and take the 2 HANDGUN MAGAZINES from KennethÂ’s
Body. Go back to the dining room and then to the main hall. When Barry
Tells you to help him just get behind the big stairs. YouÂ’ll receive the
LOCKPICK from Barry and the INK RIBBON from the typewriter. Barry will
Tell you what to do but you have many choices from now on:

|                            MAIN HALL                             |
       |                            |                       |
       |                            |                       |
       \/                          \/                      \/
|------------------|    |------------------|    |------------------|
|Go to the east of |    |Go up the stairs |    |Get the Armor Key |
|the mansion.      |    |and see Barry near|    |and go to the room|
|------------------|    |Forest.           |    |with water tank.  |
   |          |         |------------------|    |------------------|
   |          |                        |                  |
   |          |                        |                  |
   |          |-------------|          |                  |
   |                        |          |                  |
  \/                       \/          |                 \/
|--------------|   |----------------|  |        |------------------|
|Get Herbicide |   |Take Shotgun and|  |        |Meet Barry in room|
|and go to main|   |have Barry save |  |        |202 in Guardhouse |
|hall 2F and   |<--|you from falling|  |        |and talk to him   |
|talk to him.  |   |ceiling.        |  |        |a little.         |
|--------------|   |----------------|  |        |------------------|
       |                    |          |                  |
       |                    |          |                  |
      \/                    \/        \/                 \/
|  See Barry in Mansion after second encounter with the big snake  |

I'll cover the left path of this flowchart.But we wont follow
Barry now but rather examine the west wing first.Go up the stairs and
take left to reach the second floor of the dining room.Kill the crow
and the two zombies and push the small statue a little forward so it
can be pushed to drop down to the first floor.Enter the next room 
and kill another set of three zombies and a crow.Go down the stairs
and enter the rest room,it's the first door you can reach.A dog may
jump in on your,ignore it and just enter.Here you can grad the INK
RIBBON from the bed and open up the chest for the first time.Leave
your two first aid sprays in it and take out the two HANDGUN MAGAZINES
instead.You can also take out the herbs and mix them.Take out your
stylus to operate the first treasure box in here:

Treasure box:
4 moves,5 circles
Replace Blue Core/Green Circle with Green Core/Pink Circle
Replace Pink Core/Red Circle with Yellow Core/Blue Circle
Replace Yellow Core/Red Circle with Red Core/Yellow Circle
Replace Blue Core/Pink Circle with Pink Core/Blue Circle
Reward: RED HERB

Go back out and quickly kill the dog outside.Kill the zombie on the
ground and the other two dogs that will jump in.Enter the door at the
end of this corridor.Kill the 4 zombies here and get into the
intersection.Unlock the door on your way and get in.Take the HANDGUN
MAGAZINE from the bed and examine the book on the desk.A zombie will
appear,kill it,take the FILE and the SHOTGUN AMMO it revealed.Go back
out and go down the corridor and unlock that door.Enter to reach a 
familiar corridor.Go to the dining room and take the WOODEN EMBLEM from
above the fireplace.Also pick up the BLUE JEWEL from the ground.Now go
back to the other corridor and run down until you reach the double
doors.Unlock the door next to them and enter.Search the back of this
room for a cupboard.Push it t reveal the MUSICAL NOTES.Use them near
the piaono to reveal a secret passage.Get in and grab the GOLDEN EMBLEM.
The passage will be blocked,insert the WOODEN EMBLEM to reopen it.Go
back to the red corridor and backtrack to the dining room door.Don't
go in but enter the door on the opposite side.Here enter the door in
that small passage.Insert your BLUE JEWEL in that tiger statue to gain
the WIND CREST,take it and go back to the dining room.Insert the GOLDEN
EMBLEM where the wooden one was to activate the clock.Operate it and
set it to 3:00 to reveal the SHIELD KEY.You can also set it to 8:12 to
gain some SHOTGUN BULLETS.Now go to the main hall and enter the blue
double doors on the other side.Kill the two zombies in that knife fight
and push the small stairs to gain the 1F MANSION MAP from the statue.Push
the small drawer to reveal a small passage.Kill the two zombies and
claim teh INK RIBBON from the cupboard.Unlock the other door in this
room and proceed.Two dogs will jump in as you walk.Kill them and push
the second drawer at the wall for a HANDGUN MAGAZINE.The next room has 
a GREEN HERB next to where you enter.Move forward until you reach the
double doors.You can also enter the bathroom on your way for a HANDGUN
MAGAZINE and a zombie.Take out the three zombies here and enter the
door at the corner.Kill the zombies and crows in this knife battle and
push the buttons under the picres in the following order.

The right oder is:
The first on the front side.
The third on the back side.
The second on the back side.
The fourth on the back side.
The second on the front side.
The first on the back side.
And last the center picture on the back side.

The order is from the youngest to the oldest.Get the STAR CREST and leave.
Move forward and enter the door to get outside.Kill the crow and the dog
and run down to find a device.Insert the two crest you got and get back
inside.Unlock the grey door and enter.Kill the two zombies and enter the
rest room near the stairs,there's also a GREEN HERB on the ground for you.
Take the HERBICIDE from this room and unlock the treasure box:

Treasure box:
3 moves,5 circles
Replace Green Core/Yellow Circle with Red Core/Green Circle
Replace Yellow Core/Red Circle with Red Core/Yellow Circle
Replace Blue Core/Pink Circle with Pink Core/Blue Circle
Reward: RED HERB

Leave and go all the way back to the main hall.You'll bump into Barry.
He'll give you the ACID ROUNDS for the bazooka.Take them and go for the
room which leads to the tiger statue.In this room enter the only
remaining room at the back.Use your HERBICIDE on that machine to kill
that plant.You'll free 4 GREEN HERBS and 2 RED HERBS in here and mostly
important the ARMOR KEY.Leave and enter the room next to this one where
the dogs jumped in earlier.Unlock the door you see with the ARMOR KEY
small storage room.Go to the main hall and unlock the grey door,again
with the ARMOR KEY.Take the HANDGUN MAGAZINE and the SHOTGUN AMMO from
the drawer.Watch out for the zombie.The room that lies behind this one
is optional and holds INK RIBBON and 2 GREEN HERBS along with a zombie.
If you go in you'll face a knife battle on your way out.After you're done
ascend the stairs to the second floor and use the door on the right which
is near the front.Move forward to reach the balcony with your fallen
comrade Forest.Examine him and he'll attack you.Take him out and take
his BAZOOKA.Go back to the main hall afterwards and use the double doors
on the same side.Kill the 4 zombies in here(one is on the ground) and
unlock the first door on your way with the ARMOR KEY.Enter to find 
2 GREEN HERBS and Richard Aiken.You'll have to perform CPR on him.Make
short blows into your microphone to revive.Succeeding in doing this will
give you the time for the dining room and the radio,yet it wont affect
your game in other way at all.Search Richard twice for a HANDGUN MAGAZINE
and leave this room via the door you've just entered.Back in the corridor,
move forward and unlock the green double doors with your ARMOR KEY.Get in
and examine the balance.Place the stones in the following order:

Left one: Green,Yellow
Right one: Blue,Red,Green

Take the SUN CREST and leave.And move forward until you reach the door
at the end of this corner.Enter and take the BOTANY BOOK.Unlock the other
door and enter.Kill the two zombies here and descend the stairs.Go to the
rest room and leave your bazooka stuff.Leave and use the grey door.In
this corridor now use the double doors.In this corridor now you can go
back a little and unlock the brown metaldoor with your ARMOR KEY.It's
optional and has three dogs guarding 6 GREEN HERBS.Our main focus
is actually the door on the opposite side.Enter to reach a small room.
Enter the next door as well and make sure you got the BROKEN SHOTGUN
with you.Take out the three zombies and grad the SHOTGUN from the holder.
Insert the BROKEN SHOTGUN instead to block the mechanism.Go back to the
corridor with the rest room and ascend the stairs.Unlock the door in the
center of this corridor with your ARMOR KEY and discard it.Enter this
small room and take the right door.Take the FILE from the desk and examine
the frame for a button.Push it to drain the water from the tank.Push the
tank and then cupboard to reveal some EXPLOSIVE ROUNDS.There's also some
INK RIBBON next to the cupboard.Leave and enter the door on the opposite
side.There are a RED HERB and HANDGUN MAGAZINE next to the beds.And a 
LIGHTER on that small cupboard.Take it and go back to the main corridor.
Go down to find another zombie and a blue door.Enter and use the LIGHTER
on teh FIREPLACE to get the 2F MANSION MAP.There's also a GREEN HERB.Now
go to the room with Richard,you have to use the door in that small corridor
to do so.Enter the door behind his corpse to find two zombies.Kill them
and use the door in the right corridor.Take the INK RIBBON from the table,
the HANDGUN MAGAZINE from the cupboard and light up the candles with your
LIGHTER.Push the otehr cupbaord to reveal a small room with ACID ROUNDS.
Now go back to the rest room and drop the bazooka stuff.Also discard the
LIGHTER.Now go to room that lies behind the one with Richard and unlock
the red door ahead with the SHIELD KEY.Enter and move forward to face the
snake.I suggest running from it.If you're good you can run from it without
getting hit even once.Grab the MOON CREST from the back and the SHOTGUN AMMO
from one of the barrels and leave.If you met Barry before he'll bring you
back to the rest room if you're poisoned.If not you have to do this on your
own.If you don't get hit at all you're fine.Now you should have all of the
four crests.Go to the device and insert them to reach the small storage.
You should have the handgun and shotgun with you.Push the small stairs
to gain the CRANK and enter the rusty doors.Kill the zombies and crows
in that knife fight.You'll be outside now,with a lot of small spiders at
your feet.Don't let them bother you and kill the dog that is approaching.
There are plenty of herbs in here,2 RED HERBS,2 BLUE HERBS and 3 GREEN
HERBS.There's also the 1F COURTYARD MAP in that small corridor.Use the rusty
double doors to reach the pool.Use the CRANK on that device nearby to drain
the water.Cross the path and ascend the ladder on the other side.Move 
forward while avoiding the small snakes that drop from the trees,there's
also a zombie on the ground.Use the elevator to go down.Kill the two dogs
here along with the little shark.Enter the next set of double doors to
face two other dogs and a crow.Next to the etrance there'll be 2 GREEN
HERBS and 2 GREEN HERBS.Enter the door at the end of this long corridor
to finally reach the Guardhouse.

2. The Guardhouse
This corridor has a small hole in one of its intersections.Push the
small statue in front of you a little forward and then into the corridor
until you can cover the hole with it.From now on the statue will be
there.You can 2 BLUE HERBS and a GREEN HERB from the first corner as well.
Enter the first room to the left,room 101.Kill the zombie on
the ground and the three other zombies further.Take the RED BOOK from
the bed and the SHOTGUN AMMO from the drawer.Enter the bathroom and
exmaine the bathtub to drain the water.The lights will be switched
off and a zombie will appear afterwards,do not let the small spiders
disturb you at all.Kill it and grab the CONTROL ROOM KEY from the empty 
bathtub.Exit to the corridor to fight a knife battle and then enter the 
room on the opposite side.Leave your crank in the chest and most if not 
all of your unnecessary healing items.Keep the RED BOOK and the CONTROL 
can be found in here. from the cupboard and unlock the treasure box:

Treasure box:
4 moves,6 circles
Replace Pink Core/Red Circle with Red Core/Yellow Circle
Replace Pink Core/Yellow Circle with Yellow Core/Pink Circle
Replace Blue Core/Grey Circle with Green Core/Blue Circle
Replace Green Core/Grey Circle with Grey Core/Green Circle

Save if you want and leave this room.You can enter the red double doors
for INK RIBBON and a HANDGUN MAGAZINE.You can also retrieve the code
for the chemical room,but this is optional.The room is also guraded
by two spiders.It means now you have to use the remaining door near
where you placed the statue.Move forward and enter the first door you
come across.Kill those zombies in that tricky knife battle and unlock
the door to the chemical room.

The code is: 3,4,5

Move further and gad the ROOM 102 KEY.Exit back to the corridor after
you're done.You can push the small statue to reaveal 3 GREEN HERBS on
your way to room 102,use your ROOM 102 KEY to unlock it and enter.Kill
the zombie and the spider and pick up the FILE from the bed.There's also
the GUARDHOUSE MAP at the wall and SHOTGUN AMMO in the drawer.Another
HANDGUN MAGAZINE is inside the bathroom but it is behind two zombies.
Push the two cupboards a little to reveal a hidden ladder.Descend it.
Apart from the small spider you'll run into a bee.Kill it and push the
three crates so they can from a bridge to cross the water:

|          |
|          |
|          |-------------------------------------------------|
|          |-------|                                         |
|      |---|       |                                         |
|      |   |   1   |                                         |
|      |   |-------|                                 |-------|
|      |                                             |       |
|      |-------------------------------------------->|   2   |
|                                                    |-------|
|---------------------------------------|                |   |
                                        |               \/   |
                                        |            |-------|
                                        |            |       |
                                        |            |   3   |
                                        |            |-------|
                                        |-----------|    |   |
                                                    |    \/  |


2 GREEN HERBS are on the other side.I'd suggest saving from here since
the water pump room can be difficult.Enter the grey double doors and head
for the two rooms on the opposite side in this room filled with water.On
your you way to the doors you'll see cutscene introcducing the bing
shark,just igrnore it and enter the left door with your CONTROL ROOM
KEY.Push the lever to drain the water,an error error will occur.Examine
the valve handle next to the lever and start rubbing the handle with
your touch screen anti-clockwise until all of the four buttons lighten
up.The water will drain and you'll be probably left poisoned.Examine
the panel on the wall near the entrance and input the following code:


This will unlock the room next to the one you're in.Enter this one and
take the 2 HANDGUN MAGAZINES,2 SHOTGUN AMMO boxes and the ROOM 103 KEY.
Now go all the way backt o where we found the room 102 key and unlock
room 103.Kill those 3 zombies in that kinfe battle and enter the 
bathroom and take the FLAME ROUNDS after you've killed the two zombies.
Leave and unlock the drawer for some INK RIBBON.Take the FILE from the
bookshelf and insert the RED BOOK.A door will be revealed,enter to face
the PLANT 42.You can either fight it yourself or go for the V-JOLT.
I suggest doing this on your own.Just take out your bazooka and kill it
with a few flame rounds.Barry will do the rest for you.After you're
done take the HELMET KEY from the fireplace and leave and head for the 
rest room,you will run into Wesker on your way back.Take the shotgun
along with ammo with you and go back to the mansion.You'll run into a
few knife battles on your way back.If you got the radio from Brad you'll
also receive a transmission,if not you'll find it on your way back.

3. The Mansion Revisited
Take out the hunter after the cutscene and unlock the brown door with
the HELMET KEY.Examine the desk to turn the light on.Take the MAGNUM
AMMO and the first MO-DISK.Head for the nearby rest room afterwards.Two
hunters will be in your way so watch out.Barry has left some stuff
for you: FIRST AID SPRAY,ACID ROUNDS and SHOTGUN AMMO.Grab the bazooka
with some rounds and save your game.Ascend the stairs nearby and kill
the two hunters and the zombie.Enter the blue door and unlock the red
door with your HELMET KEY.Inthis big room search the corner for the
redcord player.Turn the record as fast as possible so that the Code
Veronica theme can be heard properly.If you do so correctly the giant
snake will appear for the second time.Just kill it off with 15 shots
from your bazooka or shotgun.Search the hole to have Barry appear.He'll
let you down with his rope.After you're down the hole he'll let it drop.
He'll tell you to wait.Depending on your decision Barry may die at the
end of this game or not.

It's quite simple:
If you wait for Barry to get the rope he'll meet you in the Underground
and it will be possible for him to survive.If not he'll die at the end.

I'll cover the first one since it's easier for now.Wait for Barry to
come back.After you've talked to him and got the CODE from him get back 
down.Search the grave and start pushingthe blue buttons with your stlyus 
to reveal a path under the grave.Descend the ladder to the B1 floor.Pick 
up the SHOTGUN AMMO as well as the FLAMETHROWER.As Jill you now got two 

You can move on and insert the flamethrower next to the kitchen door.
This will make it easier for now.


You can go back to the room with the fireplace and insert the flamethrower
in there instead.This will unlock the red door which gets blocekd by the
mechanism.Then you can go back all the way to the west wing and unlock the
door with the code Barry gave you.This will make it easier later on.

I'll cover the latter.Take your flamethrower and head back up to the
second floor.Insert the FLAMETHROWER in the room with the fireplace to
unlock the door.In the next room descend the stairs since the route via
the first floor is much easier to handle.Go through the grey door and
then through the double doors.You'll see a zombie,kill it and proceed
a little.Aim for another zombie.When you reach the next angle a hunter
will appear.Kill it and enter the next room.Run and ignore the spiders.
Kill the two dogs in the main hall and enter the dining room.Here just
go for the next room,you can take out one of the zombies on your way,
since it might block it.Head for the rest room.On your way you'll face
two spiders,three hunters and two zombies.Make sure you have the helmet
key with you and ascend the stairs.Kill the two hunters and the crow
with the shotgun and unlock the room next to the stairs with the HELMET
KEY.Discard it and enter.Take the FILE from the ground,the SHOTGUN AMMO
and MAGNUM AMMO from the shelf and blowout the candles on the table.
Make three short and constant blows to reveal the red jewel.Push the
small stairs a little and ascend to claim the RED JEWEL.With this,now
go back to the tiger statue room and insert it to get the MAGNUM.Leave
your magnum stuff in the chest and keep the shotgun and the bazooka
with the explosive rounds if you have any.Ascend the stairs again and
unlock the door with the code barry gave you earlier.Proceed until you
reach the last corner,three zombies will be crawling in there.Kill them
and take the 2 GREEN HERBS and a BLUE HERB if you want.Proceed and kill
anothe rzombie on the ground.Wait for the hunter and kill it.Then enter
the door behind it.Take the two boxes of EXPLOSIVE ROUNDS and mostly
important the BATTERY.Leave and head for the blue double doors.Another
hunter will be there so just blast it with your shotgun/bazooka.There's
also a GREEN HERB near where he stood.Enter the room and get the MAGNUM
AMMO from the drawer.A zombie will appraoch.Blast him and the other two
zombies in this room.This is optional but you can examine the sword to
open that door.Just rub the sword until it gets torn off.Inside you'll
find a zombie which isn't dead,INK RIBBON and a HANDGUN MAGAZINE.Leave
and take the FILE in the library.Enter the other door to see a small
cutscene with a chimera.Push the small statue into the corner to reveal
a secret desk.Take the FILE from the desk and try to leave.The chimera
will appear now.Kill it and leave.On your way back you'll run into
another chimera.

Now that you've got the battery you have to go to the courtyard and insert
it to the second elevator.To do this just go all the way back to the first
rest room and take the CRANK with you.Go all the way to the Courtyard 1F
and inserthe they BATTERY into the elevator,you might run into different
knife battles in the process.Board the elevator and go up.Go back to the
pool and use your CRANK one last time to fill the pool with water again.
Use the other activated elevator now to go back down.As you can see the
path for the underground area will be open,yet you still have to gain
the first medal.As the file from the library says you have to go back
to the guardhouse now.When you reach the guardhouse it'll have another
background music.New enemies will be in here as well.The first will be
a bee.On your way to the plant 42 room you'll run into all in all five
hunters.When you reach the plant 42 room the battle with the snake
will begin,this time it'll be a knife fight.After you're done take the
BOOK OF DOOM 1 in ths room and open it to reveal the EAGLE MEDAL.Leave
this medal and the crank in the chest and head for the underground level.

4. The Underground
Enter the door next to you.Depending on your decisions you should run
into Barry now:

|              DID YOU WAIT FOR BARRY TO GET THE ROPE?             |
        |                                          |
        |                                          |
        |                                         YES
        |                                          |
        |                                         \/
        |                           |----------------------------|
        |                           |Barry asks you whether you  |
        |                           |want to go with him.Do you  |
        |                           |stick with him?             |
        |                           |----------------------------|
        |                                |                |
        |                               NO               YES
        |                  |-------------|                |
        |                 \/                             \/
        |         |-------------------|         |------------------|
        |         |Barry wants to go  |         |Barry ask whether |
        |         |first and wants you|         |to go first.You   |
        |         |to wait.You wait?  |         |join him?         |
        |         |-------------------|         |------------------|
        |              |          |                 |         |
       NO              |          NO               NO         |
        |              |          |                 |         |
        |              |          \/               \/         |
        |              |         |-----------------------|    |
        |              |         |You hear Barry shooting|    |
        |              |         |and go after him?      |    |
        |              |         |-----------------------|    |
        |             YES              |           |         YES
        |              |             YES           NO         |
        |              |               |           |          |
        |              |               |          \/          |
        |              |               |   |---------------|  |
        |              |               |   |Barry dies in  |  |
        |              |               |   |the underground|  |
        |              |               |   |---------------|  |
        |              |               |                      |
        \/            \/               \/                    \/
|-------------------------| |------------------------------------|
|Barry follows you to the | |Barry follows you to the lab and    |
|and dies after Wesker    | |knocks Wesker off.He faces the      |
|instructs him to leave.  | |with you and survives the incident. |
|-------------------------| |------------------------------------|

Just have Barry survive,means answer "YES" twice for example.Just move
and grad the FIRST AID SPRAY and EXPLOSIVE ROUNDS near the engine.Enter
the only other door in this room to find Enrico.After he dies you can
search him for a HANDGUN MAGAZINE.Turn around and leave and take the
HEXAGONALLY CRANK on your way out.You'll encounter two hunters and a
zombie in a knife fight.After this,this room will be filled with two
chimeras.Just go back to the other underground corridor to face two
other chimeras.Ignore these as well and go back to where the ladder
is.Use your HEXAGONALLY CRANK a little further to free a path.Enter
the door and search the big boulder in the next room.When you turn
around it'll start moving.Just run to the door to save yourself.The
boulder will reveal a new path on the one side and FLAME ROUNDS on the
other,either way another hunter will appear.Kill it and enter the
double doors to face the big spider.Just use your bazooka with the 
round you just got to easily kill it.There's also some INK RIBBON
in this room.Takeout your knife to get rid of the webs that block
the other double doors from being accessible.Enter and kill the the 
fast zombie that is approaching.Take left and enter the rest room.
Take the FIRST AID SPRAY,INK RIBBON and BLUE HERB and leave them in
your item chest.Take out the EAGLE MEDAL and save your game.Finally
unlock the treasure box before you leave:

Treasure box:
5 moves,6 circles
Replace Pink Core/Red Circle with Grey Core/Blue Circle
Replace Red Core/Grey Circle with Grey Core/Red Circle
Replace Blue Core/Green Circle with Yellow Core/Pink Circle
Replace Pink Core/Blue Circle with Blue Core/Pink Circle
Replace Green Core/Yellow Circle with Yellow Core/Green Circle

Leave the rest room and us ethe door on the other end of the corridor.
Enter and head right to see another boulder.Use the HEXAGONALLY CRANK
thrice to reveal a secret door.Search the boulder and head for this small
passage when it starts rolling.The path will be free and will free the
B1 COURTYARD MAP and the second MO-DISK.Enter the small in the revealed
passage to engage a kinfe battle with 4 zombies.After you're done push
the statue atthe wall near the door.Then use the HEXAGONALLY CRANK 
twice to free the statue from the wall.Then push it onto the colored
ground surace to reveal the BOOK OF DOOM 2.Examine it in your inventory
and open it to find the WOLF MEDAL.With both medals use the elevator to
go up to the first floor.Here you'll find 2 GREEN HERBS and 2 RED HERBS.
Insetr both of your medals at the pool to reveal the elevator to the lab.
Enter the pool and use the elevator to go down.

5. The Laboratory
Descend the ladder and discard the crank in the chest.Take out all of
your MO-DISKs instead.Another treasure box will be in here:

Treasure box:
4 moves,6 circles
Replace Green Core/Yellow Circle with Grey Core/Green Circle
Replace Red Core/Grey Circle with Yellow Core/Red Circle
Replace Grey Core/Yellow Circle with Yellow Core/Grey Circle
Replace Pink Core/Blue Circle with Blue Core/Pink Circle

Leave this room to face a big bunch of crows.This room will have four
other zombies after the fight.There's the last MO-DISK next to the
telephone and 2 GREEN HERBS next to the stairs.Descend the stairs end
enter the two double doors.Kill the three zombies on the ground in
this corridor and enter the first door you reach.A quick zombie will
approach.Kill it and dispose of anotehr zombie on the ground in the
next camera angle.Take the FILE from the desk,the GREEN HERB in front
of the picture and the 2 HANDGUN MAGAZINES.Push the cupboard to reveal
a button.Push the button to fill the room with a blue ray.Read the file
and decipher the characters with the picture.The word is: MOLE

Go back to the corridor and then to the main corridor.Head forward until
you reach the double doors to the control room.Kill the fast zombie and
take the SLIDES from the ground.Operate the computer and input:

Login: John
Password: Ada

Then unlock B2 with the password MOLE.You should also unlock B3 in case
you want to save Chris later on.Leave and go back up to B2.Enter the
double doors you've just unlocked.Kill the bee and insert the SLIDES
into the device at the front.Also pick up the FILE from the cupboard.
Operate the small panel next to the table to reveal a row of switches.
You'll have to push the 5 buttons a certain order without one getting 
blocked in the process:

            |    O     |    O    |    O    |    O    |    O    |
            |          |         |         |         |         |
            |     3    |    5    |    2    |    1    |    4    |
            |          |         |         |         |         |

This will reveal the LAB KEY.Take it and go down to B3.Unlock the
other double doors on the opposite side of this room with your LAB KEY
and enter.Kill the three zombies and enter the door the corridor leads
to.It's the last rest room.As always the rest room has a lot of useful
stuff for you like the INK RIBBON and FLAME ROUNDS on the shelf and
the GREEN HERB and BLUE HERB on the ground.Take out your stylus to
unlock the last treasure box in this game:

Treasure box:
4 moves,8 circles,doubled arrows
Replace Blue Core/Red Circle with Red Core/Blue Circle Circle
    and Pink Core/Violet Cricle with Grey Core/Green Circle
Replace Orange Core/Yellow Circle with Yellow Core/Orange Circle
    and Pink Core/Green Circle with Grey Core/Violet Circle
Replace Yellow Core/Yellow Circle with Blue Core/Blue Circle
    and Pink Core/Violet Circle with Violet Core/Pink Circle
Replace Blue Core/Yellow Circle with Yellow Core/Blue Circle
    and Green Core/Grey Circle with Grey Core/Green Circle

Save your game and get back out.It now depends on you if you want to
save Chris or not.If thats the case get out and fight the knife battle.
Enter the double doors in the corridor.

Optional puzzle for obtaining the passcodes:
Collect the SHOTGUN AMMO and RED HERB in this room.You have to push those
two crates against the opposite wall so they can both cover the two
holes on the ground.Then you have to push the small stairs between them
and ascend them to enter the ventilation hole in order to reach the
other room.Kill the 7 zombies on the ground and take the MAGNUM AMMO.
Use one of your MO-DISKs to obtain PASSCODE NO.2.Leave this room and 
go the room you've unlocked via the computer earlier on.You'll encounter
another knife battle when you enter,kill the zombies and insert another
MO-DISK into that device to gain PASSCODE NO.1.There's also some INK
RIBBON on the boxes.Leave this room and head for the engine room near
the rest room.

In the engine room you'll face a big knife battle,four zombies,a dog
and a hunter are the make up.After you're done examine the device at the
back while avoiding the chimeras.You have to connect two lines to restore
this part of the elevators power.It's sometimes difficult to figure
out but it can be done with trial and error.

The solution to this one is:
Connection between 2 and 3.
Connection between 4 and 5.

After the power is restored here use the other door to move to the
next engine room.

Optional puzzle for obtaining the passcode:
Again use the last of your MO-DISKs here to gain PASSCODE NO.3.

Move on until you reach the third engine.Here you'll have to solve
another power restoration puzzle.

The solution this time is:
Connection between 5 and 3.
Connection between 3 and 2.

After you've successfully connected this one as well, the power for
the elevator will be restored.Go back to the rest room and save.Go 
back out and operate the elevator.Depending on your decisions throughout
the game, Barry will now appear or not.If he does you might have to
fight the Tyrant on the heliport.If not you're done after reaching the
heliport.Depending on your decisions throught the game you'll end up in
the tyrant with either Wesker or Barry.Either of them will set free the
tyrant.Wesker gets killed/Barry gets knocked out.Run from this thing and
shoot it with your bazooka.The tyrant should drop after about 10 shots.
If Barry is with you go to him to wake him up and leave.If Wesker died
in this room take the MASTER KEY from him and use the device to unlock
the door.After you're back the self-destruct system will be actiavted
if you're with Barry.If not nothing will happen and you just have to go
back to B1.You can still go to Chris to save him if you want a better

Optional route for saving Chris:
Go to the double doors which are locked on B3 in that narrow corridor.
Enter all the three passcodes you've gained to unlock these double doors.
Get in and kill the 7 zombies that guard Chris' cell.Get in to meet
with Chris.After you've freed him continue your way up to B1.

When you reach the room with the chest on B1 Chris will appear if you
saved him.Discard all but your MAGNUM.Also take the remaining MAGNUM 
AMMO with you and 5 FIRST AID SPRAYS.Only five since you'll need space 
soon.Also keep the MASTER KEY.Ascend the stairs now and enter the 
emergency exit doors or unlock them with your MASTER KEY,Barry should 
appear here as well if he's to survive.Brad will contact you via radio.
Move forward and grad the BATTERY from the ground and insert it a
little further next to the elevator to actiavte it.A cutscene will
have monsters approaching towards your party,Chris and/or Barry will
stay back and fight them in case you saved them.

If Barry is not with you,you'll just have to use the elevator and go
up.Pick up the FLARE and use it to give Brad a sign he'll appear and
take you with him along with Chris if you saved him.

BUT if Barry is with you:
The Tyrant will appear after Brad has reached the heliport.Equip your
MAGNUM and start shooting at it as much as you can.Heal yourself in case
you get hurt.When the counter reaches about 1 minute Brad will drop
the ROCKET LAUNCHER.Take it and blast the Tyrant away with it to end the

Depending on your actions you'll see one of the 4 possible endings
for Jill:

|----------------|                     |----------------|
|Barry knocks out|-------BOTH NO-------|Get all MO-DISKs|
|Wesker?         |         |           |and save Chris? |
|----------------|         |           |----------------|
    |       |  |           |             |  |        |
    |       |  |--NO-------|--------------------|    |
   YES      |              |             |  |   |   YES
    |       |             \/             |  |   |    |
    \/      |         |----------|       |  |   \/   \/
|-------|   |         |BAD ENDING|       |  | |-------|
|BARRY  |   |         |----------|       |  | |CHRIS  |
|ENDING |<---------------------------NO--|  | |ENDING |
|-------|   |                               | |-------|
            |        |-----------|          |
            |-YES--->|GOOD ENDING|<----YES--|

Don't wait for Barry to get the rope and proceed when you're in that
hole.Also don't us eteh MO-Disks to save Chris.

Don't wait for Barry when he gets the rope but save Chris with the

Wait for Barry when he gets the rope but don't save Chris.

Wait for Barry when he gets the rope and also use all of your MO-Disks
to save Chris as well.